Indie Darling Spelunky 1.0 Hits, Coming to XBLA

Indie Darling Spelunky 1.0 Hits, Coming to XBLA


Indie "roguelike" platformer Spelunky (described by one Escapist editor as "this year's Braid) is finally out of beta - and will be making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Spelunky is kind of what you'd get if you took Indiana Jones, made him a cute super-deformed figure, and sent him to explore a cave with a brutal number of traps lurking around every corner. It's procedurally generated, which means that the cave is different every time you play, and in the spirit of old Roguelikes, the moment you die, you start all over again.

Perhaps not everybody's cup of tea, but for those who do like that sort of thing? It's apparently sort of awesome - Escapist editor Jordan Deam has reportedly spent over 50 hours (and 500 deaths) playing the game since late June.

The game's long beta has ended with the release of version 1.0 - pick it up for free if you'd like - and creator Derek Yu has announced that the game will be ported to XBLA in 2010. It won't be a straight port, either, according to Yu, and will be stuffed "with new graphics, audio, and other features for XBLA users."

This sort of game seems absolutely perfect for a global leaderboard scenario, so I can only imagine that'll be one of the options. And maybe an Easy-Mode too, Derek? ...please?


And maybe an Easy-Mode too, Derek? ...please?

An easy mode would be a god-send, or at least more health points.
Anyway, glad to see it's finally got an official release, this game's awesome!

Spelunky's a real treat, glad to see that Yu might be getting some monetary reward out of it!

I love Spleunky, and if there's an XBLA port then there's a chance of an Iphone port, which would be awesome.

260 something deaths. No successes. It's like transplanting yourself into an indiana jones story.

Screw XBLA. I want a DS version.

No easy mode! That would be like taking the sad parts of schindler's list! But yay for Spelunky- I would have never discovered it if I didnt read this lovely website :D

I just got to the final boss last night for the first time. Had a jetpack, hedjet and scepter. Died within about 10 seconds. Curse you, Giant Head!

The final boss PAWNS.

I just spammed sticky bombs, and then died within about 5 seconds.

But anyways, I'd buy it, but I have no XBLA

Jordan Deam:
I just got to the final boss last night for the first time. Had a jetpack, hedjet and scepter. Died within about 10 seconds. Curse you, Giant Head!

had the same problem as well as the same equipment. they say to throw bombs at it to kill it instantly...however its a lot easier said than done. also THANK YOU SPELUNKY WIKI!

You know, I wonder how many offers Derek Yu has received from video game developers...

It will need alot more content seeing as I've beaten it already. Though hopefully he will fix the yeti infinite throw BS.
(If you want to beat he boss keep reading)
To beat the boss just run back and forth while it creates a pit, eventually it will hit the lava at the bottom and die. Though a sceptre helps for the spiders that like to fall in on you and you will need spiked boots/rope/jetpack to get out.


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