Yahtzee and Pals to Open Videogame Bar

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Yahtzee and Pals to Open Videogame Bar

If you live in Australia, Yahtzee has your Friday and Saturday nights planned out already, and maybe your weeknights too.

Yahtzee mentioned his plans for the Mana Bar during his interview with us at GameX. Now, with the help of a few friends, he plans to make that situation a reality with the Mana Bar, opening in February 2010.

The Mana Bar is a licensed establishment being put together by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, Pras Moorthy, and Shay Leighton. It'll be located in Brisbane, Australia, entry will be free, and it won't cost a thing to play videogames there either. LCD screens will be attached to the walls where patrons can play next-gen console systems, and it will also function just like a regular bar so people can order drinks and have a great time.

It'll be more than just a bar with videogames too. The group of owners plan to hold industry and student special events, such as speakers from the game development industry, while Yahtzee himself will regularly host videogame trivia. Certain games will be available for purchase behind the bar, with launch parties to celebrate their releases. The Mana Bar will also hold videogame competitions, with prizes, that will take place regularly throughout the week.

With a 50 person capacity, the Mana Bar will likely be full every night. It might be the most awesome thing I've ever heard of. Gamers need a place to gather that treats them like mature adults, and the Mana Bar seems to be this to the letter. In addition to the Mana Bar's website, news on the establishment can be followed via Twitter and Facebook


sounds like every guys dream, just change videogame to their favorite pass time, sport, gay, pirate, good for him, and good for the nearby gamers and/or drinkers, it sounds awesome.

I would love to check out the Mana Bar. It might be worth 22 hours on a plane.

Good luck to them! Fantastic idea.

4 friends + big screen + mario kart *cough* 64 *cough* + booze = joy

I'd be willing to pay a cover charge if they'd provide dedicated areas for groups.

I love the idea of cocktails called Potions. That's classic. Maybe the urinals could be modelled to look like the Health stations from Half Life 2 (too much?).

How many game developers are there in the area?

I might turn out like that gaming bar in Japan where like everyone at Nintendo goes.
That would be totally awesome.

And if (or most likely "when") I go to Australia, I will go there

I love the name.

Hmmm its a toss up between this bar and Michael Atkinson on how good Aussie land is for gamers.

Hell, I'm so on board . . . .

But unfortunately I am filthy American and live no where near Australia.

Greta idea, Yatzhee and co. I will definitely check this out if I ever get the chance.

Well, now I want to live in Australia. The closest thing you get here is an internet cafe. Wahoo?

That would probably be the only bar I would actually consider going to. Hmmmmm, if by the off chance I'm ever in Australia I'll have to check it out.

I would love to check out the Mana Bar. It might be worth 22 hours on a plane.

It's the first reason I have to go to Australia.

Omg i want.. shame i live in the UK.

Good name, good concept, good luck gettin in as I guess it will constantly full, but then that's good business.

Shame about the location. Nothing against Brisbane, but as a demographic, gamers from Brisbane are less than, well virtually everywhere else.

ha, savage!

Bloody hell, I really do wish Yahtzee hadn't emigrated now. I'm in the UK and where I live we have nothing like that. That's just bloody awesome. If I'm ever in Australia I'll have to drop by sometime :D.

Health potion = Bloody mary!
Mana potion = Blue Angel

now give me a share(drink) in the company(bar) for my brainstorming!

I've totally thought about this before. If only I could afford to buy a bar and all the things I'd need for the setup.

God dammit, Britain has nothing this awesome to offer.

I might actually want to go to Australia now. Before I was dissuaded by the poisonous animals that seem to run rampant >>

I am going to go to Australia just for this.
Yahtzee is GOD

Does anyone else find it funny that the Escapist is two days late on this? :P

Anyways, yes, this is undoubtedly awesome. Methinks a sight-seeing trip with this somewhere near the end is due...

EDIT: Oh, and what has happened with Game Damage? Nothing I'm guessing?

They'd better have bloody Timesplitters.

And I mean the original. With dual-wielding miniguns and 4 billion maps.

Countdown until Michael Atkinson tries to ban it in 5...4...3...2...

Someone needs to do this in Britain.
Fancy expanding your business in the future? Where better to expand to!

Wow I'm so glad my Aunt lives in Brisbane now :P I so wanna go if this falls through and Mana potion and Health potion drinks I think the names sound awesome...yes I'm such a nerd -_-

I need to move their, now.

Awesome. A shame I don't live in the CBD. Could catch a train though...

They need more of these across the world. Too bad most of the big ones fail (omega sektor) and you're left with ones that are either miles away and the journey is too difficult or small ones with about 4 computers and age restrictions all over the place :/

Good luck Yahtzee! Sounds like a fab idea. Hope he gets the finds to put it all together.

Holy nerdgasms Batman, and what city am I planning/hoping to move to? Brisbane! This makes it all the better! Though I've heard that at least the commercial Mana/Health potions taste like sewer water, so I'd probably avoid the cocktails anyway.

Anyway, I hope he can fight his way through all the paperwork and make this work, gods I want to visit that bar, heck make it my favourite hang-out.

Sometimes, it sucks to live in the UK...

Finally a reason for gamers NOT to leave Australia. The part where it says play games before they're released does that mean Australian release date or other release dates.

I would love to check out the Mana Bar. It might be worth 22 hours on a plane.

lol, yeah.

One reason now to go to Australia!

That looks really cool and it is an interesting idea. Tough i doubt that I'll never be able to check it up, living in Estonia. Too bad ..


The only hope of ever going into such an establishment is that Yahtzee creates his very own chain of such bars all across the world.

Thank you guys. Now there's something good about gaming in Australia... Sucks that I live in Perth. Though this is worth flying over every year, maybe on a regular tourney visit lol.

Finally a reason for gamers NOT to leave Australia. The part where it says play games before they're released does that mean Australian release date or other release dates.

It would be great to get games imported early. From, say, GAME TRADERS ROBINA. This would have the added bonus of having blood, gore, and all those other things that have apparently destroyed my life and chances of getting into heaven...

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