Schwarzenegger Gives a F**k You to Lawmakers

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Schwarzenegger Gives a F**k You to Lawmakers


Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't too pleased with a bill that crossed his desk, so he used wordplay skills to show his feelings on the matter.

Chalk this one up to coincidence if you want, but it appears that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger left a hidden message in his written denial to California lawmakers over the signing of a certain bill. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's AB 1176, a fairly standard bill meant to aid the Port of San Francisco with its financial issues, passed across Schwarzenegger's desk recently, though he chose not so sign it. For his reasoning, he wrote:

To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 1176 without my signature.

For some time now I have lamented the fact that major issues are overlooked while many
unnecessary bills come to me for consideration. Water reform, prison reform, and health
care are major issues my Administration has brought to the table, but the Legislature just
kicks the can down the alley.

Yet another legislative year has come and gone without the major reforms Californians
overwhelmingly deserve. In light of this, and after careful consideration, I believe it is
unnecessary to sign this measure at this time.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Looks like a pretty tame letter right? That is, until as the San Francisco Bay Guardian noticed, the letter's true, hidden message is uncovered. Bluntly, in the format presented, the beginning letter of each line spells out "F**k You."

The message was most likely aimed at the bill's author, Tom Ammiano, who has been very critical of Schwarzenegger lately. Ammiano was not amused when the governor showed up earlier this month at a Democratic event, saying, amongst other things, that Schwarzenegger could "kiss my gay ass." On one hand, the message is a clever way to deal with a political foe while being able to claim that it is an innocent coincidence. On the other hand, I would hope the bill wasn't anything important and was ignored so the Governator could play a silly word game.

(Via: Wired)


Aaahhh! Arnold Schwarzenegger! Why does it not surprise me :D
Only he would do something as awesome as that! Someone make a statue out of him!

A really big one

Pretty sweet, wish I had the testicular fortitude to pull a move like this in an essay or something.

Holy shit.

Schwartzy is more awesome than I thought!

I love Schwarzenegger.
And for this, I love him more.

haha, brilliant! good to see that politicians can have a sense of humour on occassion :P

I've seen this. It's pure genius. Schwarzenegger has gained political immortality at last!

Mr Schwartzanegger you win at least 100 internets for blunt speaking and a most win way of getting the message through.

Haha that's utterly Brilliant well done Arny

Thats great, I love that guy.

See who said he wouldn't make a good govener, he kicks arse.

hahaha aw my governor, will you ever cease the awesome?

Assuming it wasnt a crazy coincidence.
I only point this out cause I hate when people find things where they arent really. (Like nazi feminists getting mad Obama played Basketball and did not invite any females)

That was surely a genius move pulled off by Arnold. :D

I think it was a one-in-a-million coincidence.

Also, an extremely appropriate coincidence.

Kinda immature if you ask me.

His messages, both of them, are so very apt. He may be a half-deaf republitard, but I do like this guy.

If it was genuinly intended that way, then much respect.

The Governator is awesome. Seriously, he was terminator and now he's the governor of the only US state I might ever consider moving to. And he does this. Should we get to work on the shrine already?

The man just went up a notch

what was the bill about.

go gubanator. i'm guessing he's doing this cause it's coming up on election time for him again

Arnie for president! Who's with me?

That man should be president, but can't be.

Arnold just became as awesome as Vin Diesel for that word play

Someone make a statue out of him!

And the statue should be of him doing this:
Go Arnold! I love his movies, and now I love his government!

That is all.


That is all.

'nuff said!

Oh, you clever man.
That wasn't sarcastic, by the way.

i dont think that was intentional the guy just look for something and foun it. those letters arent corretrly pickedif they were they would read, "TIFYSA".

"I was elected to lead not to read."

Well, he has my vote, and I don't even live in California.

Seriously, though, I believe that the Governator demonstrates that sometimes, those who were born into politics should not be DOING politics, and that others who weren't - who have the different mindset from other political people - SHOULD be running things.

He has the right attitude, whether the message was deliberately made that way or not.

At first when he was elected for California I wasn't taking him seriously but since he's been in power he's done a good job so hands up for the big man.

it unlike him to be subtle. I imagined it it more him loading up all his guns and blowing the hell out of the office block, not some crappy hidden message.



...Well done, sir. I honestly have to admire the man's chutzpah, while I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble over this. But seriously, he's the goddamn Governator. The Governator doesn't take shit from nobody.

Holy shit.

Schwartzy is more awesome than I thought!


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