Ben Heck Builds a PS3 Laptop

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Ben Heck Builds a PS3 Laptop

Ben Heckendorn, aka Ben Heck, finally got around to trying out the new PlayStation 3 Slim he picked up last month and by "trying out," I mean tearing it apart and turning it into something else.

Ben Heck is a very talented man with some strange habits, in particular the habit of ripping apart any kind of gaming electronics he can get his hands on and turning it into something cooler. He's built an air-powered kick pedal for the Guitar Hero 4 drum kit, turned an Atari 2600 joystick into a wireless controller for the Xbox 360 and has converted several 360 consoles into various kinds of laptops.

Are we surprised, then, that his first thing he did after dropping 300 bucks on the new PS3 Slim was to tear it apart to see what makes it tick, then jam it all back inside a portable case with a Gateway 1775W LCD screen attached? Of course not. The final project includes some rather heavily rearranged PS3 Slim hardware, a 17" widescreen LCD display with HDMI-DVI connection, a built-in power supply with a hidden compartment for the AC cable, stereo speakers with push-button volume control and a very sexy monochromatic paint job.

I wish I could preserve some of my technological machismo by saying that this is a relatively straightforward project, but that would be a dirty lie. The truth is that guys like Heck say, "This one shouldn't be too complicated," and then guys like me poke themselves in the eye with a soldering iron. It's a great piece to look at though and if you happen to have the chops to take on something like this, he's posted a step-by-step breakdown of the build at


This guy never ceased to amaze... great stuff! Seriously, someone's gotta hire this guy to make their consoles for them.

Thats not really that hard to do, he just rearranged the hardware a little and stuffed it into a new case.

Will Sony or Microsoft please hire this guy? This guy needs access to mass productiom.

Dude... I wish they actually made something like this.

Dark Templar:
Thats not really that hard to do, he just rearranged the hardware a little and stuffed it into a new case.

May not be hard to do for some. But he is a marine, taking action where millions of PS3 owners are not. Although a novelty and I do agree with that remember that there are gamers out there who love to create and build just out of their own curiosity. It is that curiosity that is needed and should be recognized and supported to encourage people to be more curious and take bigger risks to learn and more importantly experiment.

So good on him for making another laptop.

THAT IS AWESOME! I want one so bad blows the rest of the ps3s out of the water by far this guys awesome

Amazing. I wish I could say more than that.

Another impressive project by him. Looks evil supporting closer to 360 colors than ps3 colors though :).

Wow, that thing is amazing. I want one.

I would totally throw down $600 on something like that, provided that they had another HDMI out port so that I can hook it up to a big screen TV if I wanted to. So sweet; PS3 gaming as long as I can find an electrical outlet.


Meh, I grow bored of seeing consoles converted to laptops. I like to see the more wacky stuff, like that R2-D2 multi-game console. That was awesome.

I love this guy, do you think I could lock him in my basement?

This man is a freak. He's insane.

And I wish I had a tenth of his talent and creativity.

Sony and MS really should contact this guy about making portable 360's and ps3's

I've been checking through all the entries in his showcase, and he's quite the entrepreneur. Although most of his projects are just stuffing consoles into smaller, protable cases, I especially enjoyed reading about projects to benefit disabled gamers, such as the one handed XBox 360 controller.

I wonder if he sells overseas...

I can't even take a controller apart to clean it, I doubt I would be able to convert a PS3 into a laptop. Even if it's remove guts from old case to new case, I would break it.

I really need to commission a conversion from him. Uncharted 2 would be so much smoother with a 360 controller. He's pricey though, and when he pulls this kind of stuff, you can see why.

Holy shit I want one of those. They seem very epic.

that's pretty darn cool mod he did

having one would be cool but the screen is too small

great job dude

I want one of those

Dayum that is amazing. The thing which really amazes me is that the laptop actually looks like it could be sold, and isn't a half-arsed conversion, but the real deal. Awesome.

Definitely would want mine black...the nongloss black that just sucks away your soul.

His electronic talent appears to outstrip mine in everyway...

He will be dealt with most severely.

I wonder if it can still have the Yellow light of Death?

This is nothing really new for him as he made 4 different versions of the Xbox 360 laptop

First off ... that's legal?

Second ... wow that is freaking SWEET, i'd buy it

Damn that man is amazing.

so he can convert a home console into a laptop but he cant get a disc out of its case? hehehe

... How does this guy find the time and money, I wonder?

I love this guy, do you think I could lock him in my basement?

Not if I get to him first!

Why the hell did we get the shit house PSPGo if this guy can independently make this in such a short space of time.

Haw! Nobody has said it yet, so...


This video is now on Youtube's Most Popular list in the Gaming section. Well done :)

I love this guy, do you think I could lock him in my basement?

Depends, would you make other Bens?

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