Blind Gamer Defeats Ganon for the First Time

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Blind Gamer Defeats Ganon for the First Time


Thanks to hard work, dedication, and the mapping of just about every move and sound cue in the game, a blind gamer has finally completed Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Last July the Escapist reported a blind gamer from Ontario, Canada by the name of Jordan Verner was attempting to complete Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. With the help of four gamers from around the world, he has finished this endeavor, thanks to two years of dedication. The gamers ran through the dungeons, recording all the sounds and writing detailed descriptions of the movements they made with Link and the positions of the enemies, which would then be submitted to Verner, whose computer would read it to him.

"When I was younger, a doctor told me I was going to go blind, which turned out not to be so," said Roy Williams, a Camden, South Carolina resident who was involved in the project. "But it scared me and I was like 'I want to be here to help this person get through his disability.'"

With the level of effort and dedication that went in to the process, finally beating the game is a huge achievement. "It felt great, I felt strong, I felt the sky's the limit," Jordan said.

This really shows the drive and dedication of the gamer community, and the power of the gaming experience. Hats off to Jordan, Williams, and the other gamers who contributed to this project, they've done something truly great.

Source: CNN


wow... not sure what else to say but... wow

Thats fantastic!

Well done to him, Ocarina of Time is great game... though I couldn't possibly even imagine playing it blind! quite a feat indeed :)


There's been a lot of discussion on The Escapist recently about what marks a person out as a 'hardcore gamer'. I'd like to think it's this kind of dedication to the task at hand (coupled with the immense satisfaction the victory brings) that would make someone just that.


That's awesome.
Well done Blind Guy!

That would be a feat for someone that's not visually impaired...

Respect. :)

Way to go fellow Canadian, way to show them that blindness isn't a deterrent to gaming.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is a hardcore gamer.

I tip my hat to this fellow, a thousand times over.

Unbelievable. Amazing. Just, wow! Congratulations, good sir.

Great job to everyone who participated! It might not seem like much, but this truly is a great achievement. I'm kinda jealous of the guys who helped out =P I wish I was one!

This guy can triforce.

And I can't even defeat Ganon half the time.
I propose a slow clap like they do in the movies.

That is most certainly an accomplishment and a half! Great sense of dedication and awesone-ness!

He deserves a medal to be sure!


Congratulations. I am truly impressed.

It's really cool...but I have to wonder why you would want to play video games when you can't see what's going on.

Okay....this is great and amazing, but I thought coming into this thread that he actually beat himself, with no help at all, only armed with a 64 and a controller (like how Daredevil can see with sounds) still though, awesome job

That is the single most awesome thing that is ever going to happen... Ever.

I guess we can just stop now...

I don't even think I could come close to the dedication required to merit an achievement equal to that. Some may see just a game, I see a man with a purpose who stuck it out no matter what difficulties he may have encountered during the process.

Awww =] Fuck yeah teamwork!

The lock-on feature is a godsend for this brave soul, and now that I think about this game is quite audible. Well I'm not going to belittle this bold mans endeavors, good for him, nice to show gaming isn't only for those who can see.

That is incredibly badass. It also brings up that it would be really cool and pretty worthwhile to design games that were primarily auditory or tactile rather than visual; I'd love to see--hear--what would come out of that.


That's about all I can say, this explanation is just to stop me getting bollocked for having a one-word post.

Now THAT is some dedication right there.

Bah. Let him conquer Demon's Souls, then I'll be impressed.

Seriously, this is a tremendous achievement. Just imagine the level of determination required to pull off this stunt... truly extraordinary.


This person deserves an internet!

This is truly a magnificent, although it's even more impressive when you consider that older games from that generation wouldn't have had quite the sound quality we've all gotten used to, so all the sounds would sound the same, and more than likely creature sounds wouldn't react to the direction the character's facing.

And the segments that require a bow and arrow, I can't imagine they were vry easy either.

I truly salute this guy.

Bah. Let him conquer Demon's Souls, then I'll be impressed.

I'd honestly shit myself if that EVER happened, I mean most epic achievement ever, that man would have to be the U.S. president for life if he pulled that off.

This is the one of the few actions that can actually be called a "super human feat of awesome". This person completed a game ENTIRELY by sound. He should be a ninja. Hats off to him.

Thats fantastic!

Well done to him, Ocarina of Time is great game... though I couldn't possibly even imagine playing it blind! quite a feat indeed :)

This actually cheered me up.

Great, a blind guy can kick my ass at Zelda... Ah well. Grats to him.

Now that's dedication for ya..and Ocarina is a damn hard game. So a tip of the hat to you Sir Jordan Verner

Fuck... I feel stupid not completing it now.

Bloody heck! Well bloody done, bloody hell I wish I could bloody do that... BLOODY HELL!

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