Is This the Finest Lego Gundam Ever Made?

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Is This the Finest Lego Gundam Ever Made?

Building robots out of Lego isn't anything new, but detailed Gundam models that can actually transform? Now that is something special.

It's hard to decide what's more impressive, the Lego Gundam itself, or the video that creator Torri Ares has put together to show it off. The video shows the basic model actually being made in time-lapse photography, and then demonstrates the transformation process and the variant Gundams you can make with it, all set to pounding techno music. On the other hand, it's a freaking Lego Gundam! How cool is that?

What's particularly impressive is that the transformation process does not actually make use of the Lego itself, with Arres having designed a way for it to transform without having to clip anything together. It makes more sense if you watch the video.

So, is this the finest Lego Gundam ever made? Honestly, I'm not sure, but it's got to be a contender.

Source: The Brothers Brick


Oh, my, god that kicks ass!

Seriously, that is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen.

That guy had WAY too much time on his hands

Meh, Gundam is okay, but I'm not quite enough of a fan to appreciate something like that.

I bet KYOJI!!! helped him.

This guy put those model makers to shame.

Holy shit, that was aweosme!

Wow. That must have ate into his spare time in a big way.

I wish I could summon up the levels of motivation to do that.

I did not know you could do all of that with LEGO's.

I did not know you could do that with LEGO's.

In answer to your question, yes

That's freakin' awesome!


These need to be real LEGO sets, regardless of price.

Damn! I'm no Gundam fan, but I am a LEGO fan, and that is fucking impressive. Just making the Gundam itself is a feat in and of itself. Making it recognizable to a non-fan and making it transform 10+ different ways is incredible. I'd even put my vote in for this as the Finest Lego Gundam Ever.

DEAR GOD. That is infinitely badass. To the power of awesome.

Lego needs to hire this guy

To me, it seems more like a mix between a Megazord, a Transformer, and a Gundam.. And I don't know what it'd be called. : /

To me, it seems more like a mix between a Megazord, a Transformer, and a Gundam.. And I don't know what it'd be called. : /

You could call it EPIC!

While I have no interest in Gundam, I am having a legoasm right now.

I don´t know a lot about GUNDAM.But I do know that those Lego´s,and that man are awesome.

I love Lego
I love Gundam Models
I love the Universal Century timeline the best

This thing is a beast, saw it earlier today on the SA boards but damn...

sweet, the victory 2 gundam. Sheer awesome!

That does it. Once I finish school, I'm going to put in all of my earnings into a ton of Lego bricks and fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a Lego Master.

Man, I hope this guy gets ten thousand requests to release the bloody thing. I would drop $60-70 without thinking about it to get my hands on one of those beauties.

at a glance i thought this said finest gundamn LOGO ever

Lego needs to hire this guy

Seriously! That was amazing!

Its about time Lego got some love around here. And yes, that was impressive and bad-ass.

That guy had WAY too much time on his hands

this as long as he isnt a gamer.

I wanna see him build one of those destroyers from Gundam seed destiny lol

I figured Funk would be all over this news not you Logan

OT: awesome it makes me feel my lego skills are negligible

WTB instructions and parts list!

I have to get back to picking my brain of the floor. It just fell off screaming 'EPIC'! Who needs Bionicles when you have this?

Damn. . . lego has come a long way since i last had any, i don't recognize half of the pieces he used there, an amazing piece of work there though.

There was a guy who did a similar thing a few years back, he made the Metal Gear Ray out of Lego, apparently Kojima was impressed with it and sent the guy some bits and pieces (would link but honestly can't remember where I last saw it)

all I gotta say is that I have never wanted a LEGO set more in my entire life. O_O

I don't think it's ENTIRELY made out of legos, but I'm willing to let it slide, because it is just plain awesome.

Must.Get.Credit Card.

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