Tetris Physically Changes Your Brain

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Its funny, because one of the people I know who are inlove with Tetris and plays it a lot is a total idiot.

I suddenly have the urge to play Tetris again.

There seems to be a distinct correlation between my playing Tetris less and feeling not as sharp as I once was...hmmm.

That's very convenient, I guess I will start playing Tetris everyday.

Tetris!--Not just used for Thermodynamics Simulations anymore!

I'm totally serious--Thermo and Tetris go hand in hand like prepubescent children. Go check it out:


In other news, I'm totally solid for life, then. I still habitually play Tetris with friends for hours at a time.

So was I the only one that stopped what they were doing and played a game of tetris right after reading this?

so all those years of pokemon puzzle league on the n64 payed off?


Hmm. Only adolescent females? I'm not saying the findings aren't intriguing - they are, just that it seems like an odd source sample. They didn't even expand into adolescent males as well which, as a male, I'm obviously interested in. Still, it's interesting to know nonetheless.

Yeah... I'm going to be a bit skeptical until some more tests are done with various groups. I mean, it's cool to think that Brain Age actually DOES something for you, but I have to wonder whether this is the sole result of Tetris being played or not.

Good, I'll immediately bookmark a link to some Flash-based Tetris game.

This is old news. Any difficult mental task--playing sudoku or chess, for example--creates new synaptic pathways in that area of your brain. Your brain is, after all, a muscle.

...I mean it's not...but, yknow. You can pretend it is.

Well, now I have something to say to everyone at school concerning my obsession with Tetris. It's the reason I can finish my work faster and spend time playing tetris.

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