Brain Controlled Pinball Becomes Reality

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Brain Controlled Pinball Becomes Reality

Playing pinball no longer requires the tiring effort of pushing two buttons on the sides of a machine.

Berlin Brain-Computer Interface is a research group that works to translate signals from the brain to electronic devices. While this has applications in many life-changing technologies, such as with mechanical limbs and paralyzed patients, BBCI's recent work has demonstrated its use in playing the game of pinball.

By recording cerebral electric activity through an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is the fancy way to say electrodes attached to the scalp, BBCI was successfully able to allow a man to use his brain to control a pinball machine. The right and left flippers were controlled through thoughts of right or left hand movements. While a pinball machine can have hundreds of moving parts, it's ultimately a simple game suited to this type of control method.

This is not yet in the realm of something you can pop on your head at the local arcade, as the preparation involved is lengthy, but the fact that it works is pretty cool. At one point, the player appears to exhibit precise flipper control, whether that was simple luck or not. For now, I think I could still manage playing the old-fashioned way. After all, a true pinball player is going to have to kick the machine a few times.

Brain control, if it ever reaches a realistic point of accuracy, would take us in a completely opposite direction from that which the videogame industry is going in now. The Nintendo Wii, Microsoft's Natal, and Sony's unnamed motion controller are creating gamers more active than they've ever been before. When it comes to brain control, we'll be sitting completely motionless, with dead looks in our eyes almost hypnotized by our games, until we eventually just keel over and die. I, for one, cannot wait.

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We really need to bury this excessive peripheral crap before it gets out of hand.
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That's usin the 'ol noggin!

Nothing can stay the course of sedentary-ness now! Movement is for pussies!

Tom Goldman:
Sony's unnamed motion controller

Can we just call it Sony's dildo? Let's face it, its the first thing we all thought of when we saw it.

OT: Pretty interesting stuff, lots of implications for people with physical disabilities and whatnots.

And us lazy ones.

I have a sudden unbearable urge to get really intoxicated on everything and see what happens when I try to use it then.

I wanna know one thing:


Onyx Oblivion:


Why must people always ask "Why?"

"Why?" "Why?" "Why?"

I prefer the question "Why not?"
(I love when people do that)

Pretty cool, and I too look forward to the day we all become about as active as the Humans in Wall-E

When I can pac man with my mind I will be a lot more interested... I guess that is the next logical step?

I said just a few days ago that we're finally entering the future that we've seen so many times in fiction. I think this just proves my point more.

the time people have...

Being the paranoid person I am about the whole brain control, AI, robots thing... this seems like a bad idea...

If you're so lazy you don't even want to push a button. Kill yourself please.

I guess it will take a while until we can play Wii Fit with our minds only.
Oh wait...

Maybe we'll get to play Psychonauts 3 with controls like that...
Or a combination of that and a standard controller.
Using the standard controller for physical stuff like running, jumping and hitting thing and the psycontroller I had to start calling it something different than "that" for all psychic stuff.

The main problem i see, is surely you might end up sending the signal at the wrong time. It's pretty hard not to be thinking about the left flipper when you're waiting to use the left flipper.

I'm honestly surprised no one has said a skynet joke yet. Weird, it's usually the first or second post.

I think people are forgetting that this is a godsend for physically disabled gamers.

But otherwise yeah, I think it's just gonna make humanity lazier than it already is.

We really need to bury this excessive peripheral crap before it gets out of hand.

While that is a very good point, this sounds bloody awesome! Hands free psychic pinball! Sign me up!

That's really quite impressive, but I still like playing pinball (on the very few occassions I do play it) the old fashioned way.
But it does have its uses outside of those for lazy people, such as:

I think people are forgetting that this is a godsend for physically disabled gamers.

While I don't really see a place for this in games, they are probably the best place to start testing these brainwave controls.

But I'd prefer it if they developed a way to control a TV remote with your brain first.

This begs the question though, how long before someone tries to use this technology to control minds?

That's all well and good, how long before mind controlled guided nuclear missiles, dammit!

But otherwise yeah, I think it's just gonna make humanity lazier than it already is.

Because playing pinball was such a physical activity before.

Certainly putting an inventive twist on and old principle!

This could certainly be fun! =D

Sweet. Bring on true VR soon I hope.

Now all we need is pinball that can be played by a sense of smell only and "Pinball Wizard" will have become a reality.

Pfft, I can do that without the octopus helmet.

No more of this, please. Over the past few days, the news stories about the holography, Japan's robot, this...

My puny mind can't take it anymore. Technology overload!

Quite interesting good sirs of berlin. however i doth protest the idea of using one's cortex for the simple matter of controlling a sphere to hit other assorted shapes.

I'm hoping they advance this sort of technology to a point where you can learn complex motor functions without actually requiring the normal time involvement. Be nice to learn certain things that I just don't have the time to otherwise learn.

Course unfortunately business would ruin this as it often does scientific advancements.

Basically everything negative about genetic engineering has been because of businesses and their ignorant leadership. Sounds elitist but when you give an idiot with money power that should be limited to folks who actual understand the power then it gets worrysome.

If anyone feels the third paragraph is hypocritical in context of the first keep in mind theoretically in the first you WOULD have the knowledge to understand the power after the fact.

30 Bucks says the US military is going to buy the technology so they can build kill bots that are controlled by soldiers far away from the field to further streamline intercontinental murder.

We really need to bury this excessive peripheral crap before it gets out of hand.

That's usin the 'ol noggin!

I'm not sure if there is a pun hidden in these two somewhere.

seems a bit choppy, but hey, thats FREEKIN AWESOME that it works.

I think, eventually, this kind of tech and motion control could be used in concert. The brain interface would not be used to replace a person's functioning limbs, but for things impossible outside the world of the game, such as magic... sorta like what Rex Dark was getting at. Given that, as well as the possibilities this brings to disabled gamers, I give this advancement two thumbs up.

Also, for everyone afraid of this being used for mind control, this kind of system only has the ability to detect input FROM the brain. Someone would have to design a system that could output signals TO the brain, AND get people to buy it. This means the feature would either have to be added in secret and covered up, or have a good advertising campaign with an insane amount of positive spin towards the capabilities such a feature (combined with consumer stupidity/unawareness).

Yeah, cause fuck all those paralyzed people. They got no business playing videogames. They are worse than those goddamned casual gamers. God, next videogames will actually be accepted as a valid form of entertainment.

Will the stupid people kill themselves please? Kthxbye.

Yeah, but could you tilt the machine with your mind?

You know, decades from now, when we're all gaming with Tron-like technology, I'm still going to say that good 'ole pinball is one of the greatest games ever conceived.

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