Dead Space 2 Details Revealed

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Dead Space 2 Details Revealed


An early look at Dead Space 2 has revealed a much-changed game, with different environments, new monsters and a reluctant hero who's not quite right in the head.

The January issue of Game Informer is running an in-depth and - fair warning here - slightly spoiler-ish look at the upcoming EA release Dead Space 2. The new game will take place three years after the events detailed in Dead Space; engineer hero Isaac Clarke managed to escape the doomed ship Ishimura but has apparently been left a little unhinged by the ordeal. But as the only survivor of the first Necromorph incident, people look to him for salvation when the grotesque monstrosities begin to surface on the massive, heavily populated space station known as the Sprawl.

The game will be less of a straight-up survival horror release than the first Dead Space. The developers said they want the sequel to be scarier than the original but with better pacing, giving players the chance to be the hunter as well as the hunted. More "epic moments" are also in the works, presumably along the lines of the "Shoggoth in a tumble dryer" bit, and monster behavior will be smarter and less predictable. Zero-g sections are also being reworked to allow players to control their direction and use weapons during jumps.

Isaac Clarke himself will also figure more prominently in the game. He will actually speak and have a distinct personality, and while his experience fighting Necromorphs will be seen as an asset by other characters, his delicate mental state will be pushed to the limit, and possibly past it, by the pressures of the new outbreak.

Clarke's famous engineer's suit will have a new look and a wide range of customizable options and upgrades, weapons have been upgraded to give players a reason to use something besides the plasma cutter for the entire game and the control scheme has been refined to make it more suitable for combat. Despite Isaac's new aggressiveness, however, the developers said they're not trying to turn him into some kind of new Master Chief and that the game will still very much be in the horror genre. And while no details were released, a multiplayer component will be included that will let players "strategically dismember" their friends.

I'm still a bit iffy on the idea of messing too much with the Dead Space formula but I have to admit that this sounds like pretty hot stuff. For more information, check out the latest issue of Game Informer or head over to Rely on Horror, where they've already done it for you. Dead Space 2 is currently scheduled for release in 2010 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Well, that actually sounds pretty good. I may have to get the first one, just for the experience.

If this has some form of sanity meter and effects from Eternal Darkness then i will totally nerdgasm!

Its No Silent Hill, But I know what I like when I see it =D

Sounds awesome. Can't wait for it. After Extraction, EA owes us a super game.

Interesting... I'll be waiting to see if they work a proper story into it this time...

Sounds awesome. Can't wait for it. After Extraction, EA owes us a super game.

Agreed! And, if it pans out like they are stating here it shall be really, really intresting! I really wanted another one in the series with this game, and, it looks like we will get it!

I wonder did they get to "The Sprawl...", will certainly be intrestign story telling...

And also, what will Issac Clarke sound like!? =O

Interesting stuff, though it looks like they're going to throw the "isolation" element of the previous game right out the window. What they're pitching now is blockbuster material, which kinda makes me wonder "how on earth are they going to make this a horror game?"

Still, the first game wasn't all too scary (I liked to think of it as "a slower-paced Gears of War with a silent protagonist and more dismemberment variety"), so even if Dead Space 2 ends up being the "Resident Evil 5" of the series, I'd still play it :)

That sound like a game that the first one should have been. (i didn't like the first one, but this sound fun)

a non-hero hero. whos verging on insanity. and you can dress him up fancy.....hmmm. willing to see where this goes but not sure so far

I loved the first game, so I'll be putting my name down on the pre-order list for sure.

If this has some form of sanity meter and effects from Eternal Darkness then i will totally nerdgasm!

I have to agree with you on that, but I'll try and hold back on the nerdgasming.

Any attempt to mess around with the original's formula definitely has me interested. I don't really care whether it ends up scarier or less scary since I liked the original even though I didn't find it scary. I do think though that the original was lacking in parts (the difficulty and repetitive environments are a good example) and I couldn't shake the feeling that I was playing a re-skinned version of Resident Evil 4.

Anyway, it will also be DRM-less (assuming that EA doesn't make a new monumental screw-up), so I am a happy bear! :D

I'm not going to say I'm looking forward to this because this is still an EA production and I know better than to get my hopes up when they're involved. That said, I do plan to keep an eye on this project now. Even blind pigs can come across truffles once in a while.

EDIT: But since they seem hellbent on keeping the same idiotic slasher-movie combat of part one, maybe not so much.

I like the factt hey dont want to change Isaac to much, i mena if he bacame strong and determinded it would tale away some of the horror, makes you feel less vunerable. Im looking forwards to it! but still.. poor Isaac, i felt bad for him throughout the whole game because comeon.. i mean look what he had to do and ordeal, he must of been a walking wreck afterwards

SPOILER WARNING!!! (Idont know how to do the "Click too see spoiler" thingy)

So Isaac killed that thing in the ending that screamed?

I loved the first game, so I'll be putting my name down on the pre-order list for sure.

If this has some form of sanity meter and effects from Eternal Darkness then i will totally nerdgasm!

I have to agree with you on that, but I'll try and hold back on the nerdgasming.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Am I the only one thinking about Aliens pre-Ripley and Marines? The whole growing paranoia, last stand, isolated and outgunned. Sounds exactly like what happened on the colony before the marines arrived and would make a great horror game if it was built slow. Make it the polar opposite of the first game. Very few enemies to start and minimum weapons and armour. It would make a great game if they are a bit brave.

Also check out Newts Tale if you can find a copy. great comic

Definitely looking forward to this. Good to know they listened to us about giving Isaac a voice.

sounds pretty damn cool, i think its great that they actually make a new game instead of just an graphically update to the old one.

I'm looking forward to the psychofreakout level, where Clark goes batshit insane as a thousand necrogoons swamp him from all sides, he starts blasting and ripping away, they start running, then he calms down, his vision clears and he's standing in the markets, surrounded by the corpses of a thousand innocent people... just as the bat thinggies arrive en masse.

Even blind pigs can come across truffles once in a while.

Pigs search for truffles by scent, not sight.

I'll probably get it. The first one was pretty good.

This multiplayer mode sounds pretty awesome. I hope they make it have only one mode, but a mode where maybe 15 players are scattered throughout the Ishimura, required to survive and gain the most points, points which are acquired by repairing or reactivating certain parts of the Ishimura while waves of Necromorphs are constantly on your tail.

Perhaps there could be random events where Dr. Mercer will shut off the oxygen in the entire ship, requiring the individual players to find a life support switch in order to bring the oxygen back, or maybe Mercer could release those regenerating Necromorphs after each player. The individual players could either team up to survive or kill each other.

All of that would be pretty awesome, in my opinion.

"The Sprawl"? Perhaps they should change his name to Isaac Gibson-Clarke?

I really enjoyed the first one, like...a lot more than I expected to. While all of these changes sound great, I hope they don't lose the amazing atmosphere that the first one had.

Oh excellent, it genuinely sounds like they're going to be improving on the first game a lot. It was a fun but not particularly stand-out or original game (except for the dismemberment mechanicm, which was awesome by the way) but these changes sound like they could make a vastly more unique and memorable experience and universe. Here's hoping they don't screw it up.

Sounds intriguing, I should really buckle down and finish (start) playing my copy of Dead Space some time soon.

I love "hunting" aliens of any type. Have a specific home base where relaxation is possible, then sally forth to purge the alien.

Coupling Deadspace gameplay with some search and purge strategy--

oh yeah.

"The Sprawl"? Perhaps they should change his name to Isaac Gibson-Clarke?

I lol'd.

OT: I have to admit I'm interested, my main problem with Dead Space 1 was that it wasn't frightening at all. Hopefully they drop some of the combat for a little good old fashioned mind screwing.

I'm rather intrigued, to be honest. Far too early to be on my "ooh, gotta get that" list, but an eyebrow has officially been raised.

This doesn't sound too bad actually, i a more interested to see what they are doing then wanting to attack them for changing it.

Waaaaaaaait wait wait... A video game, from a major developer, that's actually trying new things instead of just doing more of the same? And people are loving it?

Well, Hell truly hath frozen over. Can't wait to build a snowman when I get there.

Wow, that's so cool. And maybe this time the game'll actually be in interesting entry into the survival horror genre rather than a bland System Shock 2 knock off. And maybe this time the monsters won't be completely predictable in how and when they attack or jump out at you.

Clarke is back, baby! I was worried for awhile there they'd killed him off!

And hey! he has a voice now! Even better! Even though he never spoke, I felt the best connection with him in the first game, namely because the alternative was a nagging traitor or an all-round irritating character who kept falling off the face of the Ishimura, and possibly too because I watched him get eviscerated so many times. You can't watch someone's head-stump spurt arterial jets that many times and NOT feel a connection.

Actually, I tell a lie. I almost never died in my first playthough, but that made it really scary (see here for explanation as to why I feel like that, he says it best). But making it through forged a bond between me and my flesh-puppet! so Yay Issac!

This has made my day.

I absolutely LOVED the original Dead Space, and knowing that they're not only making a sequel, but fixing the original's short-comings, has left me in a coma resulting from the collossal nerdgasm.

I can't wait for this to come out, I'm going to be sure to pre-order it first chance I get.

I see they're going the "Saints Row" route of character development in finally letting Issac speak.

I'm glad that Arthur Asimov Issac Clarke will talk in the sequel. It felt a bit lifeless when he just stood there mute while people told him what to do.

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