Behold the Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

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Behold the Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Topping today's list of "inventions likely to kill you and everyone you love" is the Pyro System 2.2, a homemade, wrist-mounted flamethrower.

I think everything you really need to know about the Pyro System 2.2 is shown in the video. Combine the sex appeal of strapping half a lawn mower engine to your forearm with the intense danger of shooting meter-long jets of flame from your most burn-prone body parts and you have something guaranteed to impress any EMT called to resuscitate your charred corpse.

Far be it from me to judge the System's inventor though. Since time immemorial mankind has dreamed of controlling the awesome power of fire, and the Pyro System 2.2 is the closest anyone will get without being bombarded with cosmic rays and having to live with a grotesque rock monster.

Speaking of which, is anyone else disappointed that Captain Skingrafts never once shouted "Flame on!" before shooting that thing? That's the first thing I would do.

(Via Geekologie)


That is awesome! I cant think of any pratcial use other than novelty BBQ's, but still!
Special effects are going to become much easier now.

Wow. I am torn. I want it, but it has no practical use. But it allows me to shoot fire.

Reminds me of Gob's magic act in Arrested Development.

It is a nice invention. I'm pretty sure the army will knock at his door soon.

holy crap, thats like the awesomest most useless invention I have ever seen 0.o

Although.... now I'm in a bit of a moral dilema, do I let my best mate see this, build one (he loves these sort of projects), and kill himself, also giving me the chance to see and play with one? Or do I hide this from him, keeping his and my own eyebrows intact? Hmmm.....

I think I've got a semi. Me wants. Me wants bad.

Now all we need is the Hand Rocket Launcher! Then humans could control the galaxy!

Seriously, that thing looks nice, and it also looks like that man knows how to use it. I'm not that worried.

I want one! It will probably serve no pratical function at all but i still want one, its like the big alien ships out of independance day, i want one of those too.

God. It would be worse only if it could shoot a 5 meter flame.

...Just few more tweaks and dude is the new Pyro.

New tool in war? That's about the most obvious thing I came up with... besides being the biggest badass on the block.

Pretty soon we are gonna be having our own super heroes...

That's pretty slick, I'll take a couple.

This definitely reeks of superhero in the making. A crime fighter with a flamethrower. Pure awesome.

This makes my tube flamethrower look like a kid's toy =(

But mine shoots further than his!

Best. Party tirck. Ever.



And thus the Pyro was born.

i want one so bad...
i bet it runs out so fast though.
also what happened to pryo systems 1 through 2.1? were they tested and removed peoples hands?

Ha-dou-ken! :D

Never try to give someone a high-five with this on. EVER.

*Firebat treads out*

Need a light? >:D

i dont know whats scarier. someone strapping an ignition source and a fuel source to their body with by the looks of it no quick release or the fact that i can see alot of people getting ideas from this to try it themselves

He must now go out and fight crime!

Why can't I be that awesome?




Darn ninjas!

That's some pretty bad ass home brewed special effects.



Oh noeeeezzzz he hazzz supaaa powerzzz :D

Pretty soon we are gonna be having our own super heroes...

Actually, there's a city where a bunch of people dressed up as superheroes patrol and try to right wrongs and all that.
Vigilantes woo!

I think I'm in love with that device.

I need his address... and preferably information on when he leaves home, because im NOT going to break in and steal it... well at least not if he is home.

I so want that, even if it could kill me. It shoots FIRE! What about that isn't awesome?!

He should sell them, i'd buy it

By God. I want that.

But its bad for todays generation; my countries children carry knives, have sex and drink and take take drugs. And now their giving them flamethrowers?

May God, Allah or whatever exists help us.

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