Remedy Files New Death Rally Trademark

Remedy Files New Death Rally Trademark


Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish developer behind Max Payne and Alan Wake, has filed a trademark for a new thought-provoking, character-driven gaming experience: Death Rally.

The preceding statement may not have been entirely true: I don't think it's very likely that Death Rally will be either thought-provoking or character-driven and it's certainly not new: Death Rally was actually Remedy's very first game, originally released in 1996 under the Apogee banner. The only truth to be found anywhere in that sentence, in fact, is that the studio has filed a trademark for a new version of the game.

The USPTO filing doesn't say much: The trademark is for "computer game software, and any printed instructions or printed hint manuals sold therewith as a unit." Fortunately, Remedy's Oskari Häkkinen was willing to shed a little more light on the matter. "There are quite a few fans of Death Rally out there and over the years Remedy has been hit by various requests time and again to do something around it," he said. "With Death Rally we're looking at getting something neat out to the community by having a version that is playable on modern PCs out there."

"This is more of a sweet small thing for people, rather than a full scale commercial project at this point," he continued. "We've really enjoyed playing some of the classic games that we have grown up with, and having the opportunity to revisit Death Rally and to share those memories with the fans and community would simply just be cool." A launch date and other details haven't been settled, he added.

It may be a "small thing" but as a fan of guns, cars and Remedy, I don't see how any combination of the three could possibly add up to anything less than a fuel injected suicide machine of awesome.


Looks like micro machiens

Hopefully it'll turn out to be awesome. If it doesn't then they can expect a very angry letter from me. >:[

A remake of smash-n-crash race game? Nice. But isn't that a Carmageddon screenshot?

Now this can be fun. The old one is at least. Would be sweet if this turned into some kind of mix between Vigilante and Carmageddon. Which I believe you could call the original one.
Need more cars, courses and weapons though. The original did get a bit boring eventually.

Looks like rush rally racing coming out for dreamcast

That game is awesome! I used to play it on my windows 95 computer. Good times.. good times...

Does anyone else think that if they were to make a new Death Rally, they should really hook up with Bugbear Entertainment?

A remake of smash-n-crash race game? Nice. But isn't that a Carmageddon screenshot?

That is a Death Rally screenshot.

I was just playing it 15 minutes ago.

Man the classics with never die.

Death race is one of my all time favorite DOS games. Couldnt get enough of it as a kid. Cant wait for the release date to be confirmed.

Death Rally! Nice!

A friend and I played it a again a few month ago, because he had a PC with Win98 standing around, good times.

"I got petrol in my veins!"

Loved the original, holding onto no hope of them recapturing what made it fun.

Is it me, or would devs be better off just sprucing up the graphics of their old games, making them XP compatible, and putting them back on the shelf? Every remake attempt has been a bucket of suck so far.

Hmm, I think my prayers were just answered. I do wonder, however, if Duke Nukem would be a character in this installment...


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