What a Horrible Night to Not Have a 19-Disc Castlevania Soundtrack

What a Horrible Night to Not Have a 19-Disc Castlevania Soundtrack

If you're a fan of Konami's vampire-hunting Castlevania series, you might want to start saving up for this comprehensive 19-CD collection of the soundtracks to every single game in the franchise.

If the Castlevania series is best known for one thing, it's that one horribly acted scene from the beginning of Symphony of the Night. You know, the one that starts off "Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!" But if it's best known for two things, it's that horribly acted scene and the fact that the games in the franchise have seriously awesome music.

Now, Konamistyle has revealed that the series will be getting a soundtrack collection called Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX (Akumajo Dracula, or "Devil's Castle Dracula" being the Japanese name for the series), a 19-CD compilation that will be hitting stores in Japan at the end of March.

The collection will cover every single Castlevania ever made - including the Kid Dracula spinoff - from the MSK and NES to the PS2 and DS, meaning that you can now relive the entire story of the Belmont clan (musically, anyway) without ever having to go to YouTube ever again! Disc 18 is reportedly an album of non-game arrangements by legendary Symphony of the Night composer Michiru Yamane, and Disc 19 is a DVD featuring studio footage and interview with the composer himself.

Here's the bad side, though: Not only is Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX unlikely to see a release outside of Japan, it'll run you a hefty price of ¥21,000 ($232). Why, that's almost as much as a golden crucifix to ward off the undead on your own vampire-killing expeditions!

Does mankind really need a soundtrack collection such as this? What is a collection? A miserable little pile of CDs!

But enough talk - have at you!

(VGMdb via OriginalSoundVersion via Joystiq)


No music collection is worth this much trouble. Not even Castlevania. I mean, you have to get it imported and even then it's over 200 dollars. The idea is still pretty cool, but a whole lot of trouble for some CDs...

Wow, $232. Hefty price. Though 8-bit 'Vampire Killer' is now stuck in my head from reading this.


Does mankind really need a soundtrack collection such as this? What is a collection? A miserable little pile of CDs!

But enough talk - have at you!

Die monster, your filthy comments do not belong on this world. Mankind really needs a soundtrack collection such as this! /ends nerdy fanboy rant.

In all seriousness, that ls something I have been looking forward for quite a while. Too bad that it's Japan only. The taxes alone can cost a fortune for this.

I have to admit that I'd buy one of those if it were for Final Fantasy.

Wow I would really love to own that :( damn Japan and their treasures that cost so much.

Is it the original 8-bit or 16-bit music? Or orchestrated?

WOW. that track is fucking awesome. but i would in no possible way pay 232$ for something i could make a youtube playlist for.

Yeah. I cannot wait to see this on Itunes, or some less than legal sites.

It's a nice set but honestly I just wish itunes had the one bloody verison of "Bloody Tears" that I'm after.

While the series has a lot of great music. I wouldn't shell out that much money for it. Anyway there's only 10-20 songs I really want anyways.

Holy crap 19? The shipping would be a nightmare.

$200? I have no idead how much that is in pounds but it sounds too much.

I have to admit that I'd buy one of those if it were for Final Fantasy.

Ditto...For this however...Ill take a pass

Hmm... *shakes piggy bank*

18cd's anf 1dvd? L2UBS stick. Seriously. They've passes Blu-Ray in terms of storage now yet developers still treat them like they aren't even there.

Heh. "But enough talk - have at you!" That tickled me :3

I suppose that sounds like a pretty cool thing to own, but to be honest I'd only be interested in a few of the discs. I've not played enough Castlevannia to be sure whether or not I want to spend $232 on music I've never heard.

I'm sure it's good and all, but that's way to much money for me to spend without knowing if it's truly worth it.

Mind you, I'd be tempted to buy the first four games and Symphony of the Night if they were released seperately.

I want this SOOO bad. Too bad it's so pricey.

If i have the money when this come out (which i doubt since there are a number of games coming out then that i want) i will probably get it from an import store.

Play-asia, you're our only hope. Also, Christmas money (Chrsitmas money is basically required by the ones giving it to me that I use it on fun stuff, not college).

I think you could buy most of the castilvania games and a couple used consoles for this price.

But I suppose is they reel in enough uber-nerds they'll turn a profit because of just how rediculous this price is.

The title gave me a very nice little giggle. :)
Back to topic though, that's really quite mean. Not that I was planning on buying this anyway, though.. (okay, so I probably would, but shush)

Normally i'd write off something like this as silly, exorbitant, and video game music sucks anyways, but.... it's CASTLEVANIA. The only game series which I actually have any musical respect for. So i'm just going to write this off as exorbitant.

Seriously, though. Disc compilations are so expensive, though their cost of production must be a fraction of what it used to be. They should make it a bit more accessible and they'd likely see more market profit.

Piratebay Nuff said!

I'll wait for the torrent, like everyone else...

who has a shovel to pick my jaw off the floor?
amazing as it sounds.
the price and shipping fees would be to costly

Damn it all! I would buy it in a second if it were released here in the US. Too bad though, the music in the Castlevania series is one of the things that truly counts as a mark of genuineness that the game belongs in the series. Hell, Dracula's Castle, House of Sacred Remains, and others still send a shiver down my spine whenever I hear them!

The hero theme from Castlevania 4 on the SNES still sings out of my MediaMonkey playlist (ripped from the original ROM). Don't know if I'd spend 200+ on the set though . . .


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