Meet the Box Art for Left 4 Dead 3 - Er, Heavy Rain

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QuanticDream keeps handing the U.S. the poor version. Take a look at Indigo Prophecy. Awkward name. Didn't make sense until 3/4ths through the game. Not as clearly cinematic as the original title (Fahrenheit). I'm still wondering why the hell I should care about the Prophecy beyond that girl.
Honestly, Indigo is a wonderful game. The name doesn't do it justice (even though they had real reasons not to call it Fahrenheit in the U.S.).

The U.S. version is oddly decieving as to what the game might be.
I think the noir idea is still there, but the people do look more action-rific than it will (probably) play.
I'd like to see a more plausible action-tinge to Heavy Rain (Indigo Prophecy's fantasy action was just strange, the best parts of that game were the subtle, realistic moments) though.

I can't wait for this game either way.
It's the only main reason I plan to buy a PS3. ^^

And to respond to the comments about covers showing what the games do:
I just wanted to add that that's what the back cover is for.
The front cover is to catch attention. The back cover (with all the bullshit about how this game is prettier than any other game or runs 800 people online at once or whatever) is for really informing the player.

I like the UK boxart more, but heck I've been waiting for this game for so long that I don't give a rats ass.


the EU boxart is way better




Damn, I feel like we're getting short-sided over here. The EU box art looked more subtle and less dramatic than this. Then again, it's box art like this that makes up 95% of today's games here in the US.

That brings the total count of Video Game shaftings in the US to 1(if you coun't that as a shafting), and Europe/PAL versions like Aussie/NZ to just about EVERY FUCKING THING ELSE.

"Heavy Rain is People! Can you hear me? It's peeeeooooooooopleeeeee!"

I figure that's the main difference.

Story in short: someone from Sony USA looked at the European box art and said "not enough tits."

True that.

Wet girl in tank top and guidos with guns sells.

The Rogue Wolf:
I suppose they were afraid that American gamers would mistake this for some bizarre origami game for use with Sony's expected motion-detection controls. "omg wtf is this, 'Fold or Die'?"


EU box art is way better. Also, I hate selective color picutres.

This is not really important news, either way. Box art has nothing to do with the content of the game - its only use is selling the game, and looking good in a cupboard/bookshelf.

With that said, it is really unsurprising that this has happened in America again. It's the same deal as with the names of novels (Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone, and The Golden Compass, anybody?); a change is made to make it more marketable and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

This shows some remarkably cynical thinking on the developer's part, like they think that the American audience is far stupider, and won't get the symbolic statement behind the crane, thus not purchasing the game.

Really, it's as though they don't realise that there's plenty of people that think that way everywhere else. Even if they don't all eat at McDonald's.


John Funk:
Once again, the box art we get in America is a marked downgrade compared to the version everyone else gets - just look at Heavy Rain.

Oh no!

You guys have it so bad. I feel for you.

As if this post wasn't funny (and true) enough, you have an Alistair avatar. This explains the exact tone of voice you would say the above line in. Bwahaha.


Yes, I believe we are all in consensus here, the EU box-art is much better (or if we're not all in consensus, I believe it's better).

God, America and our posters. Seriously, can nothing be subtle? Seriously, take a look at this article and tell me that there isn't just something wrong with American box-art.

Though I am on your side about Heavy Rain's USA art fiasco, I'm going to have to disagree with the link you posted, mainly because the author seems to constantly contradict himself in his own article. One minute he is saying Japanese box art keeps its priorities straight by choosing to plaster a half-naked chick across the box of a wrestling game in favor of showing the wrestlers, yet he later slams against American art for not being subtle and nuanced, conveniently forgetting the menagerie of Japanese cheesecake we just scrolled through. Its like, "dude, i think you spilled a little bias all over your page."

Some art translates better than others, in this particular case EU has the winner, but that isn't necessarily the rule, and it does often come down to personal taste.

yeah, the article itself is biased, but the covers in direct comparison are kinda funny. i mean look at the kirby covers, in both of them kirby has to look mean for the american audience.
who on earth would look at kirby and think "that little pink guy would definitively sell better if he looked angry!"

Stop the presses. Depictions of products marketed at Americans aren't subtle.

I mean, wow. Who would have ever thought that the people who brought you Michael Bay, 24 foot SUVs and 24 ounce hamburgers don't understand subtlety?

Story in short: someone from Sony USA looked at the European box art and said "not enough tits."

Seconded. God, I wish those guys would give us Yankees some credit once in a while.

I certainly think the EU boxart is more stylistic, but I think they kind of split the difference in the US boxart with the character shots being understated B/W while the origami duck is the only thing shown in color.

And while I'm not certain that it is a duck, it most certainly is not a paper crane, which looks like this.


Heck, it could be a dog or something for all I know. Also interesting to note how it looks over-folded, with creases on what should have been flat surfaces, like it was originally folded into something else and then re-folded into its current shape.

And how did it get bloody on that one corner? Did somebody jam it in someone else's eye or something? Geez, and here I thought origami was supposed to be relaxing...

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