Heavy Rain is Quantic Dream's Last Thriller

Heavy Rain is Quantic Dream's Last Thriller


Quantic Dream's David Cage is done with the business of death and wants to move his unique videogame style into other areas.

With Heavy Rain already receiving positive reviews and about to hit stores next week, what could be next for developer Quantic Dream? Definitely not another game about a serial killer, according to studio head David Cage. In an interview with Eurogamer, Cage reveals that any further games from his studio that are not really going to be games will be of a genre other than thriller.

"I'm interested in triggering emotions in this interactive medium, this is exactly what I believe is my mission. But maybe in different forms: I know one thing for sure, it's that Heavy Rain is the end of my personal trilogy trying to tell the same type of stories with serial killers and stuff, in the thriller genre," he says. Quantic Dream's previous two games were Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. I haven't played Omikron, but Indigo Prophecy was definitely a thrilling appetizer for the type of game Heavy Rain has become, aside from some very annoying QTE sections (the bugs in the office are one example).

Cage then teased that nearly anything other than a thriller could be next: "Tomorrow, using exactly the same interface and the same writing technique, we could have a comedy. We could create a tragedy. Maybe my fantasy is one day to create a story from Shakespeare using this format, which I think would be a huge challenge but would be very interesting." Shakespeare for the PS3? It doesn't sound that far-fetched, with the recent release of Dante's Inferno. To push R1, perchance to dream?

Even more interesting is that Quantic Dream could create a multiplayer interactive-not-a-game-thing someday too. When asked about the possibility, Cage replied: "Yes, I think it's possible" but that it would be "incredibly challenging." Another idea in the air involves the use of Sony's upcoming but still not officially named motion controller. Quantic Dream actually invented their own version of a motion controller for use in Heavy Rain, but it ended up sticking with the Dual Shock controller's features instead. Still, Cage says: "We have a lot of interest in this motion controller, we start to play with it, and yeah, we definitely want to do something with it."

For now, we should start thinking about the present and prepare for Heavy Rain. Cage reveals that in Heavy Rain: "There are many different endings, I think there are 23 epilogues actually in the game. But it doesn't mean that there are 23 endings, because there are many different paths leading to different endings, and there are combinations of paths and consequences offering more choices leading to more consequences... so the way it's written, it's not like there's one branch here, one branch here and you end up with two endings." Completionists are going to go mad trying to find every little piece of the game for sure. Me, I'm just going to kill everyone off, and watch the Origami Killer continue his spree of death and paper folding forever.


Never played any of there games before so yeah.

I have heard of Indigo Prophecy, but none of the others.

I cannot wait to finally get my hands on this game. Its unfortunate that they are ending after this project but I hope this games serves as a springboard for others to create other experiences like this and for the naysayers to look at videogames as more than just a kids time waster.

I cannot wait to finally get my hands on this game. Its unfortunate that they are ending after this project but I hope this games serves as a springboard for others to create other experiences like this and for the naysayers to look at videogames as more than just a kids time waster.

Yes. Now if only i had a ps3...

I only knew of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, so this is a surprise to me.

I only knew of Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit, so this is a surprise to me.


Ah well, I am sure he will do well in whatever he chooses to do.

What I have seen of his work, I like. he really makes a, cinematic experience

So does this mean no Omirikon 2?

I had Omikron: the Nomad Soul, but I could never figure out the soul jumping mechanic. Cool David Bowie song for the theme, controls were iffy for a PC game, but ambitious. VERY ambitious. Looking back at Farenheit and O:tNS I can definitely see the stylistic parallels. If you decide to pick it up be warned, I doubt it has aged well.

Their next game is going to be only a shaving sim.

I am heavily excited for Heavy Rain and fully support Quantic Dream in doing whateverthehell it wants. Not that I can really stop them or whatever.

If they continue to push boundaries, try different things, experiment with what constitutes as a "game" and whatnot, then they will definitely earn a place in my "beloved developers" collection. Right next to Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

Nowhere close to Team ICO though.

Hells no...

They get their own shrine.....

I am pretty excited as well.
I love that they are really stripping out a lot of the "game-y" stuff that was in Fahrenheit because that could have been amazing but the Sci-Fi and game over stuff got in the way. This really is distilling the experience into something special.
I loved Shenmue and this sounds like a truer [closer] vision of that.

...a comedy? Now how in the hell would that work?
X Witty one liner
Circle Physical humor
Square Sarcasm
Triangle Insult

Oh and I guess you could shake the controller to do the chicken dance at any given moment...

Heavy Rain turned out great, it's this kind of innovation i was waiting for. "Make your own adventure" stories are a genre i really like. The game is not perfect, but the concept is brilliant. They could make any other story and people would buy it, it's something new, but the quality needs to go up in future titles, or the hype will die down quickly.

I think i a story with the ingredients of Avatar could work with a different setting, just look that there is an easy understandable story, action, romance and compelling music, it's what both genders like, if it's in a healthy balance.

Kind of sad that Heavy Rain will be their last thriller. Just bought this game on a whim when I happened to walk through one of our local store's PS3 section, and ended up loving it.

When I finished playing it (for the first time), I searched through the internet to find out more about the developers, and found out that they created the Indigo Prophecy (another game I had purchased on a whim, and ended up loving that one, too).

In case you are wondering, I have only a handful of games, and most of those have been relegated to the 'I'm going to dump these when I get a chance' pile. Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and GTA: Vice City are amongst the very few in my 'Permanently Keeping' pile.

Regardless of the genre, I hope that they come out with another film quality 'make your own adventure' game, soon. It was a lot of fun for me, and made the hefty price-tag worth the cost.

This is quite sad.
Their thrillers are really fucking good, and the whole beauty of Heavy Rain is its depressing, crushing athmosphere.
No Omikron 2 then. Sucks.
Well, anyway, whatever they do, I'll be there, the first day it appears on our shelves.


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