Jackie Chan Is Mr. Miyagi in New Karate Kid

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Jackie Chan Is Mr. Miyagi in New Karate Kid

Jackie Chan will be filling in for the late Pat Morita as the teacher in next year's remake of The Karate Kid, with Will Smith's kid as the, uh, karate kid.

On the one hand, I could make a snarky comment about how we're running out of 80s properties to remake in modern feature films. On the other, I'm not sure this really qualifies as a remake, per se: It's set in Beijing rather than California, Jaden Smith's Dre (no relation to the Doctor, presumably) is a bit younger than Daniel-san was, and given the location and instructor, one can make the assumption that he'll be learning a Chinese martial art rather than the Okinawan karate of Mr. Miyagi. But I guess The Kung Fu Kid wouldn't have quite the nostalgia value, huh?

Still, it follows the basic formula: Kid moves to a new home where he feels out of place, finds a local girl he likes, runs into local bullies. Kid gets ass kicked by bullies, learns martial arts from wizened instructor who teaches him via seemingly-mundane activities ("pick up your jacket" vs "wax on, wax off.") Kid gets good at martial arts, enters tournament for epic final showdown. Ah, the old 80s underdog story.

In all seriousness, I'm not sure what I feel about this. On the one hand, 80s remakes annoy me kind of on principle, and this does look a bit cliche. On the other, Jaden Smith is actually a pretty good actor (from his role in The Pursuit of Happyness with his papa Will Smith, anyway) and the more I think about it, the more I think Jackie Chan is a surprisingly good fit for the Mr. Miyagi role. Go figure.

The Karate Kid will hit theaters this upcoming July.


Do we really need another Karate Kid?

Personally, the remake looks like garbage. It's just looks so over-done. And Jackie...what happened?

Do we really need another Karate Kid?

No we don't. Jackie Chan could never take the place of Pat Morita.

Personally, the remake looks like garbage. It's just looks so over-done. And Jackie...what happened?

Jackie Chan has a very simple policy. He makes movies in America for money, and makes movies in China that he wants to make.

Wax on, wax off...can't see it working.

On the one, karate kid jumped the shark way back with KK3. I also wish jackie chan would start making his own movies again.

On the other hand the plot's so formula by it tough to screw it up (Though some people have tried damn hard) so as long as the acting's decent I can only think it'll benefit from modern cinematography.

It doesn't really have all that much to live up to; I mean really.

Fort minor

this is like the biggest "well duh" ever, this is something even the gamer astrologer from last week wouldn't even bother mentioning.

but it does look okay, cliché filled, but so was the original, and the young smith seems talented, even if the pursuit of happiness wasn't really for me the acting was adequate, also jackie chan is awesome, i used his shampoo when i lived in china and my hair have never been the same.

Do we really need another Karate Kid?

yes, yes we do, we always do.


Since he's will's kid he's automatically a great actor? The kid doesn't even need to get a job and he's already an A-list actor. Maybe I just hate kid actors, I'll shut up now.

Kinda sick of hearing that song, but it doesn't look like a bad film, it's just most people who comment on films on the internet grew up watching the original, so it's nostalgia with it's tricks again.

My first thought was that this is sacrilegious garbage, but then I saw Jackie Chan and remembered that Jackie Chan is awesome.

More remakes of good movies is just what the world needed. That or some bleach in the gene pool. Please Hollywood stop raping the past, just wait for this; "Rosebud" [fade out, fade in on a snowboard]

"DUUUUDE, I totally didn't see that coming, DUUUDE!"

*sigh*, I hate the fact that I thought that trailer was good stuff. I was expecting to hate it, and I really didn't...

Since he's will's kid he's automatically a great actor? The kid doesn't even need to get a job and he's already an A-list actor. Maybe I just hate kid actors, I'll shut up now.

Not a great actor, but I liked him in Pursuit of Happyness well enough.

Looks like Smith jnr is heading down the same road as his daddy, lets hope hes as good

Starring Riley Freeman from the Boondocks?

*sigh* I think original thought must finally be dead.

Jaden Smith can do better than Hilary Swank thats f'sho.

I almost hate to say this but I'm gonna see it. Besides, I've seen worse "kung-fu" movies if this even counts as one. Also, I don't see this being any worse than that spy movie Jackie Chan is in.

Yeah, I'm not really sure what I think about this... Well, other than:


WOW... when i spotted this thread i though it was going to be crap. Actually it looks ok. Not brilliant but not bad. I love the Karate Kid movies although after the first one the 2nd and 3rd dragged a little. The Next Karate Kid was good though.

I actually really want to see this movie now...

While the trailer looked passable my main problem with the movie is that the kid isn't learning Karate, he's learning Kung-Fu (aka Wushu). I hope to hell they don't call it Karate in the movie because that would be tantamount to calling anyone of Asian descent Japanese. I know they've already released a trailer and probably have billboards and posters up all over the place, but they should change the title to The Kung-Fu Kid. Still the same damn story, but at least it'd be more accurate.

In all honesty, this looks like Jackie Chan and Will Smith cashing in. Hardly a surprise there, I know. I'm sure it'll do well, but I have no intention of going to see this...I might watch it when it comes on cable and I have nothing else to do...maybe...if there's no laundry or dishes to do...and it's raining outside...the really cold kind where you have to take a hot shower afterwards to raise your core body temperature back to something normal.

Makes perfect sense.

I wouldn't call this a remake. I'd rather call it the next Karate Kid film because Mr. Miyagi, (R.I. P. Pat Morita), is within every martial arts master. If they chose Jackie Chan then there was a possibility that Jet Li, Tony Jaa, or even Jean-Claude Van Damme could've been the Mr. Miyagi of the films. Lets just hope that Hollywood doesn't realize that and start a chain reaction of what I will now dub "Mr. Miyagi Clones". When the movie is released I'll look forward to what Moviebob has to say about it as well.

As far as this movie, I've not been to the theaters as often and I'll most likely miss this one so yeah, Moviebob and the DVD release.

Me on Jackie Chan's performance in the Karate Kid remake:

"What was that? An exhibition?"

Starring Riley Freeman from the Boondocks?

Now that's something I'd watch

I saw this trailer and cried. Why Jackie, WWWWWHHHHYYYYYY

Well, not every remake is doomed to fail... I think...

Well, not every remake is doomed to fail... I think...

The remake of insomnia was good but generally remakes are wank

I seen the Distressed Watcher have a look at the trailer for this...

I think "Generic Black Kid" and "aging legend ruining his rep by staring in kid's movies" were the main part of his comments.

Lol. I can just see those people who said things like RE5 is racist saying this is stereotypical of the fact that black kids are violent fighters lol.

I seriously need to go watch the first two, Karate Kid movies... I haven't seen them YEEEEAAARS!

I have one thing to say.... JACKIEEEEEEEE!!

To be honest, you can't replace THE Mr. Myagi. But Jackie Chan is the closest thing we have to it.

It'll do reasonably well in Box offices I'm guessing. ALOT of people will hate this film I guarantee it.

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