Mom Calls 911 Over Son's Non-Stop Gaming

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Woah... I thought that I'd never read about the police being called for such a stupid reason again. Seems I was wrong.

Oh well, at least the mom in question didn't say that it's fine to taze him if he resists. And that the police officer didn't taze him. And that the kid didn't resist.

Wow. I really should stop having faith in humankind. Every time I start, a story like this comes around and destroys it. If that lady wanted her kid to stop playing, she should have just taken the damn thing away.

The DSM:
[Quoted somewhere CBA Linking]
"I have the support of my church"

When you read that line, you can hear credibility die.

Really? I heard all the credibility die when I read the thread title.

What an idiot. Seriously. Does this woman not realise the concept of an emergency number? And they're just going to end up pinning the blame on the game, I just know they are, rather than where it belongs (i.e, on the idiot that doesn't know how to parent properly).

He stopped playing the game and went to bed but 4 people were stabbed on the streets.

She could've forced him to keep playing and not sleep. That way he'd be exhausted and if he complains she could say "well you should listen to me next time" little shit

You know, it makes sense that 'kids these days' would have a great deal more difficulty dealing with gaming addiction than those of us who grew up on the NES, PS1 and older.

When I first played video games, they were a fun, different type of distraction...frequently played with my brother. Our major games were Battletoads and the various mario games. These games are not particularly riddled with story or competition. It's just simple fun for a few hours at the most, even as a young kid.
Honestly, can any of you say you can sit down and hungrily play through 8-10 hours of Super Mario Bros. 3, reluctantly go to bed and think of nothing else but going back to play for many more hours? Maybe when it first game out to -really- big geeks.

Yet 10 hours is still a standard volume of time to devote to an afternoon raid in WoW, or any RPG with a good story, or even multiplayer games where your friends and enemies berate you for your lack of skill, driving you forward.

Games today are MADE to be as addicting and immersive as possible, to provide as much entertainment as possible, to hook you in and make you say 'just one more quest, just one more job, just a few more hours and I go up in rank and can get a better gun...'.

Because I grew up on games that played similar roles to movies...a few hours of entertainment, I easily learned the sort of restraint and sense of time passing while gaming needed to keep me from starving to death in front of Dragon Age Origins (though you can tell it's a good game when time flies, I still went to bed at a decent hour last night even as I neared the final battle).
I know some kids who do very little else but play games in their free reading, drawing, running around outside...why feel the limitations of your own imagination, skill and human form when you can do anything you want in a game? As they get older and feel rebellious against their 'good for nothin' parents, it's so much easier to just lose yourself in a game and ignore the cruel world of high school and indignant slavery to oppressive becomes a haven, rather than a distraction, and young teenagers become so emotionally vested in their gaming world that all their energy and aggression, formally spent outdoors or something, is funneled right into their microphones.

There are plenty of adults out there who lose themselves to games like WoW, because they have no willpower for whatever other reasons, but personally I think it's 10 times harder for a kid growing up today on these addicting games to understand why it's important to learn restraint and time management for the adult world.

I'm just kinda rambling here, so my apologies for the wall of text. It's something I spend a lot of time thinking about, as someone who is equally bonded to gaming and creative expression (two hobbies which do not always compliment each other).

Really? That's the conclusion you got from this post? I immediately though that she must be a religious nutjob who shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Seriously, your kid stays up a little late and you call the police? I can't even imagine what was going through her messed-up head.

Why would you be surprised of my conclusion when yours involves religion, which I don't think was part of the story at all? The kids was up at 2:30 AM. That isn't a little late, dude.

Edit: I did not see the part about support from her church. I actually heard about this story yesterday on the news, as I am right outside Boston, but they didn't mention that quote. Still, if she is a single mother trying to raise a kid it's probably a good thing she has support, and it certainly doesn't make her a nutjob.


As a parent, I can only imagine what kind of little shit this kid must be and what he puts his poor mother through. She needs to mom up, and give the damn console away to someone, but if she has this much trouble disciplining her son maybe if she did that the kid would go psycho on her. She's probably afraid of him to some degree to let him walk all over her like that.

Also, from the looks of the story, she's a single mom. This kid is just a brat, too bad the cops couldn't take him away for a bit.

WoaWoa, geese, he was playing a little past bed time, over Winter break from school. No damage done. I don't condone not listening to your mom, but to call the police for this? She's lucky she didn't get a fine for this trivial matter. And giving the console away? Really? And walking all over her? If she let him walk all over her, she wouldn't have called the police. Clearly the mom is the one with more issues then the kid. Ya know what I got into a fight about with my mom the other day? The sink not working. Kids have a sense of rebellion and will argue about the color of the sky if their parents say anything about it. This isn't new AT ALL.

I can see the afraid of him, as she did resort to ACTUALLY calling the police, but that's from frivolous mass hysteria created by the media about "Kids being in murder simulators, OOOOOOHHHH"

Yeah, she is lucky she didn't get a fine. This is certainly not what the police are supposed to be handling, not that I ever said it was. The kid doesn't even seem like he learned a lesson from it or anything, either, so what a waste. When I read this story, I see a kid who isn;t listening to his parent, and a mother who must be incredibly desperate or at her wits end doing something irrational.

If it was your kid, you wouldn't get rid of the console, if he or she was not listening to you when you told them to shut the damn thing off? I'm just assuming here, obviously, but I doubt this is the first time this has happened. I'm sure it has been quire a thorn in her side for some time, watching her kid play video games all the time, if that is the case. She needs to put her foot down.

As for your last point, murder simulators have nothing to do with what I said. It's nothing to do with the media, either, it is between this woman and her son. I guess I shouldn't have commented at all, considering the general population of the forum, but I hope I am not the only one who saw it from this perspective when I read it. Any other parents out there?

"I have support from my church, but I'm alone," she told the Boston Herald. "I want to help my son, but I can't find a way."

He had apparently been playing Grand Theft Auto, an "exceedingly violent" game that Mejia said she strongly disapproved of. "I would never buy that kind of video. No way," she said. "I called [the police] because if you don't respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?"

This lady has more problems then a squirrel in a blender. I want to correct her for the off-chance she goes to this gaming website and cares enough to read my comment. In which case i restate my original statement.

How did you not allow him to play the game. before u went to bed you obvilosly went into the same room as him and saw him playing it. It's a "video game" not simply a video. And keep religon out of this. Otherwise i will beat you with a copy of GTA

Now, y'see, she should have just picked up the console and thrown it out the window.

That's parenting.

No that's wasting about $300.

That mom sounds kind of...dumb. Calling the cops on your son b/c he wouldn't stop playing games? Really? And if he stayed up on a Friday night, unless he had something important to do on Saturday, so what?

And here I was thinking that misuse of emergency lines for non-emergencies was both dangerous and stupid, as any resources directed towards your bullshit 'emergency' are resources not available for real ones. Turns out it was actually the solution to being a crappy parent all along, boy was my face ever red!

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you that you'd call the police over 'child playing video-games and not sleeping'?

This is an obvious case of bad parenting.

Jesus lady mothers of gang rapists are more lenient then you.

Well, that point shot you in your foot. I love irony.


"I would never buy that kind of video. No way,"

Then how did he get it? Stores generally have a policy against selling to minors.

As someone who pulled more than one all-nighter playing games, I fail to see what the mother is getting all stressed about. Calling the police because your teenage child doesn't listen to you is...

Well, just a bit of an overreaction in this case.

Thank you! As soon as I read that sentence I was thinking the same thing!

"Wouldn't buy that kind of video" my ass.

Wow, what a waste of valuable police time. Parents, if your child doesn't listen when you tell them to stop, don't call the police. That's stupid. Like this mother.

The moron.

There's one thing not wanting her son to play M rated games.... But calling the police over it?

"They were just like, 'Chill out. Go to bed'," the boy said.

I lol'd at this.


No that's wasting about $300.

That mom sounds kind of...dumb. Calling the cops on your son b/c he wouldn't stop playing games? Really? And if he stayed up on a Friday night, unless he had something important to do on Saturday, so what?

It's not a waste. That's $300 less in counseling fees the kid will need to cure his video game addiction.

Seriously though, the mom probably paid for the system anyways, she can do whatever she wants with it, including disciplining her child. Maybe him straightening up a little would be worth $300.

Also, the kid didn;t follow the rules. There is no "So what?", that doesn't matter. He is living under her roof, with her providing him everything he needs, and then some if he's playing video games. He is not in the right, no matter how you slice it. Don't automatically judge her as dumb, she just made a bad decision, one that may have been caused by sheer desperation.

Andy Chalk:
Mom Calls 911 Over Son's Non-Stop Gaming
7 because if you don't respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?"

Get laid

Could've been my mom.

The worst part of the story is that the police actually responded. Must've been a lazy night in Boston or something - no actual criminals to be pursuing, no need to be on-hand if a real crime occurs.

I'm fairly sure Lawrence Kutner is a fictional character in house season 4 and 5 :/

...and this, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of how to fail as a parent.

Disaster Button:
"I have support from my church"

Is it wrong that I read that and though, "well that explains everything"?

I think most people on here think that.

If you have to call the police to get your son to stop playing video games then I don't think your doing a very good job as a parent....

I have to say it.
"Beat your children." What is it with parents not instilling a sense of consequence in their children?
It has been said to death but I don't think any of them are getting it. Parents are to blame for the behavior of their children.

I can understand getting angry over your kid playing games well into the night and early into the morning but to have to call the police in order to enforce your rules is a sign of terrible parenting, in my opinion(Wouldn't know, I don't have kids).

I don't think you have to have kids to know that 911 should not be used as a substitute for parenting. Hell, if anything she should just let him play and then make him face the consequences the next day. That'll teach him (maybe not, but it's still better then 911).

Wow, some of you people are really overreacting to her quote about her church being behind her. You have no idea what her situation is. What if her life sucks because her husband left or died and she now has to deal with this shitty son that doesn't respect her or listen to her? Just because she found some support in a church group doesn't mean she's some wacko fundy like some people threw out there. Personally I agree that religion in general is bad for this world but in a local and limited context like this I don't see the problem.

As for the situation described in the story, she should have let him play all night if he wanted and then the next time he was out of the house simply take it away from him.

She hugely disapproves of GTA, but lets him play anyway? Well no wonder he's not going to listen to her if she just lets him do things regardless of her opinion. Sweet chocolate Christ, some people are unreal.

Why did she buy the game for the kid in the first place?

Hmm. Nah, this can't stick. It says more about bad parenting than inappropriate media outlets.


I can understand getting angry over your kid playing games well into the night and early into the morning but to have to call the police in order to enforce your rules is a sign of terrible parenting, in my opinion(Wouldn't know, I don't have kids).

I don't think you have to have kids to know that 911 should not be used as a substitute for parenting. Hell, if anything she should just let him play and then make him face the consequences the next day. That'll teach him (maybe not, but it's still better then 911).

Although I do agree, we still don't understand the full situation. I was just tacking that on as a disclaimer because I've had my throat jumped down before for pointing out bad parenting by a parent, hah.

The police must have been real pleased by it.

"I have the support of my church". /Sigh... Well, you don't have mine.

First, that's just bad parenting, if my mum had ever done that to me as a kid I think I would have lost all respect for her at that point. Instead, when I argued that I wanted to play FF7 instead of go to sleep, she came in turned off my console and lost me 2 hours of save time. Sure I was angry for a bit but I learnt two important lessons - Listen to your parents and save your game.

Second, "I have support from my church, but I'm alone,I want to help my son, but I can't find a way." You want to help him, then adopt him, trust me he'll have much better chances out there than with a nutjob parent like you.

Third, "I would never buy that kind of video [game]. No way," He's 14, how else did he get it? Surely you had some part in it, be it by not reading the box, giving him the money, or not paying attention when he said "I got something really cool at the mall"

Fourth, "Lawrence Kutner" - anyone else find that slightly amusing (if you watch House)

"I have support from my church" makes me lose all sympathy for this woman. Sorry, crazy lady. (any -sane- religious person won't drag their church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc. into irrelevant cases, especially not something this trivial... Just so you know I'm not dissing all believers in here <.<; )

However, in her defense, the kid's a brat, and she should've abandoned her church 15 years ago and taken an abortion! So much for being brainwashed as a kid herself! Thus becoming a retarded parent as well.

How come parents never take responsibility when their kids act like idiots, but if the kid(s) end up on some school's honour roll, the parents will be there to hog all the glory.

"Respect for authority should not be automatic, it should be earned and based on parent's performance! -Parent's performance-! Some parents deserve respect... most of 'em don't!"
- (Cookie for anyone who knows who said that)

And, because I see a lot of people yelling about 'bad parenting', let's look at something real quick: You are a 30-40 something've grown up Christian, abhor violence and with no concept of why violence is fun for children today. That's a lot to try and visualize, I know, but if you can at least imagine you're a non-violent woman you're getting somewhere.

Now think of society today. A 16 year old kid can come home with a gun in his hand, get punched by his terrified father and then sue his parents. Teenagers are emotional, angsty and (particularly in boys)competitive and full of aggression. This is true of all nationalities, from all time (generally speaking). It's not big news that two 16 year olds beat the crap out of each other over a girl, it's typical to the age. It's not a surprise that the girl has been manipulating both of them into doing just that, it's a part of growing up (again, generally speaking). Parents are protective, restrictive and loving...three traits that a growing young man does not fully understand or appreciate, especially in front of his friends. It is -very- easy for a young man(or woman) to simply SPEAK violently at his parents to make them feel distanced, unwanted and alienated from their child. Now grant him the knowledge that domestic violence is against the law . . . all he has to do is SAY his parents are abusing him and it will cost them a lot of time, money and trouble.

Now, you try taking that console away from him. You love him, he's your son, you're afraid for him because you don't understand why he enjoys such virtual violence. You don't understand that kids grow up today understanding the difference between virtual and real with increasingly realistic looking media. You don't realize that virtual violence can often times be a source of aggressive relief, rather than cause. All you see is your little boy locking himself away with that thing, but last time you brought it up he yelled and scared you. He might do something ridiculous or drastic if you just up and take it away. So what do you do? You find someone who you think he has more respect for than you. And then you go cry because your child has zero respect for you.

I'm not saying she did the best thing. She's a wimpy mother, who let's her son get away with what he wants because she's scared. She called the cops for something that is not an emergency. I'm also not agreeing with the mass media saying 'VIOLENT GAMER AR TERRIBUL', and I think that kid is a punk bitch who should respect his mom. I just think things need a bit of balance before they're healthy. Parenting is tough, it should not be taken lightly, and today's society is a very difficult environment to raise kids in, particularly with both parents working. Our media is wrought with violence and gore, but we have ratings for a reason.

Okay, that wasn't quick at all...but like I said, I think about this a lot. XD

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