$135,000 Blu-ray Player Is Expensive

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$135,000 Blu-ray Player Is Expensive


If you thought Blu-ray players were expensive before, take a look at this one.

Goldmund is a company that, according to its website, is dedicated to the accurate representation of sound and image. To do this properly with a Blu-ray player you apparently have to spent a whole lot of money. The company is selling its second Blu-ray player, the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue, for $135,000.

The Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue should probably cost $135,000 just due to name alone, but backs up the cost with its construction too, I guess. From Goldmund's website, the product features:

  • Improved Mechanical Grounding construction with sturdier table support.
  • Built-in stabilized power supply using the Goldmund AC-Curator circuitry, totally separated from the mechanism by the top of the table support.
  • Goldmund "Magnetic Damping" technology, considerably improving the image stability and sound transparency.
  • External aluminum transport rigidifying structure for spurious vibration cancellation.
  • Heavily damped brass and aluminum heavy-duty mechanism enclosure (30kg) suspended on 4 spring loaded suspension pods.
  • Audio outputs:
    * RCA Spdif coaxial digital.
    * Toslink Optical Spdif digital.
    * 2-channel analogue RCA unbalanced.
    * 6-channel analogue RCA unbalanced.
  • Video outputs:
    * 3 RCA analogue components output.
    * S-Video analogue video output.
    * HDMI 1.3 Video and Audio digital output.
  • Size: Height 75 cm (30"), Width 59 cm (23"), Depth 55 cm (21").
  • Weight: suspended: 30 kg, total including table: 82 kg.

Does the work put into the construction of this player actually warrant the price somehow? Or the audio and video output? I can't see even the richest of the rich actually feeling the need to purchase this product, though maybe I just don't get it. It definitely looks like a spaceship, so maybe it has a secret dual function.

If you'd like to purchase a Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue, you'd better book it to the nearest Goldmund retailer. It's a very limited edition product, as only 50 units will be made. Heck, it also plays DVDs and CDs if that makes it float your boat, and is multi-zone and multi-region.

So what doesn't it do? Connect to the internet or support BD-Live. Yup, this Blu-ray player is apparently stuck as a Profile 1.1 and cannot be updated. Both the $299 PlayStation 3 and other retail Blu-ray players have the capability to connect to the internet, so why doesn't Goldmund's "ultimate" version of one?

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Wow, I want one!

That one make one EPIC party machine.

I'd rather have 10$ in cash than this thing and not being able to sell it, but if you don't know what to do with your money, I guess you could buy yourself one.

What a waste of money >< Who would buy one of those during our economy? ><

Other than the rich people of course.

Who... Would buy this? I still watch fucking VHS tapes...

That one make one EPIC party machine.

If only it had built-in karaoke, it could become UBER.

I have to agree with Tom, I don't see how anyone could consider buying this. Even if you're in the position to buy this and still have several million leftover, why would you? I suppose the answer is 'because I can'.

Wow, what a waste.

I guess if i found 140 grand and was retarded I'd buy this

But that name is awesome

Wow. The only reason I can see to buy that is to increase your chances of winning the annual "I am a Complete Wanker" contest.

Anybody else see the "no shit sherlock" in the title of this thread?

For some reason it looks like an object you'd see in a 90's superman film.

Not really a big fan i spose, But someone will buy it.

*Clicks enter key* Now there are only 49 in the world! [/sarcasim]

I don't see a point in buying this.

That thing looks like it could fly...

Some people really do have more money than sense.

I was almost just going to reply to the title by saying

"Yes and long cat is long" but I will add further content

Could you actually tell the difference between this and any other blu-ray player?

It only does everything! No wait...it only plays blu-ray's? Well...what happened to " the best blu-ray player on the market" Sony?

I'll take eight.[/joking]

I wonder how many have been sold already.

If it comes with a nice box...it might be worth it.

*Clicks enter key* Now there are only 49 in the world! [/sarcasim]

I don't see a point in buying this.

You actually already mentioned the point. Rich asshats who like having things barely anyone else does will buy these out in a jiffy.

wow, that's one pricey piece of cap

... and then they'll recommend Monster cables for the hookup.

Ghreat Ghalloping Ghu, what some folks will pay just to say they've got the "best" (insert gadget here) on the market. I personally would rather gold-plate a PS3 and get more functionality for a lower price.

-- Steve

What a waste of money >< Who would buy one of those during our economy? ><

Other than the rich people of course.

The rich people. Their not going to sell masses of this thing, of course, its a limited batch or even job production device.

To be frank, I don't see how it can produce a better image to anyone without telescopic eyes than a Playstation 3 or other off the shelf Blu-Ray player.

Maybe if you plan to use it to show special screenings of Blu-Ray discs and plan to project the image onto a huge screen...

I'm assuming it cost that much because it's actually a prop from the Original Star Trek.

I'll use my ps3 for Blurays thanks. Even though I have no Blurays and don't plan on getting any.

And I should use that instead of a PS3 as my Blu-Ray Player because....?

At least a PS3 has some sort of use!

Its also made out of platinum and space metals. Its also powered by dark matter.

I'll take eight.[/joking]

I wonder how many have been sold already.

thats it, no more no less

waste of money..I would use the money for something more practical ..like a ferarri :| ..yes I said practical..ok something else then :) but not this blu ray thingie

Bored Tomatoe:
Who... Would buy this? I still watch fucking VHS tapes...

Until they released The Dark Crystal on DVD, I shall remain suspicious of its circular nature.

I've done the math in my head, and I'm pretty sure that for $135k you could quite literally BUILD YOUR OWN THEATRE. Spring an extra fifty grand and you could probably hook that baby up with IMAX.

Hrm. Build my own theatre, or buy a gimped Blu-Ray player whose sole claim to fame is that it'll never skip? And it doesn't even come with its own TV? That's a toughie.

PC with a DVD reader = win.

Well, still cheaper than a PS3.

That thing looks like it's gonna rise up and enslave humanity. I say we KILL IT!


Can you even tell the difference between that and a regular Blu-ray player?Hell, my family still watches regular DVDs.

I assume this is gonna be bought only by rich people especially in the middle of this recession.

I guess if i Was a Politician I'd buy this

But that name is awesome

There you go, corrected that for ya!

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