Capcom Responds to Resident Evil Religious Criticism

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I've giving them temporary good points. For now. If it turns out all these religious guys had it right in the first place (i.e. like with RE5 and its spear-wielding africans), they lose it!

Religious representative talking against occult in video games ? What is this, the 90's ?

I half wonder if Capcom paid... errr excuse me, donated to, those gentlemen simply to get the chance to say this. For one it's uncharacteristically strong of the games industry today to speak that solidly and directly, and two the statements on both sides simply clash making it seem to me like someone coordinating a marketing ploy did it badly and wasn't actually paying attention to what both sides were saying.

For starters the Church leaders seemed to be talking about the Occult. Resident Evil is not a game with ANY occult themes to it, it's pure techno-thriller. If anything the central message plays to a lot of hardcore religious sentiments as it basically follows the "Doctor Frankenstein" format of scientists playing god, and suffering the consequences alongside innocents. A technophobic underlying message *I* do not care for, but still the message that is there if one is going to be taken away from this on a deeper level than a stock evil corperation which does the tradition started by GENOM proud, combined with bad bio-tech, and the general attitude that shooting a zombie that wants to make you into lunch is a good thing (unlike say the Japanese horror comedy "Stacy" for those who have seen it).

So really the church is screaming about occultism, and Capcom is responding with a general "games aren't bad rant" rather than to the specific statements, along the line of "Occultism? Where?". Oh sure there IS some cult behavior in the most recent games, but that is relatively recent (nothing to do with Darkside chronicles really) and that occultism is intended to make people as being backwards since it has nothing to do with the overall threat which is purely a matter of bio-tech gone bad.

I can agree with the sentiments, but in reading the statements while I could be missing something it reads kind of like the script from a disjointed "B" movie delivered by people who can't act reading two seperate scripts, while the director is out to lunch and the company simply doesn't have the film to re-shoot the scene and instead has to go with it.

Hmmmm. The worst they can come up with is it will encourage youth to gain interest in the occult. The occult, basically belief in magic, astrology, and anything else the Church has deemed "evil"? That's the threat? That people won't follow the fucked up retards that proclaim to know the true path God intended us to follow?

Lets translate from fundy to English shall we...

"Bishop Mark Bryant of Jarrow Zealot A, Archdeacon Brian Smith Zealot B and the Rt. Rev. John Goddard Zealot C, nonetheless felt compelled to criticize the game for encouraging interest in the occult decreasing interest in the church among children, leaving them no little kids to molest.


note the sarcasm in my text lol
anyway, religon complains about almost anything so this kind of religous whining is typical to them. like im gonna take word from some people who say that a guy was eaten by a giant fish.

what really confuses me is why they havent gone after doom 3.......

This is scaremongering and typical religious hysteria. You cannot blame society's ills on video games. It's just absurd

I'm tempted to buy this game now, and I don't even own a Wii. Capcom: success!


All of these, and also +100 respect points.

Capcom, you magnificent bastards.

Don't lose them anytime soon.
I love you too much to hurt you right now.

Leo Tan you have my Sword... seriously any one you need taking out... %50 off... except political assassinations... however I won't put an extra cost onto political assassinations... -everyone staring-... what... I moon light as a hit man what's wrong with that... most the people I killed never deserved it.

Okay that aside this guy as earned my respect, nice to see some one standing up for us gamers who seem to get all the bad press lately.

If I had a fraction of the balls capcom has I would cleanse the world of it's evils with my nukes.

Great, more prominent (er, I think) religious figures making us all look like uptight and backward cowards completely out of touch with the present.

So, in this case, good on you Capcom, and as for the aforementioned religious figures involved, I have just one word:


Way to go, religion. Our kids might go out and kill zombies. Terrifying.

If only I was in Leo's presence now...

I'd give him a high five!

Mr. Leo Tan, you just got a purchase from me.

Wow, those are some fighting words there Leo Tan...but I'm glad you said them.

Now if only more game developers spoke out like this to the "fear inducing" non-gamer community.

Kinda sounds like these guys have been getting points for killing civilians with Michael Atkinson.

Capcom just one a hell of a lot respect from me.

This. I like to see developers standing up for their medium; I guess it's one of the few things that are guaranteed to earn respect from me.

Even if Resident Evil 5 was NOTHING compared to the sheer greatness that was 4. Just my opinion though.

Capcom, I put on this hat just so I can take it off to you.

Kudos for being awesome yet again!

I get the feeling Capcom likes the criticisms, basically free publicity, like with RE5 over the racial debate.

Great, more prominent (er, I think) religious figures making us all look like uptight and backward cowards completely out of touch with the present.

So, in this case, good on you Capcom, and as for the aforementioned religious figures involved, I have just one word:


My thoughts exactly. Thought I think that these nutcases are probably just another batch of Jack Chick clones.

Once again, I think I know why my Lord couldn't stand the religious leaders of his day.

Doc Theta Sigma:
Capcom I salute you. You have my sword.

and my axe

It's nice to see an eloquent, common sense answer to such things.
Capcom have just gained major respect in my eyes.

Good one!

If there's ever an election for "Worldwide videogame spokesperson" this guy gets my vote.

The logic in Leo Tan's statements greatly please me! Now if only he could make an equally logical argument about why the rest of Capcom's staff was smoking crack when they developed the gameplay in RE5. I understand they made Darkside Chronicles in order to recover from the RE5 backlash, but unfortunately they released it for the Wii - a system I don't have and will not buy because there are too few good games on it.

It would be like if my girlfriend did something terrible to me (i.e. making RE5 for PS3/360) and to apologize, she mailed me flowers (RE:TDC), except she got my address wrong and mailed them to a bunch of whiny privilaged 10 year old kids.

I applaud this man. I'm actually tempted to buy this game now just to support Capcom's actions.

Yeah, good luck taking on religious criticism, Capcom. If this was their view, they shouldn't have even bothered addressing them at all. Typical religious hysteria? What about the hysteria surrounded around releases for these games? That's cool though, because you profit from it.

I can't agree or disagree with the response; if they don't believe something is true, of course they will refute it. They certainly aren't the first videogame company to address the issue of violence in gaming. They are certainly late to the party, but at least they bought chips.

Yo Capcom, I hope you're doing everything in your power to help the Aussies and other countries who are getting shafted when it comes to gaming. Otherwise, this is barely newsworthy posturing.

Damn! Outstanding answer Mr. Tan, I salute you. *salutes*

Completely and thoroughly told.

Once again, Capcom reminds me exactly why I love them.

Awesome response, all to often the church is not put in its place when it talks about stuff it doesn't know anything about (I doubt that bishop has played or even watched RE5), and which is relevant only within its own subjective (i.e bizarre and often harmful) dogmatic belief system. Way to go Capcom!


Slight clarification: Resident Evil isn't technophobic so much as it is a cautionary statement about mega-corporations and the MISUSE of science for military means. If you check out the backstory, the origin of the T-Virus was actually an attempt to do something good... it's just that the leaders of Umbrella saw military potential, and took the project to the level of making a bio-weapon.

*Big Resi-nerd here*

Anyway, while it's true that the religious people in question failed to do proper research, it's also sort of stupid for Capcom to respond like this. All it does is attract more hate and controversy... and more than likely it's going to inspire a lot of retarded anti-religious comments in this thread. They should have tried a more polite approach.

Quite a surprising cross sent back to the clergy. Keep an eye on this guy.

Finally, a voice of reason in the world amongst Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Ray Comfort and all the other crazies in the religious far-right extremist camp.


... and more than likely it's going to inspire a lot of retarded anti-religious comments in this thread. They should have tried a more polite approach.

Scott? How long have we both been in this forum? Since when have you known any topic, about ANYTHING said on this board that has not inspired at least one troll to take pot shots at religion?

This could have been about Capcom and Pope John Paul II drinking tea and discussing the merits of Australian engineering and you'd still get the same effect.

" Unfortunately the clergy is showing a lack of understanding of the videogames industry and is too quick to splash the holy water and lump videogames players into stereotypical boxes.



Capcom ftw.

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