Secretly In-Development Kameo 2 Axed for Natal

Secretly In-Development Kameo 2 Axed for Natal


An early-2009 company-wide reorganization at UK developer Rare to better focus on development for Microsoft's Project Natal apparently meant the axing of several "traditional" sequels including Xbox 360 launch title Kameo.

The restructuring of Rare may have taken place all the way back in February of this year, but other than generic corporate buzzspeak about improving efficiency and a focus on quality, the true reasons for the change - and the casualties thereof - were largely unknown.

However, a source close to CVG has apparently shed some light on the matter: The purpose behind the Rare reorganization was to focus development on software for the upcoming launch of Microsoft's Project Natal, at the cost of "more than one 'traditional' franchise sequel." The only game mentioned by name as being officially canceled in the restructuring is Kameo 2, the sequel to Xbox 360 launch title Kameo.

Of course, given that another reason for axing Kameo 2 was the poor sales of the original, I find it hard to believe that there are all that many people out there who are completely broken up over the announcement. Sure, the game might have gotten decently favorable reviews, but it didn't exactly set spark a revolution.

The source does specifically say "more than one" franchise sequel, though, which leads me to wonder what else got cut in the mix. Banjo-Kazooie? Blast Corps? Perfect Dark? Sadly, we'll probably never know. Oh well.


Kameo was horrible anyways, so I'm just happy that Rare didn't ruin their reputation even more by making a sequel. I hope they do something cool for Natal at least. :)

Heard about this a while ago, god damn it, I liked Kameo..

Rare just wasn't the same without David Doak. Now Free Radical is gone too. I weep.

booo, I liked Kameo, best game rare made since it left nintendo

Yeah, I don't know what Psychosocial was thinking but Kameo was probably the only title at launch that was worthwhile for the 360. Quake 4 was bland and Perfect Dark Zero only proved that Rare can't actually make a decent shooter (except for maybe Jet Force Gemini) and everyone looks at their N64 titles with rose-tinted glasses. Kameo was a nice, different sort of title combining elements of Zelda-esque adventure with platforming elements into a pretty decent and unique game.

The problem was that the main character was a complete bitch, but Extra Punctuation covered any of those complaints with the article on WET.

Of course, I'm more surprised a sequel was being made in the first place. What really gets me is how many other games have been cut for the sake of what may be a complete failure. I imagine any sequel to Viva Pinata is now being transformed into a Natal title and anything that couldn't be transformed was just thrown in the trash.

MS has been a great first party in terms of working with studios thus far, but this is a complete dick move to do when there are so many people waiting to hear back about something new from the studio.

That's ashame, a game - which was arguably Rare's best recent title - being axed for some crappy motion senser made for mainstream gamers that has no practical use in games that aren't a bunch of party minigames without a remote of some kind. And the 360 doesn't have many games on the way.............

I quite enjoyed the first Kameo back when I still had my 360.

Rare started to suck when they made there first Xbox game. And the horrible port of Conker's Bad Fur Day didn't help. The Demo of Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts was more than enough to show how bad it was. While they released Banjo-Kazooie,Banjo-Tooie & and soon Perfect Dark on XBLA, it wasn't enough to win me back. It was a desperate move on there part(re-releasing them). Granted. The Viva Pinata series are good, but not everyone likes them. I want Rareware back with Nintendo. Those two produced magic. Rare and Microsoft produce crap.

No Kameo sequel?

What - a - crime.

Right, because that game really was worth a big enough damn to make a sequel for. Sarcasm aside, it would've been interesting (not to mention fun) to control the characters in Kameo by moving your arms about to knock over enemies. It's really a shame it didn't work out because I really could see how much that game would've helped Natal take off.

I disliked Kameo very much, so this is pretty good from my point of view.

No tears will be shed in its absence.

It was one of those family games that are thrown into console bundles.I have never heard of a purchase out of genuine love!

I loved Kameo! This saddens me, sure Rare can get very creative with Natal but at the cost of Kameo 2? As long as they don't butcher Viva pinata on Natal, I'll be fine.

If you didn't like Kameo you probably didn't play it. You probably didn't play Beyond Good and Evil either. For that you should be ashamed!

Hmm... although I never actually paid for Kameo, I borrowed it from a friend and thoroughly enjoyed at least the 1 initial playthrough of it. It could have been interesting to see how they would've improved upon the original with a sequal, but hey... I guess they've got their priorities.

I loved Kameo. Was the first 360 game I got and thought it was brilliant. Not massively affecting me though because I have a ps3 now. Unfortunate though, great game.

It was one of those family games

It was rated Teen and in the opening sequence had a dragon eating an orc. o_O

Plus, if you could read, you'd see there are plenty disappointed with the news. I'm not sure how a sequel would have played, but it at least would have been interesting. Still, a tear is shed.

Really though, did you even play the game? I mean, Jesus. Give a title an art style and unless it's Borderlands or Brutal Legend is a family game. Get an imagination.


The source does specifically say "more than one" franchise sequel, though, which leads me to wonder what else got cut in the mix. Banjo-Kazooie? Blast Corps? Perfect Dark? Sadly, we'll probably never know. Oh well.

I'm willing to put money on Killer Instinct 3 being one of them. That thing was hinted at so heavily for so long... If it's not genuinely been cancelled, this is a good excuse for Rare to lie and pretend that it was so they don't get e-mails about it ever again.

I know Kameo wasn't a fantastic game, but it was exactly the kind of game that would have benefited greatly from a sequel. I liked it enough to want one, anyway. The world needs more good platformers, God damn it!

Slightly interesting that Natal seems to have only been mentioned in Lionhead and Rare. Is it coincidence that they're both British or is it coincidence that Peter Monlyneux is involved in both companies in a pretty substantial way?

Really though, did you even play the game? I mean, Jesus. Give a title an art style and unless it's Borderlands or Brutal Legend is a family game. Get an imagination.

I guess they're coming from the same school of thought that suggested Team Fortress 2 and Fat Princess was good kiddy-friendly fun.

I hope the next Banjo-Kazooie title, should there be one (I'm hoping there is, anyway), isn't on the Natal. I'd really like a return to platforming and, as someone above said, it would probably turn out to be a bunch of stupid mini-games on the Natal, like they did with Rayman.

Poor Rayman, slowly kicked out of his own franchise by a bunch of childish rabbit things. I cried.

best game evar... such a shame


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