Roomba Pac-Man: Your Dirt Devil Can't Do This

Roomba Pac-Man: Your Dirt Devil Can't Do This

Almost a decade after they first appeared on the market, a team of engineers has finally come up with a practical use for Roomba automatic vacuum cleaners: Roomba Pac-Man!

It's a simple recipe: Take five Roomba vacuum cleaners, some colorful cardboard cutouts and a team from the Research and Engineering Center for Unmanned Vehicles with a little too much time on its hand, and blammo! Instant, three-dimensional Pac-Man. Controlled by a user with a wireless remote, the Pac-Man robot navigates a maze of tape on a tile floor, eating dots (bits of paper in this case) while desperately dodging the wicked machinations of Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde.

The whole setup is awesome but it's the four ghost Roombas that are especially cool. Unlike Pac-Man, they operate entirely autonomously, working their way through the maze using "internal odometry [and] an indoor positioning system." The ghosts move through the maze until they "see" Pac-Man, at which point they switch to "chase mode" to probabilistically pursue their sworn enemy; likewise, when Pac-Man eats a power pill, all the ghosts go to "run mode," automatically fleeing to the most distant corners of the map. (As a nice added touch, the "ghost" icons on the user interface software all turn blue during run mode.)

Believe it or not, there's actually a point to all this screwing around: The team used the Pac-Man model as a way of demonstrating its Unmanned Aerial System software suite, a guidance system for unmanned aircraft or something. Whatever. Who cares? It's Roomba Pac-Man!

Source: Engadget


Could that narrator be any more of a buzzkill? It's f---ing Roomba Pacman! He could at least sound a touch more excited.

Well, that's technically impressive. But... meh.

That's awesome. Next up, Roomba Tetris. Where they move as unified blocks of Roombas.

Truly, it is a great day for mankind.


i read this today in the metro i was amazed at what you can do with a vacuum cleaner and a little circuit know how. i would mind seeing roomba pong :D

Very interesting how much will it cost the average person to get one of these.

I'm glad some people have too much time on their hands. We get to see stuff like this.

That is an excellent idea. I can fully appreciate the work put into this

I'm up for Roomba Rock n Roll Racing!

Pac-man Fever returns?

They use this to demonstrate an automated aerial system? Think they forgot a dimension here. This is nice but hardly impressive, the basic idea's already been done.

amazing.... but they need to be a little bit more productive

That's awesome! The first time I saw a Roomba it reminded me of PacMan. I guess it was the same for them. But, if it were me I would put more than just tape on the floor. Really, what is the fun of having Roomba Pacman if you're only doing the bare minimum "for the sake of the video"?

Well, this put a smile on my face today. I'm glad that despite all the sad shit that happens in the world today, there are always people with too much time on their hands to make awesome things like this.

I'm not sure how to feel... It looks great, sure. Yet, it's kinda meh.

that's really cool, tho not as fun as attaching an animal head to one and having it chase your pet around the house

I'll take Roomba "Doesn't Get Hung Up In A Corner or On a Small Rise". Don't get me wrong, it's good to have an automatic vacuum cleaner when my wife would rather play World of Warcraft than be domestic despite saying before we got married that she wanted to be a happy housewife...*ahem*. Right. Roomba Pac-Man. Cool.

A coverup for the formation movement of future Skynet robots.

That...that was actually pretty cool. I wish it still made the nom nom nom sound

Lvl 64 Klutz:
Could that narrator be any more of a buzzkill? It's f---ing Roomba Pacman! He could at least sound a touch more excited.

Sounds like Egon Spengler.

Still think my roommate's SL "Mexican Roomba" is funnier. Plays the hat dance as it works, which cracks me up every time.
Edit: Forgot I had Video


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