The Elven Prophecy Begins at Runes of Magic

The Elven Prophecy Begins at Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic: The Elven Prophecy, the second chapter in the popular free-to-play MMOG, is now live, adding new classes, territories and other content for both beginners and veterans of the game.

Elves now walk the mystical world of Taborea, bringing with them two all-new player classes, the Druids and Wardens, priests and guardians of the forces of nature. New territories for both novices and advanced players have been opened in the expansion, which also marks the official launch of the French and Spanish editions of Runes of Magic, bring the total number of fully localized versions of the game to four.

In conjunction with the new expansion, Frogster Interactive has also released a boxed version of Runes of Magic that includes an "in-game item package" with a retail value greater than the cost of the box itself, a printed game manual and a poster map of the realm of Taborea. Gamers who buy the boxed release will also receive an exclusive Manticore house pet and, if they activate before September 20, the "Heavenly Black Wings" item as well.

I played Runes of Magic for a couple weeks after it first launched and while my experience with MMOGs is admittedly slim, it struck me as quite well done. It was easy to use, very stable and, while certainly not on the cutting edge of visual technology, reasonably good-looking; it was also packed full of idiots and blindingly-repetitive click-and-fetch quests that somehow passed for gameplay. In other words, it's everything you'd expect from a major, mainstream MMOG, without the monthly price tag.

In all fairness, I have to admit that Runes of Magic is actually pretty good, particularly for a free MMOG, and if you're a fan of the genre you should definitely check it out. Runes of Magic will be holding activities and promotional events all week long to mark the launch of The Elven Prophecy, including a leveling competition offering 3000 in-game diamonds as prizes. Grab a copy of the free client and jump into the action at


Hurm. Sounds interesting. I'm usually very wary of free to play MMOs, since I normally think they're just WoW ripoffs, but if my research into Runes of Magic proves fruitful, hopefully I'll find a new afternoon diversion. (They don't have an equivalent of the WoW Warlock, do they? That would just be great)

I've played this game when it first came out. It didn't really call out to me that much and a lot of what it I had to do just to get something done kind of overwhelmed me. I'm happier sticking to Rappelz as my free MMO addiction rather than Runes of Magic.


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