Surprise! Borderlands: Mad Moxxi Out Today for PC and PS3

Surprise! Borderlands: Mad Moxxi Out Today for PC and PS3


Having previously said that it would announce when the Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC for Borderlands would be out on PC, today Gearbox Software effectively followed up with "Hey, it's out already. Just a heads up!"

For better or for worse, we work in an industry where announcements are commonplace, and so are announcements of when further announcements will be made. So when Gearbox Software announced that the second DLC for shoot-and-loot Borderlands, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, would be out on December 28th for Xbox 360 and January 7th for the PS3 with no word about the PC, us poor PC gamers assumed we'd have much, much longer to wait in lieu of an announcement.

Nope. Surprise, PC gamers! Mad Moxxi hits the PS3 (via PSN) today as announced, but it's also out for the PC via Steam - even if you bought the actual physical box and not the Steam version.

Mad Moxxi focuses on the sexy and lethal Mad Moxxi and her underground coliseum, as she sends players scrambling for survival in a grueling test of skill, endurance, and how much ammo they're packing at any one time. It will also kick your ass, says game designer Jonathan Hemingway.


I think they were just screwing with us for fun

Damn them, and their wily ways

In the EU, at least, it says on Steam that Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot requires the Steam version of Borderlands. Those who bought outside of Steam (i.e. boxed retail) have to go through the Gearbox store.

Thought you might need to mention that.

How deceitful of them!

Still, they are awesome for doing it.

Too bad it comes with crap secuROM. Kinda lame.

I saw that it was out yesterday (California time) on Steam.

Didn't buy it yet though.

How deceitful of them!

Still, they are awesome for doing it.

Keeping us all on our toes! =o

Those clever so and sos.

While new play options sounds fun, the thing in this DLC I'm actually curious about is the alleged storage system and how that works.


...Waiting for d2d version. Also, did anyone who bought the D2D version of the game can confirm/deny the existence of SecuROM?


I wonder if they have toned down the insane difficulty.

Oh BTW, if you go back on play through 1, there still level 50, it tried that first time round.

I think this calls for a Zap Brannigan quote!


As you know, the key to victory is the element of surprise... SURPRISE!
-- Zap Brannigan

How awesome that the DLC is out for PC! Too bad that is ALL has DRM, isn't that great? DRM that's been reported to break the game, screw up textures and breaking loading times, crashing the game. Yeah great job Gearbox we like that the game doesn't work online to begin with but now it won't work with DLC. I'll pass.

Does it make the game fun?

The DSM:
I wonder if they have toned down the insane difficulty.

Unlikely. The difficulty was one of the points of the DLC because one of the primary complaints the community had for the game was that there was no challenging endgame. It was basically "Get to 50, steamroll everything".

Anywho, as a PC gamer I can't be arsed to get the DLC. As much as I love Borderlands, 2k has made it abundantly clear that they aren't interested in the PC gaming community beyond being willing to take our money. The core game is still very broken with a patch that fixes many of the major issues sitting in 2k's offices collecting dust (or at least Gearbox reported a month back that the patch was done and awaiting the certification from 2k). My eagerness to give them more money is matched by their haste in getting that patch out.

The fact that they put a restrictive DRM on the PC version is just the icing on the shit cake. Pardon my french if you will, but I just have to say "Fuck you 2k." It's just a shame that they're also publishing Bioshock 2. I'm almost afraid to buy the game with the way they're going.


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