Escapist Musician's Forza 3 Soundtrack Hits Shelves

Escapist Musician's Forza 3 Soundtrack Hits Shelves


Electronica artist Lance "DJ Drunken Master" Hayes, whose work has been featured in The Escapist Show and Escape Radio, composed the soundtrack to hit racing sim Forza 3 - and that soundtrack goes on sale today.

If you've been merrily racing your way through Turn 10's Forza Motorsports 3 and suddenly thought to yourself that the pulse-pounding electronica that provides the backdrop to your high-speed action sounded kind of familiar, well, you may have heard the composer's music before - here on The Escapist, no less!

The Forza 3 soundtrack is the work of electronica composer Lance Hayes, aka DJ Drunken Master, and it goes on sale today via Sumthing Else Music Works - or, if you're the digital distribution kind of guy, it's available via Sumthing Digital, too. The talented Hayes' work has previously been featured here on The Escapist in episodes of The Escapist Show and Escape Radio, such as our look at The Conduit and feature on CryTek.

"It's been a long road to get to where I am now in my career," Hayes told The Escapist. "When you get tapped to work on a project like Forza 3 it really makes all of that work worth the effort. There are few things as fulfilling or empowering as receiving validation from an industry you've loved and followed since you were a kid."

"Another thing that makes being a composer worth the effort is the fans. I've been fortunate enough to have lots of people that hear my work in projects like The Escapist Show and then take the time to get in touch to let me know they liked what they hear. That means a lot to me."

And from now on, we'll have bragging rights to tell everybody that we knew him before he got big.

In case you're curious, here's every TES episode that used DJ Drunken Master's music:

Episode 10: Party Games
Episode 24: Alpha Protocol
Episode 26: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times
Episode 28: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Episode 30: Atlus II: Devil Survivor & Knights in the Nightmare
Episode 34: The Conduit
Episode 35: XBLA Games
Episode 38: Crytek


Wow, you guys at the Escapist sure look out for one another.

In all fairness, I probably won't buy this soundtrack just cause' some guy from this site worked on it. However, I WILL check out his music.

I mean, any musician with "Drunken Master" in his/her name immediately peaks my interest.
It's one of my college nickname and one of my favorite movies! At the same time!

Thats pretty cool. I listened to some of his music and it is quite good! Im glad to see he has made it well with the Forza 3 OST!

All the best of luck to him! Hopefully he will get to do some more too!

It is a shame to say I ended up turning off all music in Forza 3 after a few hours? While it was good, I just like listening to Metal and heartpounding music during races, I found most of the music selected for the game, too mellow. But the menu music was great.

I've been using DJDM music for various productions for over 5 years now. At one point I even had a CD of just his stuff I kept in my truck. I love his music, and he's an honest, solid dude. I'm so glad to hear he's made it to the big leagues with the Forza gig.

Congrats, Lance!


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