Gaming Addiction Leads to Death of 3-Month Old Korean Girl

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Gaming Addiction Leads to Death of 3-Month Old Korean Girl


Gaming addiction turned horrifically tragic as the three-month-old daughter of a Korean couple starved to death while her parents were caring for a virtual daughter during a 12-hour MMOG session.

The couple, identified only as "the Kims" due to Korean privacy laws, had met in 2008 over an online dating site and subsequently married and had a child. The husband, 41, and the wife, 25 were both unemployed, living with the parents of the wife. Both spent most of their time at 24-hour internet cafes, notorious for crowds of gamers and dense cigarette smoke, even during the pregnancy. The couple called the police in September to report their daughter's death after returning from a 12-hour gaming session.

The autopsy results were chilling. The child, who had been born prematurely, died of malnutrition. The couple also admitted to feeding her rotten powdered milk as well as spanking her whenever she cried. The child was generally neglected in favor of an online daughter over the Korean MMOG PRIUS, which was consuming much of the couple's play time at internet cafes while their daughter was left alone and unfed.

South Korea has had serious problems with gaming addiction, which has led to a number of deaths via exhaustion in the past few years. "There's no certain clinical indicator to define 'game addiction' but our study shows that brain PET [scan] images of suspected online game addicts are very similar to that of a cocaine addict," Dr. Kim Sang Eun of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital said. The problem is reportedly even higher in Korea due to the nation's 95 percent broadband access, and the fact that there are more mobile phones in South Korea than there are people.

While obviously an extreme example, it is nevertheless one that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, most gamers aren't this irresponsible, but it's still a very real risk in our world.

Source: ABC News via GamePolitics



That's sad and pathetic for the parents, those idiots

Is it strange that I've only just read the 'Baang you're dead' articel from last year (or whenever), and then this is reported?

Well this is shockingly bad parenting. It's as if they didn't know that she needed attention, and instead favoured their own entertainment. This puts a new record on gaming addiction.

what game were they playing.I wonder if they went back to playing it and if they were better at the game then in real life?

I'm sorry but that is fucking sick.

I seriously hope they rot.

This is the most messed up thing i've read about a gamer(s) in recent memory

I will never understand some people. Idiots.

God, i was in an internet cafe in china a few years back. looked alot like that pic. and thoughs places are thick with smoke. as i was in there (massive place btw), everyone was playing WoW or chinese MMORPGs. some were just on their lunch break, instead of eat they went there and gamed. Asians love their gaming too much tbh.

OT: It's insane

The parents should punished harshly for this one...i mean neglecting your REAL daughter for a virtual daughter Astronomic Fail.

Good fucking god.

Addictions, our greatest curse. Of course, could have been any addiction with people who are predisposed to it, but this is obviously nonetheless not going to improve the image of video games. Lousy parents piss me off so much, but this is not just that. These people were completely stuck in a different world, much like alcohol and drugs can be abused to flee from the real one. Requirements for parental licenses would be nice right about now.

That's super sad. Takes gaming addiction to a whole new level. I mean I figure I was pretty addicted to WoW but this just stuns me. Sure, I'd eat a few dinners at 10pm because I was busy but this is just... horrible, actually. Then again, they're both unemployed and live with parents (at 41! and 25) so I guess they already had some pretty serious issues.

There's nothing I can say that will accurately convey what I think about this, beyond incoherent outrage.
What in hell's name were they thinking?!

Austin, could you do me a favor and change the title of the news?

Change it to "Awful parents cause death of 3-month old Korean Girl"

Cause addictions don't kill people. People kill people.

That is just sad...People like that should never be allowed to have children in the first place!

Oh great, Michael Atkinson and Jack Thompson will be all over this shit.

The acts of these 2 idiots who care more about a fucking 3D character than their own child will now most likely be used as more "evidence" that videogames are bad.

Wonder how long it'll take Atkinson to roll with this one...

O.o Just wow...

That is really pathetic :(

Don't most stories like this come out of this part of the world? I feel like I hear the most about this kind of thing happening in that general area.

I don't have the words.... that is just so incredibly tragic. I hope they get the help they need, because they seem to have a major problem.

Christ, some people should just not have kids, getting your priorities straight is one thing but good God.

This story is going to come back to gamers in a bad way I tell you, some Game Haters are going to have a field day.


That's just..


I may not be religious, but if heaven exists, then may the girl be in heaven.

thye shouldn't have had the kid in the first place though, I don't think abortions and/or vasectomies are legal in Korea but, I could be mistaken. Anyway, the parents made the choice to love the game more than the kid. Why not put it up for adoption? Maybe they just wanted to give gaming a bad name in some ass-backwards conspiracy against gaming. Or maybe they just didn't want th e kid in the first place and didn't care about losing it.

This is why not everyone should get to breed

This is not gaming addiction. This is the result of two horrible people who have no right raising a child, being responsible for the life of another human being. I really hate it when it's thrown up to gaming addiction. You can be addicted to tying your shoes by this logic. FFS this is horrible.

This is absolutely disgusting.
I don't understand how any living person could allow their own child to die over something as meaningless as a game?
Rotten food....spanking a 3 MONTH OLD BABY?!?
These people don't deserve to have children if they are going to treat them like that.

Yikes, thats really horrible... things like these almost (almost) make me start to think that those anti-gamer activists might actually have a point...

Wow. I was just talking about what games people would let their kids play... maybe now we gamers should start talking about moderation.

Seriously, that pisses me off. They could have put that kid up for adoption or let it's grandparents take care if it while they were gone.

That was a waste of a child's life. Who knows what that child could have grown up to do?

My gosh, I'm actually upset by this story.

Korea has training centres for 'Counter Strike disintoxicifation' I believe.
But as far as parents murdering their kids directly or indirectly go, as creepy as this may be, Japan has far worse stories.

Somehow I'm jealous that that 45 year old still managed to be able to marry someone who is 25. Then I realised he lives with his parents and play games 12 hours a day. I somehow like my life a bit more now.

Parental Fail.

They should be left with no food, see how they like it.

And if they cry then they should bring out the old cat 'o nine-tails.

Criminal neglect at the hands of the Diabolus Machina. Hope they get what's coming to them.

I fail to see how this is any more of a threat than just bad parenting. They could have been doing any number of things for that 12 hours. Just because they're bad parents doesn't mean that games have to be blamed.

Given that there were FOUR people who could have looked after that child, two of which seem to be non-gamers: blaming it on gaming seems a trite put-off compared to the sadism shown by the parents.

I thought when you put "The Kims" it was supposed to be a clever play on the game "The Sims", seeing as how they were raising a virtual daughter. Guess not.

I am both digusted and not surprised by this turn of events. Shit like this happens all the time, but since games are linked, and by extension "gamez r bad", it's more bad publicity for the gaming industry.

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