9-Minute Clip of MGS: Peace Walker Shows Big Boss' New Tricks

9-Minute Clip of MGS: Peace Walker Shows Big Boss' New Tricks

If you have a hankering to watch nine minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker footage, then you're in luck. And if you were hoping that the game would make the series' guards breathtakingly stupid again, you're in luck too.

Sorry, Kojima-san - I've just watched nine minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in action, and I haven't seen a lick of the "freshness" and "expanded gameplay" that you were talking about.

This isn't to say that the PSP title doesn't look good, mind you - it does - it just looks like the same as pretty much every other game in the series. Big Boss does have some new tricks up his sleeve, though: A sheet that instantly camouflages him, a decoy dummy he can set up to distract guards, and (most hilariously of all) a robot drone that will retrieve the unconscious-or-dead bodies of guards unlucky enough to be in Big Boss' path.

The footage also demonstrates that Peace Walker will return to a series staple: amazingly stupid guards. I don't know about you, but Kojima's attempts at making his guards more competent never sat right with me. I want to fool guards with cardboard cutouts, dammit! I want to hide from them in plain sight by holding a sheet over my body! I want to crouch at a right angle from them, toss a marker at their feet and watch as my robot drone drops a crate on their head!

Okay, that last one is actually pretty hilarious.

Peace Walker is out this May.


Finally a game that can put my PSP to use again!

It looks pretty dang fun, if I may say so myself. Can't wait.

Looking forward to when it comes out. Seems better than the previous MGS title on the PSP...Did not like that at all.

This, however, looks more promising, and with retrn of stupid guards how can we lose!

Great, now I have an excuse to use my PSP again.
I am looking forward to the stupid guards again XD

Big Boss doesn't know how to smell, you know...

Has anyone else got the weirdest feeling when he choked out that guard? They should have just stuck with the regular "Ugh ugh ugh, ARGH!" instead of that weird gargling noise.

Either way, this game looks awesome. The demo wasn't enough to tide me over, but at least is hase McDonell freakin' Miller in it!

Personally I'm still not sold on Peace Walker (the fact I don't own a PSP notwithstanding, I can still say it has some good games), and I still wonder if Kojima's trying to kill off the series seeing as how he's incorporated the Alone in the Dark system of "you don't actually pause when you look at the map/sort inventory", and you can't move while prone anymore. Apparently army crawls aren't stealthy. Am I nitpicking? Probably, but given how much crawling about I did in MGS3 (best game in the series in my opinion, it may not be the same for you) just to sneak past guards or sneak up on them, I find it a curious omission.

I want this because it's a sequal and not a spin-off for people who think Raiden is cool.


Man i could really go for a MGS game right about now! Not persuasive enough for me to go buy a PSP though. How much does MGS4 cost now?

and the guards still haven't noticed him


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