WarioWare D.I.Y. Users Create Abhorrently Violent Microgames

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This stuff is tame in comparison to the porn that inevitably already exists.

Meh, I've seen worse on Newgrounds.

My thoughts exactly.

I mean aside from two (cross and saw beheading) I didn't see anything that I would consider abhorrently violent. But then again those are the games that someone can get onto youtube. Imagine what isn't. Wait, on second thought, don't imagine.

I think that "This is violent, but not unexpected" was my response up until the game around 2 minutes in where you sawed a guys head in half. That and the crucfying (sp?) game.

Meh, I've seen worse on Newgrounds.

My thoughts exactly. Given you can always find something "worse" on the internet, violent games like these are fairly common on sites like Newgrounds, AddictingGames, and the like. Nothing really of note to me. Although, the absurdity of the guy who got shot into the building and then slid down made me smile a little on the inside.

Looks like it was a good thing i bought a DS today.

OT: how much you want to bet where going to get a dumed down version now.

Holy shit... just when I thought Japan couldn't be any more fucked up.

Then again, that's actually pretty funny. Nintendo makes a family game, and a couple gamers with too much time on their hands and mild sociopathic tendencies turn it into a murder simulator. Take that, rating boards of the world, for this game is potentially one of the most violent games ever made--yes, perhaps even worse than Manhunt 2 (if someone really, really sick gets into the game).

Despite the disturbing feeling I get when thinking about the guy who thought up those microgames, I'm a big WarioWare fan, and am really excited about the addition of a level editor. Hopefully it doesn't get pulled in the North American release due to graphic violence.

Dammit. Now I have to figure out how to hook my DS up to wifi.

The Gentleman:
We've seen it before: The moment that people are allowed to create their own videogames , they immediately go to sex and violence (Everyone remember Sporn?)

yeah but considering the way people are I figured the sex would come first. then re-creating already existing works. And then 3rdly violence. Of coarse maybe that stuff has already happened and not gotten it's own news story.

Did anyone else notice they boiled just about every game ever released down a bunch of 20 second apps?

That's what happens when you give gamers freedom to create levels. Before you know it, people will run out of ideas for penis related mini-games.

Well Wario is the evil mario

A couple of these are really messed up. The saw one is particularly bad. I love the Mario one though.

I'm surprised they didn't come up with some rule 34 style 'games'.

I'd bet good money that many, many people have. Tentacles, catgirls, and schoolgirls aplenty.

I am going to find this priceless if all of these creations end up being the legal property of Nintendo.

That hangman one was pretty disturbing.

Where's the hentai one's?

I'm just wondering if the company didn't get in over its head here.

Nah-ah. The users did. If it's possible to offer freedom in any form of media, then let there be freedom. You get shit like this as a side-effect, sure, but you don't blame the media for it. You blame the users.

You know the old saying, guns don't kill people.

That was... Odd...

I'm not quite sure how to describe what I was thinking throughout the video, other than "AWESOME"!

See? Games don't make people violent, people make games violent.

I'm surprised they didn't come up with some rule 34 style 'games'.

Either way, this is to be expected. Just as you get some aberrations, you'll get some genuinely good games that a professional developer would say 'Dang, I should have thought of that'.

Some diamonds, lots of rough.

it already exist and I have seen it

Some diamonds, lots of rough.

Sort of like the Internet as a whole, that.

Am I the only one having trouble imagining Shigeru Miyamoto frowning? I almost don't even want to. Making Shiggy frown is like making a cute, overly happy puppy cry. Don't make Shiggy frown, people!

This has got to be the funniest gaming article I've read in a while. I want this game now.

That is very much different from the Warioware Touched for ds that i got.

This kind of shit is nothing new, look for a game called "Chiller" on youtube and see how long you can keep yourself from puking. And that was an actual arcade game. I'm not gonna link it here, because it makes that Wario Ware crap look quite tame by comparison.

I only have one thing to say: Create with Garfield for the Apple and C64.

Ideally something to make your own Garfield strip, it was incredibly limited (even compared to the programs of the day). Making a three-panel strip was effectively impossible. But my young and innocent self found that making scenes of bloodless decapitation was pretty easy (if you were clever with backgrounds, you could even add blood). Yes, Jon, you were ten seconds late feeding Garfield and he has kicked your head clean off. Awww, everyone's favorite lazy cat is saying he's going to feast on your guts this night! So adorable!

Meanwhile, a friend of mine discovered independently that drawing comics where Arlene (Garfield's girlfriend) is attempting to seduce Odie while Nermal questions his gender identity was also WAY easier than doing a legitimate comic.

(Seriously, Google "create with garfield" and I bet you'll find something distinctly NOT for the funny pages on the first page of results.)

So my conclusion is that children are deviants and will pervert any tool given them.

As far as Warioware micro-games, these seem pretty dull. I mean, a big button you press to shoot and a slow moving target? What I remember about that series was being utterly confused all the time, just barely having an idea of what I was supposed to be doing and not really having enough time to make sense of any of it. Which was fun for some reason. Without the blood effects these would be completely run of the mill (actually reminds me a lot of Stick Death).

Other than the decapitation one - I did find something about that a little unnerving - they were kind of tame to what I was expecting. Plus, the actual gameplay looked boring.

I laughed at the one Mario one.

I found 'em funny.

Granted I find arson funny, too.

(It's got the word 'arse' in it. I mean , c'mon...)

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