Activision Expects DJ Hero to be a Slow Starter

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i think if i was 3 years younger id be more interested then i am, however im not so this game is already a pass for me. Maybe ill play it at a friends house or something.

The demo I played at Best Buy was probably the furthest thing from being fun ever.

It will definitely be a sleeper hit, I don't doubt it will be bad and I think it is a good break from the Guitar Hero franchise. It's been advertised well enough, the game itself doesn't look bad, Daft Punk always brings crowds, and the music on it is well rounded enough (but not dirge like the most recent Guitar Hero games). However, at the price it is right now there is no way it can sell hot solely because of how foreign it is.

That doesn't mean I'm not frickin' excited out of my mind for it, though! YES!

If I was interested in buying stupid fucking peripherals, I might consider this game. Since I'm not, however, I will just look up the track list and feel superior when I find out I already own all of the quality songs this game will ever have.

Focusing on in-store demos seems like a...bad strategy for the UK. Most every store I visit never seem to have their in-store machines switched on. Perhaps I've just been unlucky and others in the UK have had a different experience, but relying on such a thing - from my experience - might not make them the sales they want.

The only game store in my local area has two preview screens that run new-release trailers, they're usually broken.

And a Guitar Hero: World Tour demo that had from the get-go a dodgy drum (that you had to stand up to play) besides that it's never turned on anyway.

So I think your view on them is pretty spot on.


So yeah, popular opinion seems to already assure this thing isn't gonna sell to anyone besides the douchebags in the UK.
And even then, half the time they'll be too busy driving there shitty cars too fast playing the music from speakers that are too loud and trying to stab people to even play the game...


Kotick immediately fired the man who said this. Then licked his skin off, ground his bones up and snorted them, and bathed in his blood while drinking a smoothie made of his internal organs, proclaiming DJ Hero to be the next greatest thing to hit humanity that would be followed by twenty seven track packs in the week following its release.

But in all honesty what did they really expect? This isn't a party game, it's a one player game. Rock Band, if all else failed, had the "get drunk with friends" aspect. What does this have?

"Sit in a dark room snorting coke mixing ten year old rap songs while contemplating the failures of your life."


I think it will slowly catch on the way DDR did and Guitar Hero did.

People will think it's ridiculous and then not want to play it, and then more extroverted people will eventually get involved.

I for one would like to try it but neither have the means nor desire to purchase it at its list price.

This is coming from the same company who is already planning a sequel for the damn game! I read it somewhere........

I hope this game bombs majorly, the music is about as much fun as grating my bollocks into thin slices.

The game looks really good in my opinion and I believe there is alot of interest in it. However I believe the reason it will be a slow starter is A) due to the fact its coming out in a season that is already flooded with many must buy games.
B) Due to it's cost, it's more likely to be something people aren't willing to part money with themselves and would rather ask for as a christmas present moving the peak fo sales to december time.

I have seen a demo at Best Buy and from what I saw it looks a pretty solid experience. The controls are better than what you would expect. The music is awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if DJ Hero didn't end up being as popular or even more popular than the Guitar hero franchise.

At my local Gamecrazy, the guy said they have 10 pre-orders for DJ Hero. Compared to Halo or Madden, 10 is weak. Even Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days had more pre-orders (14). The nearby Gamestop told me they got 7. but their like half a mile away from the mall, and the mall has it's own Gamestop. The in-mall Gamestop probably has about 15 pre-orders for DJ Hero..

DJ Hero seems to be more of the "Hero" brand followers only game. You would play it at a buddy's house, but you would never have it.

I've played the demo (as many of you have), and some of you will agree when I say, "it's fun, but the whole guitar hero/rock band thing is getting a little old."

I also think that DJ Hero is going to be a slow starter in terms of sales. It isn't going to sell well at first because of skepticism and it being released during a time of big game releases but like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution it will slowly catch on.

Even though I won't be buying it because I'm already broke as it is, I hope it succeeds because this is at the very least an innovation for Activision instead of another sequel of the already worn out Guitar Hero franchise.

Guitar games have already stolen the market. While it would have encouraged segregation between "Hero" brands, it would have been a better move to release this earlier on in the Guitar Hero franchise.

The best we can do is HOPE it fails. I know I won't be buying it, but I was never the intended market anyway. Hopefully the targeted demographic isn't interested and we can start to see music game publishers tone down their aggressiveness a bit. Annual releases should be more than enough w/ all the DLC money the games make. Slow down and stop bashing us over the head with your plastic instruments.

The whole premise for this game is frankly weird...

Now you can pretend to play someone who presses the play button on a stereo to play music?

It's a bit like playing a person, playing guitar hero...

To those who said "people who like this music are less likely to be game-oriented".

Ahem.... What does the soundtrack to the Need for Speed series tend to consist of?

I think it will be a flop because of it's slow sales. It looks like a great concept game it will sell reasonably well but since it is so niche it's just going to fizzle out.

The issue is that the tune's (bar a few) are really good remixes. However, the crowd that would like said remixes, probably wouldn't enjoy playing with a fake DJ set.
Sales may be average or better, but I expect if the soundtrack is released somehow, that that is what will be bought/pirated like no tomorrow.

The hippity-hop is real hot with the kids nowadays, isn't it?
I suspect it'll sell relatively well, and then we'll have ten more sequels to deal with, all of which will be shit (not to say the original won't be shit, because chances are, it will be.)

Max you can't really act like you've been around for ages, you're only sixteen. You pretty much are the 'hippity-hop' demographic.

I was really impressed at some of the music I heard. Normally that'd be enough to sell it to me, but I can't afford to spend either the money or the time involved in learning a new gameplay mechanic and wasting my life on perfecting it, so I'm pretty sure I'll pass.

Of course all club music is shit, you're not supposed to be listening to the music. If you're listening to the music you are obviously not having a good enough time.

Chesterfield Snapdragon McFisticuffs:

Max you can't really act like you've been around for ages, you're only sixteen. You pretty much are the 'hippity-hop' demographic.

I'm a conscientious objector - after a fashion.

I am morally opposed to lumping myself in with "those" "people."
Never bring it up again or I will light your family on fire.

...But seriously, I have no idea what's popular with teenagers nowadays, so I just don't associate myself with that demographic.

I've been playing Guitar Hero since it first came out on PS2, and music-based games since Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix came out in Japan (2000).

After playing the demo for DJ Hero at Best Buy, I am definitely buying it, with the case/stand. The gameplay has a higher learning curve than GH/RB, but once you get into the rhythm, it's a lot of fun. One of the features is putting it in 'party mode' like GH5, and these tracks seem more party-conducive. Probably from sheer novelty, I attracted quite a few onlookers who didn't give Beatles Rock Band or the latest Madden a second glance.

Some of you might recall that the first Guitar Hero came out in a void, and was a sleeper hit for quite a while. The Guitar Freaks series had been well established in Japan at that point, and right now there are MANY games in the Beatmania series (but only one was released in the U.S.). With proper promotion of the release, I won't be at all surprised if in five years, we have too many DJ Hero games being released per quarter.

I don't really see the appeal of any examples of the music/rhythm game genres, but club music? *shudder*

Okay technically I do like some music that gets arbitrarily classified into the Dance/DJ category, but there's a world of difference between what I consider fit for my ears and the remix nonsense they play at clubs.

Reading the track list for this game also leaves me somewhat baffled as I don't think I have a handle on the "vs" concept - what the hell does that even mean? Are they playing both songs at the same time (why would you do that), back to back, or mixing the two together into some bizarre musical hybrid (this strikes me as a terrible idea as well).

There are very few remixes I've liked as well as the original, never mind liking it more, so what do you get when you start with source material I bloody hate and then remix it?

I sincerely hope nobody I know buys this and subjects me to it.

I've now bought the game, played it for a few hours, and have a whole new appreciation for skilled DJs. The concept behind the game, and this style of DJing, is that you start out with two songs that you think would work well together; similar tempo, sound, or just an interesting juxtaposition. Yes, you have them playing at the same time, and you switch between the two in such a way that they blend together like an audio Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

The musical style is a taste like any other, but the technique for combining two songs into one is very unique and special when done right.

...Now you can pretend to play someone who presses the play button on a stereo to play music?

You obviously have no idea what a DJ is capable of. Thank you sir, and good day.

Of course all club music is shit, you're not supposed to be listening to the music. If you're listening to the music you are obviously not having a good enough time.

So... all the folks dancing at a club aren't having a good time? What are you supposed to be doing at a club with a large dance floor and energetic music, then?


...Now you can pretend to play someone who presses the play button on a stereo to play music?

You obviously have no idea what a DJ is capable of. Thank you sir, and good day.

On the contrary, I know exactly what your average DJ is capable and it is precisely not much at all. I see nothing amazing about playing one track after another of the generic bilge that is club music. Mixing tracks is not hard at all. Before you say I wouldn't know anything about the skills or techniques, I would have you know that I do because I have learned how to do so. Yes, on real decks, with real vinyls and yes, I was taught how to do it from a real DJ... Matching the bpm's of two pieces of music and playing them simultaneously isn't what i'd call the makings of a virtuoso performance. Making dance music from scratch isn't hard either. I don't hate it, but it does not take much skill or musical abillity to create or even remix a song. Knowing what to play next and adapting to crowd reaction is not exactly rocket science.

There are some incredible DJ's out there, like DJ Yoda, Sir Mix-a-Lot and the Excutioners etc. But they are exceptionally talented and very rarely do you find DJ's of their calibre.

Now pretending to do something which by definition isn't hard to do. It's almost as pointless as learning to play a guitar with five frets and one string...

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