Can Videogames Make You Cry?

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Can Videogames Make You Cry?


Movies can make us cry. Books can make us cry. But can videogames make us cry?

John Walker, author of "Confessions of a Crybaby," believes they can. Not only does he believe videogames can make you cry, but he also avidly approves of the crybaby in all of us, and nurtures it:

I believe that being able to burst into tears while playing a game is a great boon to a person. And I'm taking this as far as it will go. Were you to break down and sob every time you lost a race in Project Gotham, I'd have nothing but the deepest of respect for you. I'd think you a weirdo, but I'd respect you. Why? Here's the rub: You would be connecting with the game, and being transformed by it.

I honestly can't recall a moment when videogames have made me cry. They've made me frustrated, angry, scared, and maybe the tiniest bit emotional - but I've never cried. Have you? Do videogames have the ability to make people cry? Read Walker's take on emotional videogames in "Confessions of a Crybaby," and share your thoughts with us.



I've definitely cried in Video Games before. Not ashamed to admit it, the only one I recall at the moment is Final Fantasy X but I know they've been others.

I don't care if people cry due to a game, but I've never experienced it.

they make me cry quite constantly. mainly because i wasted 60 bucks on a peice of ill conceived crap.

almost at the ending of MGS3. :)

I have to admit been alot of moments where I have. Im not ashamed of it, sad moments, moments that have made me happy with joy. I think its a great sign if a game can make you cry

I don't care if people do, but videogames mostly make me angry or happy, but never crying.

almost at the ending of MGS3. :)

this. no game has made me come closer to tears...except "Demon's Souls", but that's for a whole different reason.

MegaMan Zero 4, when I saw Zero's helmet smashed in the desert, I got choked up.

oooooooh yeah. Lot's of times XD

um no

I remember the first time I did while playing Lost in Blue.

It could still make me cry now. But then was one of the saddest yet greatest moments of gaming for me.

I haven't cried to a game.

As far as I know, I'm only able to cry at funerals

I cried tears of happiness at the end of Kingdom Hearts.

If I lose my save data. GODDAMN YOU RED RING!!!!!

Cried at FFX and Kingdom Hearts. Oh, and recently about one third through Crisis Core. So yes, I do cry at games :)

lol no.

Closest I've ever came was HL2:E2's ending, but that just made me feel depressed and didn't get any tears.

Yeah videogames can make you cry, if you think about it should be easier to cry becasue of a game rather then a movie because your playing the charactor, experiencing it yourself, not looking at it 3rd person like a movie(3rd person games still count, what i mean is your making the actions, not watching them happen).

However i have never cried in a game, games seem to not be as deep or emotinal as movies.

However i only cried from 2 movies. Damn you Marley and Me, DAMN YOU.

I've never thought about crying from a video game, to be honest. I was very affected in that Gears if War Two scene with Dom in the tunnels but that is only because I was not expecting it and it freaked me out. I am not one for scary images. That is an interesting concept though. I will try to immerse myself more in a game.

I came very close with the end of HL2ep2...
First it was pure shock, and then as the credits rolled, with you-know-who sobbing in the background, I got pretty misty-eyed.

The story of games can make me cry, for example when Roach got burned alive in MW2

Not so much because of gameplay, I only get angry at gameplay

Can't say I have. Closest I ever came to feeling an emotinal moment was during a Cutscene in Mass Effect, but it was more of a rage moment more then anything.

The end of Crisis Core: FFVII. I know some people didn't like the end, but god damn it, I thought it was the most touching thing I had ever seen.

Actually there were lots of moments in the game like that.

not very topical, its from a article from 06, but none the less, games have filled me with glee (due to the story not just in general) and sadness, but never to the point where i began to cry.

I get choked up a lot in certain games, though the only one that made me tear up was at the end of Disc 1 in Final Fantasy VII. That just killed me (as it were).

Yup, more than once.

But right now I cant remember which games made me.

I cried when Aerith (Aeris) died in FF7 :<
But I don't recall any other games making me cry, tis strange.

Final Fantasy VII had some moments where I was quiet sad, and Wing Commander had its moments.

I wouldnt say outright bawling my eyes out, but when a game really does well and gets you to emphasise with the characters in game (mostly RPG) then it just means the game was that good when you do feel a twinge of sadness.

... then again I get sad when I reach the end of a good book, or a tv series I was enjoying... or the end of a good game and realise thats my ticket spent, I could go back again..but its not the same.

The end of Mafia (On the PC), and the end of Baldur's Gate 2 (Pre-Throne of Bhaal) when everyone was shouting their final battle-cry to Irenicus in hell. Especially Jaheria's, since she was my romance interest, and she was still pretty pissed about Khalid.
So was I, actually. I loved Khalid.

The most poignant, emotion filled moment in any game I've ever seen was when the dastardly right paddle bested the left paddle, leaving him in a state of utter paralysis and defeat. Pong had the best writing out of any game I've ever seen.

Poor left paddle. I still weep when I think of your loss.

Just no, haven't played a video game yet that has brought me to tears or made me cry.

Devil May Cry?

Best. Voice acting. Ever.

The closest I ever came to crying due to a game was the end of MGS4. I didn't actually cry but I got a little choked up. That's the only time I can recall however.

almost at the ending of MGS3. :)

I cried like when I was a little kid. It was pathetic but goddamnit I was MOVED by that. I was actually swearing Kojima, you BASTARD under my breath in that last moment with The Boss. Why he made us do that...

I haven't cried before, but there have been a few games that almost made me cry. Final Fantasy VII with Rex XIII's father and Aries dying, different parts in FFX, and the end of Crisis Core. That one really almost did it.

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