WarioWare D.I.Y. Users Create Abhorrently Violent Microgames

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WarioWare D.I.Y. Users Create Abhorrently Violent Microgames

When given the power of a level editor, nothing seems to be off limits, even in a Nintendo game.

**Warning. This video contains extreme violence. It's cartoon violence, but still may be disturbing for some.**

WarioWare D.I.Y., coming to North America on March 28 alongside the DSi XL, is the latest in the WarioWare series, but D.I.Y. comes with a new twist: a microgame editor that allows your creations to be shared with friends. The Japanese have already taken advantage of the freedom the microgame editor allows to create some very violent minigames that would probably make Shigeru Miyamoto frown.

WarioWare's microgames are called as such because they are too short to be called minigames. Each will last only a few seconds, with players usually having to complete a simple task by pushing a button or two very quickly. It's a lot more fun than it may sound, as these tasks sometimes require the picking of a nose or the flipping of an omelet.

WarioWare D.I.Y. has been available in Japan for almost a year now, under the title Made in Ore. The editor is actually pretty deep, giving players the power to create graphics and sounds. By now, Japanese gamers must have created many cute microgames filled with bunnies and rainbows, right? No.

As seen in the accompanying video, WarioWare D.I.Y. can be used to create really, really violent microgames. The least violent involves a guy simply being shot by a sniper rifle. Some other examples include a man being mauled with a chainsaw, Mario gunning down Princess Peach with an automatic weapon, and a decapitation with a saw. Though these are cartoony and use stick figures, they still creep me out a little.

I commend Nintendo for coming up with the great idea of adding a level editor into the WarioWare series, and for actually giving players the power to use more than stock art. I'm just wondering if the company didn't get in over its head here. I know I'll be sticking to microgames about unicorns that grant wishes to children, but these violent microgames are likely only the beginning of some potentially very nasty stuff that will be created by others without a mindset such as mine.

(Via GoNintendo)


And Reggie said they would never get violent

I'm surprised they didn't come up with some rule 34 style 'games'.

Either way, this is to be expected. Just as you get some aberrations, you'll get some genuinely good games that a professional developer would say 'Dang, I should have thought of that'.

Some diamonds, lots of rough.

Now I want this game.

Wow o.o Goes to prove when people have the tools and ability, they go straight to the violence...its not like anything like that has ever happ--Oh, wait G-Mod lol

is it weird i found that funny?

We've seen it before: The moment that people are allowed to create their own videogames , they immediately go to sex and violence (Everyone remember Sporn?)

... and where may I purchase this game?

I hate to sound smug but:

Really, what did they expect?

Ah...Gotta love Nintendo. They truely know how to appeal to "gamers" of this gen.

0_0 Some of those are actually horrific... Like the one with the guy being nailed to a cross... Who would come up with these? Oh wait... Never mind ^_^

I find it funny seeing Wario laughing after each brutal killing.

That one with the cross is going to piss someone off.

Aside from the violence, none of those games seem interesting. (Unless all microgames are like that. I wouldn't know, as I don't have a DS.)

Nothing that appeals to me, except seeing Wario laughing after each one. I think it was put best as this:

I'm surprised they didn't come up with some rule 34 style 'games'.

Either way, this is to be expected. Just as you get some aberrations, you'll get some genuinely good games that a professional developer would say 'Dang, I should have thought of that'.

Some diamonds, lots of rough.

Can't get to the diamonds without digging through lots of dirt.

If this level editor is as deep as they say it is, "violent" content is probably the least of their worries...
...just wait until this gets in the hands of those certain folks at 4Chan...

Hmm... That video plays like a condensed story of Flash games during the last decade.

I guess we should blame Adobe for that?

I'm not amused by these types of content, or by all the variations on the same concept you can find online. Fortunately, I have a very natural immunity to them involving not putting myself in direct contact with them. Sometimes they pop up here and there, when somebody sends one to my email or it shows up in a website I go to. What I do then is check it out, confirm that I have no interest in them and go on with my life.

Incidentally, I've also managed to never actually see a single frame of "Two girls, one cup". It wasn't that hard, either.

I actually can't believe how much functionality the game has! I'm really looking forward to it now.

I'm surprised they didn't come up with some rule 34 style 'games'.

They probably have. We just haven't searched hard enough.

Anyway, I don't see why these would be disturbing. Twisted funny, yes, but disturbing... well, okay, I guess I can almost see where you are coming from. Almost. For the most part, though, I just giggled for these.

AWWW! The gore is sooo cute.

I mean, this is horrible?

the possibilities.... THE POSSIBILITIES!!! mreheheheheeeee......

Meh, I've seen worse on Newgrounds.

I was expecting Super Baby Aborter. This stuff was far tamer than I was expecting. I mean this is Japan we're talking about!

Custer's Revenge remake anyone? XD

I'm quite drunk right now, but the one of a man being beheaded was quite sobering.

To paraphrase the Kaiser Chiefs, I predict a scandal.

Hmm... I might actually get this now.

Not because of the violent ones, mind you (nooooooooooooo ofcourse not!)
But a editor really does sound like a lot of fun.

If only they were any good, most seemed too easy and not fitting in with the frantic nature of the game.

Am I the only one taking a sadistic pleasure in these minigames?

Hmmm, well I have no real problem with sex and/or violence in of themselves, though I am fairly jaded. Perhaps this will show Nintendo that there is a market for them to produce more "M" rated games directly?

That said, we'll see where it goes.

I think that was the best free advertisement Nintendo could have gotten for this game. I am definitely going to get this game as soon as it comes out here just to make awesome microgames like this.

I'm split between being impressed at the variety of tools that Nintendo have included with the editor, and being disappointed at how many of those games are so damn unimaginative. I mean, I wouldn't mind the gore all that badly, if they at least made it interesting or horrifying, rather than twelve variations on the "press button when man enters square to murder".

Oh god, I weep. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't true that gaming desensitizes us to violence. I mean, there's not even any gameplay here and unlike, say, Don't Shoot the Puppy it isn't even done with comedic intent; it's just plain sick. Either way, this doesn't make us look good.

Should we consider that a white stickman did the person who created them some terrible ill before we judge?

OT: I think that one maybe two of those would have been Ok but one after another? Not great. Seems the creator was a little too wrapped up in the whole killing thing. I am very impressed with the level of editing avaliable though.

I think a lot of these would have been more funny if Japanese were allowed to use guns. I could tell that the emphasis on guns was kinda like an American teen's obsession with sex. Both are forbidden fruit of each culture, and so a lot of "creativity" gets expressed by doing the things they aren't allowed to do.

I'm not trying to say that Japanese are all a bunch of psychotic murders waiting to happen, but would you draw a penis on some one's face while they are sleeping if sex was a casual thing around here? I think that most people would think it lame and not funny; kinda like drawing a walking man instead.

Blood and guts are boring and passe in the 21st century.

What we really want to know is: "What was WarioWare D.I.Y.'s time-to-penis rating?"

Are these microgames downloadable from the DSi? Cause if they are, someone will get sued when some parent find their little child tentacle-raping school-girls on his DSi.

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