Miss Out on GameX? Check Out Some Pics!

Miss Out on GameX? Check Out Some Pics!


Did you miss out on The Escapist taking Philadelphia game conference GameX by storm? No worries - these pictures will make you feel like you were there on the show floor with us!

If any of you have ever been to a convention, you know that you should never attend one of them without a camera handy. Not only is it great for taking pictures of guys dressed like Princess Peach, but you'll never know when you'll want to show off the experience for everybody else.

Thankfully, former IGDA head Jason Della Rocca - invited to GameX as the opening keynote speaker - did just that, and posted the whole gallery to his blog. There's stuff from just around the show floor (and I do have to agree that the Dante's Inferno booth was probably an odd choice to put next to the entrance where all the families and children would come in) and then there's some Escapist-specific stuff as well.

For example, have you ever wanted to see Yahtzee in a bumper kart being chased down by the guy who played Dante in Clerks? What's that, you say - it's never occurred to you?

Well, let's rectify that, then.

The full set of images can be found on Mr. Della Rocca's blog, Reality Panic.


It was definitely a good time. I hope everybody who came to GameX enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

You can find the photos my wife & I took here.

Game that is predicted to make God of War look censored
next to the enterance

fuck me i didnt get to go

Gwah, if I'd known there would be bumper-cart antics I might've tried to stay later. Maybe. I had a hell of a headache at that point and I'd stupidly packed the ibuprofen with the luggage.

Oh man, Brian O'Halloran is awesome. It's like Clerks 2 but with Yahtzee instead of Randall.

I'll be going PAX East because I live in Beantown.

I wish I could have gone...it would have awesome.

That's hilarious go karting.

Oh god, that go-kart picture is so hilariously random.

Wish I was there :P

Lol @ Go karting

sigh where was GameX?

sigh where was GameX?

Outside of Philadelphia, PA. It's caused a bit of a stir since two weeks prior, in the city proper, was VGXPO, another video game show. One of the grand high poobahs of that show is a little butthurt that GameX was held so close to his show.


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