Microsoft Testing Rewards for Xbox Live Users

Microsoft Testing Rewards for Xbox Live Users


Want stuff? Microsoft might give it to you for using Xbox Live, but you've got to be special... really special.

Microsoft appears to be testing some kind of rewards program for Xbox Live users, as Kotaku uncovered. An email was sent out to various Live subscribers recently inviting them to participate in a limited-time rewards program. According to Kotaku, the email said:

This is an exclusive pilot rewards program. That means that the people who get in get stuff. Cool stuff. You want cool stuff, right? Sure you do, we all want stuff. Especially cool stuff. Well, you've only got until October 21, 2009 to let us know you want cool stuff, because after that, the doors close and someone else gets the cool stuff.

So, you click the button below and register to let us know you want in and pretty soon we'll let you know if you got in or not - and not everyone will (that's why it's called exclusive).

This offer is for a select few - you can't send it to anyone else (why would you send something this awesome to someone else, are you nuts?). If you make the cut, you can pass or opt-out whenever you want.

But then you'll never know how it ended.

It seems to be legit, though one Kotaku commenter posted that the only thing he got from replying to the email was a boring 5 question survey about the quality of Xbox Live, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox brand. So what the heck could this be? There has to be something in this for Microsoft somewhere, and if the survey is real it hints that Microsoft could be rewarding consumers for feedback, similar to how it and Sony reward retail employees of places like GameStop and Best Buy for completing surveys about, and therefore gaining knowledge to better sell, the company's products.

Whatever it is, I want stuff, and I want stuff now. I'm fully willing to quickly answer any kind of survey if it means I get stuff. If I get good stuff I may even answer it honestly.

Source: Kotaku


aww man.... disappointment sets in, as I'm one of the many who did *not* get the email.
Really though, the only reasonable reward I can see M$ giving out for answering a survey is some points or like, a free crappy arcade game (not the one's you want for free anyway).

That's phrased to make it look completely fake...I mean "you want stuff" - do they not want people to sign up?

I got the e-mail and did the survey... and nothing happened. Surprise surprise. Maybe the next time I log on to Xbox Live I'll see a video of Steve Ballmer giving me a thumbs up as a reward. While stomping on an iPhone.

If anyone gets anything it will most likely be some crappy avatar gear.

I don't know, on the surface it seems like a scam of somekind. I meansince when does Microsoft send out messages that sound like the sham-wow guy wrote them?

No email. But if they'd dished out a free year of live... <3

Unsurprisingly I got no email. I'm not really that bothered anyway. I doubt it's anything good.

Seven years of membership, and I don't get any cool stuff? Heck, they wouldn't even grant me my "Live is 5ive" points. O Microsoft, why hast thou forsaken me!? ::shakes fist::

yeah my XBL subscription is out until the end of the month (have to focus on other things right now, so I'm taking a break) so that probably means I won't get anything lol

Got the email. Did the Survey. Was told to wait untill November 6.

When I worked for Best Buy in 2006, Intel had a deal going on where you had do some light reading then answer some questions for competency, it took about an hour. The reward? (Remember this is 2006) Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, an Intel mobo to put it on, and Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and x86 editions (for Vista that meant 2 copies with their own individual keys) for $220. We knew about this months in advance to give those that needed it the time to save money. But, at the time, it was so very worth the hour of my day. The best part about it was, the reading was considered work related, so you could actually get paid to do it, and save some mad money.

If anyone gets anything it will most likely be some crappy avatar gear.

You mean like the 'splosion man gear that was supposed to be unlockable? You know the one that was promised in the description of the game that 2 months later hasn't been released?

In short, this is how they are going to charge more for Xbox live.

I was going to say something about how the selection process for these rewards will be based on what users have purchased the most Microsoft Points during their membership (therefore by extension having injected the most money into the coffers of MS) but then I realised this is Microsoft who would never let money motivate their decisions...

Joking aside, it would be interesting to see what the "cool stuff" is, provided it's legit.


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