The Joker Returns in Arkham Asylum 2

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Quiet Stranger:


Please explain to me how both the Mark Hamil Joker and the Heath Ledger Joker be so radically different, but both be so successful? (I know i'm going to have death and destruction rained upon me by a bunch of fan boys) I thought that Heath Ledger didn't do a very good job. But, it wasn't necessarily his fault. Alot of that had to do with the script and also the look. When you look at Arkham Asylum you see the Joker. It didn't have the same feel in The Dark Knight.

It's because everyone has thier own idea of what the Joker is. It's part of the awsomeness of the character, that he's so different in all his mediums and yet they all fit the Joker. Heath Ledger did an awsome job as the Joker, in a sort of "what might a person like this be like in real life" where Arkham Asylum Joker was more of an extension of the animated series with a more serious vibe added. It's the same reason people love Jack Nicholson's joker as well as Ledger's Joker. They both did an awsome job, they were just different depictions of the same clown.

People loved Jack's Joker? Personally I found him boring

People crapped their pants over Jack's Joker. The only people who don't like Jack's Joker are unpleasable fanboys and people who weren't born yet when the movie was released.

(Looks at profile)

Assertion confirmed.

What about Cesar Romero's Joker from the 60's series? He's my 2nd favourite after Mark.

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