Help Name a Street After Lara Croft

Help Name a Street After Lara Croft


Tomb Raider fans with ten seconds to kill have been given a great opportunity to inflict themselves upon the poor citizens of Derby by voting to christen the U.K. city's new ring road as "Lara Croft Way."

Back in July, the Derby City Council asked for help coming up with names for two new stretches of the city's inner ring road. More than 100 suggestions were made, which were eventually whittled down to a list of eight that's been posted on the City Council website for a final vote. The two top vote-getters will be used to name the new additions to the road.

The great thing about this, at least if you're a Lara Croft aficionado, is that you don't actually have to live in Derby to vote. You don't even have to live in the U.K. Anyone on the internet can cast a ballot and judging from the results so far, it looks like the power of the tubes is going to carry the day. "Lara Croft Way" already holds a commanding lead with 81 percent of the vote; in second place is "Steve Bloomer Way," with five percent. (To put it in another perspective, Lara has received 268 votes at the time of writing, while Second-Place Steve has 17.)

There is actually a legitimate connection between Lara Croft and Derby: Core Design, the studio behind the original Tomb Raider, was based in Derby before it went under in 2006. And that, as the saying goes, is good enough for the girls I go with. Cast your vote for Lara at

Source: Derby Telegraph, via Joystiq


I'm voting

Given Derby's road system, any bloody street signs would be an improvement :)

However, here's the results so far

Eagle Way (15)
Griffon Way (8)
John Flamsteed Way (8)
Lara Croft Way (529)
Mercian Way (4)
Merlin Way (10)
Sorocold Way (11)
Steve Bloomer Way (19)
Total of votes : 604

Help Name a Street After Lara Croft

Sure, why not?

Though I would have preferred "Big Breasts Road."
I would kill to live on such a street.

Question goes, why would I want to do that?

A statue I could understand... She is an iconic, and quite eye pleasing character... But to name a street after her? She is as likable as sand in your underwear and the quality of her videogames has gone all but downhill...

The breasts- lady has my vote :)

Lara Croft? You mean that girl who likes to undress herself within every oppurtunity of going on Deviantart?

Meh, she has my vote.

How do you vote exactly?

Oh, something else to name after Stephen Colbert.
*gets to it*
oh, there's no "enter your own name" option, too bad
*goes back to not caring about... what was that place called again?*

Mercian Way (4) 1%

That's too funny. I'm voting for Lara though.

I'm voting

Same! That, is, awesome!

I voted, but it was quite useless. She already has 80% of nearly 900 votes.

No way I'm helping with that.
Lara Croft is very, very evil.

Jesus Christ, it's a whitewash. 90%... wow, congrats guys, we just proved our right to godhood!

Lara Croft Way...

That sounds oddly dirty.

Lara Croft Way...

That sounds oddly dirty.

You mean "I'm just off down Lara Croft Way"? Nah...can't see that happening.

It's pretty safe to say she'll be coming out on top, no pun intended. 92% right now...

This makes me feel all patriotic

Land of hope and glory...

Eagle Way (22)
Griffon Way (8)
John Flamsteed Way (10)
Lara Croft Way (1122)
Mercian Way (5)
Merlin Way (19)
Sorocold Way (12)
Steve Bloomer Way (20)

So yes, i voted :D this is awesome, no way that lara croft won't win

there is no way this Isn't going to happen now. unless they decide that I won't.

I live in derby, and walk or drive past where they are building this nearly everyday, please for gods sake vote, thats awesome!!

EDIT: I think Lara Croft was first thought up by someone from Derby, so it would be fitting anyway

93% with 1310 votes now. Let's see if we can get it to 95.

What a pile of horseshit! I can't believe there are that many Britons with this kind of free time on thier hands.

93% with 2090 votes as of writing. At the moment 2nd place (remember the top two will have roads named after them) is "Merlin way". Thanks Internet!

Upon reading this article I had a flash of Eddie Murphy in my head, making fun of drunk white people voting for Jesse Jackson.

It seemed fitting.

"Let's all vote for Lara Croft..."

"Hee hee" *cha-chink* "I just voted for Lara Croft..."

(The next day)
"It fsking WON?!"

Eagle Way (75)
Griffon Way (63)
John Flamsteed Way (67)
Lara Croft Way (16841)
Mercian Way (39)
Merlin Way (204)
Sorocold Way (27)
Steve Bloomer Way (78)

WHY, INTERNET, WHY???!?!?!!?

I voted Lara, by the way.


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