No Installation for Final Fantasy XIII PS3

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Meh it's fine. Besides PS3's getting Star Ocean 4 anyway right? I'd say that's pretty even.

Being a PC gamer for so long really takes the sting of installation away, but when you find a game that doesn't require it makes you feel good.

Meh it's fine. Besides PS3's getting Star Ocean 4 anyway right? I'd say that's pretty even.

An UPDATED Star Ocean 4

It's the international version pretty much.

Even though I have enjoyed FF games in the past, and recently played FFVII again on the PSpiple, I really don't see myself buying this game. They're just too long.

I am very much under the time constraints in the article So many games, So little time. I'm still stumbling through The Wasteland and Nathan Drake is staring at me again through the Game bag.

If I do buy FFXIII how many other games are going to pile up on the shelf. I've still got N64, PS2 and Gamecube games which are waiting to be played.

At least someone is trying to combat this issue.

I don't like going round my cousin house when he has a new game that we both wanna play and having to sit around for 2 hours waiting for it to install. Not that he like Final Fantasy at all but it's a first step.


But then again, saying that a Final Fantasy game will have a character named Cid who works with airships is like saying that the main character will be extremely androgynous, use a sword, have ridiculous hair, and tackle some sort of final apocalyptic evil.

At least now, instead of a guy who suspiciously looks like a girl, the protagonist is actually a girl. And did you know that Cloud is actually making an appearance here?

That's right, Lightning is Cloud's tranny self!

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