Final Fantasy XIII Developers Would Like to Make Sequel

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Doesn't that mean your basing your whole opinion of Final Fantasy X-2 from Final Fantasy X, instead of looking at X-2 by itself?

Surely regarding one game on the merits of a different game isn't objective?

The only thing they have in common is the game world and two of the character names, as for all intents and purposes the mechanics of the game (the battle and levelling systems) are completely different, which makes the games themselves inherently different.

It seems unfair to judge X-2 by the standards of FFX when the games play completely different from each other.

Sure, when you forget that the "2" in "X-2" implies it being a sequal, or ignore who Yuna and Titus are and everything else that happened in the previous game, or just leave out the entire fucking ending to Final Fantasy X that lead up to the events of X-2 and completely DEFINE the entire story, then you'd get something different.... A mediocre game about a bunch of little girls fighting monsters while singing pop songs at concerts in their spare time.

At least the battle system was better than 13's. Hell, almost everything was better. Lots of sidequesting, customizing battle setups, BEING ABLE TO USE MORE THAN ONE FUCKING CHARACTER IN COMBAT. The story was bad by FF standards, but okay by itself. And most importantly, it was fun.

"the characters are made of flesh and blood. They are not robots". Seriously??? Did he even play his own game?? Most of the characters were robots programmed to the mood of 'melancholy' and 'hopelessly narrow-minded romantic'. They just switched between the two every now and again. Oh, Sazh was an exception. He was a robot programmed to 'stereotypical token blackman', shouting "aw hell naw!" all the time.

I suppose that's unfair...Sazh was the most defined character in the game. But honestly, the previous character personalities have been far better (by the height of a fucking skyscraper) than any in XIII.

In any case, shouldn't he look at fan opinions rather than sales to decide on a sequel?? Most fans would have bought the game because...wel.. it's Final Fantasy but from what I know, a lot of them didn't like it much.

Granted, it's not as bad as everyone makes out. I found the battle system to be fucking incredible despite it shortening boss battles to only 10 minutes at the most but the plot, the characters and the world were all bland, unrealised and terrible compared to it's predecessors. Because of this, I don't want Squenix to explore the characters further...because, frankly, I don't care enough about them.

Just do what you've always done Squenix...start again.

But this time do it better.

A sequel would be fine. But please tweak the combat system so it's not "mash X until bored", then walk down a corridor until you hit something, followed by more mashing of X.

After watching several more hours of FF13 gameplay, I've decided that the series isn't worth a damn anymore.

What is the dominant mechanic behind FF13?
"Lets involve the player as little as possible!"

I suppose they were going for brevity, only to trip into mediocrity.
The entire game feels like an empty hallway lined solely with Christmas lights.
It wowed me for about an hour, then it started to become boring.

So naturally, this game deserves a sequel...sigh.
I suppose if sales figures drive sequels, then yes. It does.
And it will suck dick too. Because we all know that FF sequels have such amazing track records.

Perhaps I'm just being selfish, but it feels like that there are so few proverbial fish left in the rpg pond that I might like.
The ones I did like have all died, either due to company politics, weak sales, or stagnation while future rpgs look like Bling-cash-in games and remakes (I am not fooled, nor am I impressed).

Well I guess I should hurry up and finally finish FFVII, than FFIX, then maybe buy a PS2 and go for FFX and FFXII. Than buy FFXIII, see why everyone hates it and go back to FFVII (or FFIX).

Hooray for random thread necros!


I wouldn't have too much of a problem with this... just so long as they don't ruin everything like FFX-2.


*gets newspaper, hits SE with it*

NO! BAD! That's a BAD Square-Enix! NO SEQUELS!

'specially not this game. People tell me "Oh, just get though the first ten hours of horribleness, and then it gets better!"

For all I know, eating a turd might be the same way. In either case, I'm not wanting to find out.

The first ten are linear yes, but far from horrible. The battle system is actually the best I've played in any FF game (or any RPG in recent memory, period).

This would be one of the cases in which I would love to throw my hands in the air and shout "Your opinion is wrong!"

dammit squarenix stop working on these shit games AND MAEK MEH MAH FFXIII AGITO.

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