Crackdown 2 Gets In on the Zombie Craze

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Basically this sounds like Survival Crisis Z + Superpowers + 3D Graphics

I have no complaints about that sort of combination at all. However these are only "alleged" details, so I'm reluctant to believe that.

Also, the first Crackdown had super-powerful mutants that escaped into the streets so that's just one step above a zombie outbreak.

I never played the first one. Is it any good?

Zombies are awesome, I just hope that the weapons they use to destroy them are fantastical and completely over the top.

No "skills for kills, agent" joke in the OP? I'm shocked.

Anyway, the sudden introduction of a third hive-minded faction for a three-way war is a bit too much like Halo, isn't it? I'd say that it's so obvious that it should be flooding this thread. Ah, see what I did there? I need a monocle...

I've heard that first Crackdown was already batshit insane. And now there's zombies. I may just be getting intrested...

So doesn't this make Crackdown 2 only a sliver away from being the exact same games s Prototype?

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