Eye of Judgment Focuses on the PSP

Eye of Judgment Focuses on the PSP


The Eye of Judgment was a neat card battling game for the PlayStation 3, but its next iteration is going to change a bit and hit the PSP instead.

A new version of the PlayStation 3 exclusive card-based strategy game The Eye of Judgment is coming to the PSP under the title The Eye of Judgment: Legends. The Eye of Judgment on the PS3 was an innovative experience, but required setting up the PlayStation Eye camera along with a stand and a mat so that the physical cards used for the game (bought in stores) could be read by the system. The PSP version will nix all of that, including the need for physical cards, and just focus on digital card battling.

The Eye of Judgment: Legends will contain 300 cards to build a deck with, 30 of them brand new. Don't think you can get away with not buying cards anymore though, they will still be available for purchase on the PlayStation Network. However, cards can also be acquired by playing through the single-player game, battling others, and trading. The Eye of Judgment: Legends will have a story mode this time, so the single-player game will be more than just a series of card battles.

Pricing information has not yet been announced, but The Eye of Judgment: Legends will only be available as a download through the PlayStation Network with a release date set for Spring 2010. Many card battling games played on a video game system tend to feel a little strange, but The Eye of Judgment was received well so the PSP version could turn out okay, especially if the story mode is more than a bunch of text in-between card battles. The PSP has become a platform that is rife with exclusive RPGs, puzzle games, and strategy titles, so we'll have to wait and see if The Eye of Judgment: Legends is another title worth owning for the handheld.


I played this on PS3...a little bit of an odd one and an obvious YGO rip off...but, I might look into it for PSP. Just dont want to buy the cards ><

Played the original, got it in fact. But... I hardly play it, its not that addictive. I'll probably play a demo on the PSP if available, but if not, i'll give it a miss.

Another game I will not play on my PSP!

I'm perfectly fine with Yu-Gi-Oh, thank you very much.

I kinda wished I'd played this on PS3, but I never got around to picking it up. I'm addicted too easily to card games though, maybe I should stay away from this one for now... Nah, I know me, day 1 purchase.

Well, it's an intuitive way to sponge cash off of your customers by making them buy the physical cards, but nothing I'd like too much; I've already poured way too much money into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards in my childhood.

As for the PSP version, it sounds interesting, and I haven't played a good card based video game for years, so I might give it a look. But making players buy stronger cards from the PSN? Come on, guys, really?


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