New Spock to Lend Voice To Star Trek Online

New Spock to Lend Voice To Star Trek Online


Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in J.J. Abrams' reboot, will be providing the voiceover for the tutorials in Star Trek Online.

Cryptic Studios and Atari have announced that Zachary Quinto will be playing an Emergency Medical Hologram, not unlike the character from Star Trek Voyager. The EMH will guide players through the early parts of Star Trek Online and introduce them to the user interface, as well as how to level up and go on "away missions." Star Trek Online is scheduled to release for the PC on February 2, 2010 in North America and the 5th in Europe and Australia.

Quinto seems up to the task. "Being a part of the Star Trek universe has been an incredible experience for me," he said. "Extending that experience into the gaming space - and sharing it with gamers and trek enthusiasts around the world - makes it even more exciting."

It is odd that the actor playing Spock in the movie isn't actually playing Spock in the game. But as STO is set 20 years after the events of the film Star Trek: Nemesis, which would place the game approximately 160 years after what happened in this summer's Star Trek movie. With alternate timelines and 2 different Spocks, perhaps it's better for Quinto to just be an EMH so that my brain doesn't explode.

Plus, despite the fact that he's banging Uhura, Quinto will never be as cool a Spock as Leonard Nimoy.

Source: Videogamer


first! also zachary quinto is awesome. almost awesome enough to get that game. but i dont like star trek.

Thats pretty cool. Nice to see they are still trying to link things in. Thats cool!

May just play the trial to hear his voice :P

Yes i do have a man crush on Zachary Quinto, he is just badass!!!

An emergency medial hologram?

what's that, a holographic middle point?

grammar picking aside, that's pretty cool.

Why god Why!

Since it's a hologram, there's no reason that they can't make it a holographic Spock that teaches the users.

I don't know if having Sylar show me the ropes is such a great idea. "Now stick your finger out and cut open his head. Excellent, on to lesson four."

You know, I grew up on Star Trek. Now granted I hate MMO's, so I won't be playing this anyway. If I did though, I imagine I'd be thinking the exact same thing I was when I saw the latest movie: "Man, Sylar plays the same damn guy every time he acts, huh?"

Emergency Medical Hologram aye? Does this mean that he'll try to kill us if we insult his programmer?

Heh, I didn't even realise it was him when I heard it.

I thought the voice sounded familiar, but I wasn't sure it was him

I'd make a "Spock's Brain" joke, but I got that out of my system when the movie casting was announced. Besides, I liked him in the role, so this is only good news.

Ah no Leonard Nimoy :(

The voice had a familiar ring to it, but I didn't recognise it at first. Now I do.

Thats pretty cool. Nice to see they are still trying to link things in. Thats cool!

Indeed, I think I've also heard the voice actor who provided the ship status updates in Voyager as, well, your status updater. I might be mistaken, Voyager was long ago, but it still sounded very familiar. Things like that make the game feel authentic. Another example is when you confront a Borg cube, you hear the typical Borg assimilation chant, it's pure epicness.


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