Grab A Look at Canceled "The Flash" Superhero Game

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Actually, the footage reminds me a lot of the Superman Returns game, which really isn't a good thing. Still, it's a shame it got canceled.

Yeah. Probably because the graphics look the same. In Superman moving at Super speed was terrible because you kept on crashing into things, but that was the least of it's problems.

This actually looks good, and maybe someone else will make a Flash game.

Looks like a laugh, but not my thing at all. Strangly it reminds me of GTA3, duno why.

I was thinking the same thing, the bridge and the HUD map is what lent the GTA feeling to me. Anywho, I think instead of doing that they should just make another JLH game.

Oh god it reminds me of Superman 64.....oh god...but it looks much that was a plus.

Pity, but was probably meant to be.

That makes me sad this was never made. It could have been awesome with alot of work. Flash is a pretty unique, light hearted hero, a comedy action game could've been great.

The combat looks a bit bland but other than that it looks like a pretty solid concept. But they'd have to let the player do the whole parkour thing and make the speed handle properly otherwise it would get quite boring. It's too bad it was cancelled, it might have been one of the few good comic book games, along with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Spider-man 2.

Actually looked pretty slow, take out the dismal white lines flying at the screen to give the illusion of speed and...sluggish.

I love the flash, a polished version would of been great!

I sense a modern Superman 64........

The Flash as a character is interesting to read, but The Flash as a playable character doesn't seem that good of an idea to me. Sure he has a couple new powers (what I shall always refer to as "new powers") such as running through walls, but overall his superpower list is pretty much limited to "World's Fastest Man."

He doesn't have the versatility of a Super-Man with multiple powers like flight and heat vision/cold breath, or a Spider-Man with multiple powers and all the things he can do with those webs (Web boxing gloves? That was amuzing), or a Batman with an entire arsenal in his tool belt, or an X-Men with their ability to be more than one character during the game...each with multiple powers.

Yes the character of The Flash is interesting, don't mistake me, but what about him translates to a video game? What buttons can I push? I don't think enough buttons to make the game fun for as much time as a sandbox world would take.

And here I was hoping it was a Flash Gordon videogame.

Wow. He can run away from things really fast.

So, is he French, then?

Damn, I really hate the Flash but this is something I would have had some fun with.

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