Stargate: Resistance Developer Files for Chapter 11

Stargate: Resistance Developer Files for Chapter 11


After more than a year of dodging bullets, Stargate: Resistance developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Cheyenne Mountain's financial trouble first came to light back in December 2008 when it was revealed that employees, then hard at work on the still-unreleased MMOG Stargate Worlds, had gone more than three weeks without being paid. The company was eventually sued over unpaid bills and in mid-2009 reports of trouble between Cheyenne and Stargate owner MGM bubbled to the surface. But somehow Cheyenne was able to keep dancing and while Stargate Worlds remains hung up in development limbo, the company did manage to put out the online shooter Stargate: Resistance earlier this month.

Cheyenne may have hoped that the launch of Resistance would give it the shot in the arm it needed to keep the ball rolling, but all that turmoil has finally become too much to bear. In a statement posted on the official Stargate Worlds forums, Cheyenne Mountain Community Manager "Gabriel_FS" wrote, "Cheyenne Mountain's corporate structure has undergone some dramatic changes in the last few weeks, and that has resulted in various actions such as the filing for Chapter 11. Certain parties believed that was the right thing to do, other parties do not and this is still being evaluated and may be rescinded. Even if the bankruptcy should go through, however, Chapter 11 simply allows a company to restructure its debt to a manageable plan approved by the courts. It does not absolve a company of debt, and it does not shut it down or otherwise affect its daily operations."

In an interesting twist, Cheyenne Mountain has also joined in litigation against its former chairman and CEO, Gary Whiting, saying it discovered "a few months ago" that he had been named in a lawsuit filed in Utah over financial shenanigans between Cheyenne and Garvick Properties, another Whiting-controlled company. Whiting has been removed as a board member and his employment has been terminated; in a separate statement, the company said, "It is uncertain at this time what the affect of Mr. Whiting's actions and the pending litigation will have on the Company's operations and financial condition."

It's hardly what you'd call good news but on the upside, it means that Cheyenne Mountain will be with us for awhile longer and that the possibility remains that someday, Stargate Worlds might actually see the light of day. In the meantime, the Cheyenne community manager said the development team is continuing to work on upgrades and expansions for Stargate: Resistance. "This will all be sorted out in the legal and proper manner, and all of us on the development side of things hope it's done as quickly as possible," he added.

Thanks to thenumberthirteen for the tip.


Well, this is a pity. I mean, Stargate the MMO probably wouldn't have been my cup of tea, but still.

Yay my tip got picked up!

I do so hope they don't fall through. With MGM going bankrupt (almost) things don't look good for the Stargate franchise beyond SGU. I mean the two planned DVD movies are basically cancelled, and now this.

At least they've stated their commitment to SGR updates and expansions as it has a lot of promise.

P.S. If you play Stargate Resistance, or are just a Stargate fan then join up to the Stargate user groups here and here

Well, this is a pity. I mean, Stargate the MMO probably wouldn't have been my cup of tea, but still.

MMO are too hyped... even when noone wants them anymore...

I can see this going the same way as Duke Nukem.

I can see this going the same way as Duke Nukem.

I hate to admit it but I agree.

I would really, really love to play it...but the chances are getting dimmer and dimmer...


Well, this is a pity. I mean, Stargate the MMO probably wouldn't have been my cup of tea, but still.

MMO are too hyped... even when noone wants them anymore...

Don't they?

i'd never pay more than 50 bucks for a game.

How did SG: R turn out after this fiasco? Was it worse for the wear? Anyway, the MOO is definitely finished. No matter what they say.

Everything I've seen about the game revealed that this is no MMORPG:

That the game tanked is predictable - people don't buy FPS expecting MMORPG prices. What's more, Stargate was claiming it was a MMORPG from the start, which entails a lot more continuity than PvP matches.

Hopefully Global Agenda will do a bit better. It doesn't require $15/mo to play, although they are putting their best content behind $15/mo and that might come back to bite them in the butt. If you don't have a continual world, you should probably go with a Guild Wars or F2P w/ Micropayment model or get out.

I think you might be getting Resistance and Worlds mixed up. Stargate Worlds is still in the works (so they say) while Stargate: Resistance was released as kind of a surprise online shooter. Whether or not Worlds will ever actually see the light of day (or is even still in meaningful development) is hard to say, but that's the official story.

To be quite frank I couldn't possibly see how they could make a Stargate MMO....then again a few years back I had the thought that the creations of a Star Trek MMO would be impossible or just badly made (oh how time makes us eat our words eh?)

I am rather sad to hear Worlds is stuck in limbo as I was interested in how they'd execute such a universe.

The franchise has been in a death dive since it became a franchise and MMOs aren't viable unless you blizzard and you are developing WoW.

It fills me with fear to think anyone looking at these two facts would think "PROFT!"


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