"Father of Videogames" Joins National Inventors Hall of Fame

"Father of Videogames" Joins National Inventors Hall of Fame


Ralph Baer, the man known as the "father of videogames" has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

In 1966, Baer began work on the prototype of the first-ever home videogame console, which would later be released as the Odyssey by Magnavox in 1972, making history and sparking the creation of the gaming industry. Yesterday, he was honored with an induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame during a ceremony held at the US Department of Commerce in Washington DC.

"People thought I was wasting my time and the company's money for that matter," Baer said. "There's no way anybody could have predicted how fast this industry would take off."

In addition to inventing the original gaming console, Baer also had a hand in a number of other inventions one of the most notable being the light gun peripheral. Baer's contributions to the gaming world are undeniable, and it is great for him to have attained such recognition. The National Inventors Hall of Fame states inductees must have "a major impact on society, the public welfare, and the progress of science and the useful arts," and I'd say he's definitely accomplished that.

Source: Wired and Gamasutra


my uncle still has an odyssey that works

I suppose that's neat. This man deserves a medal.

That man is one of the greatest living people.

Also, 2000 posts. Woo hoo.

Well in one thousand years, our descendants will be able to look at our remains and say, "Haha, they had to play with stupid motion controls, while we have virtual porn!"

Congrats to him!

He deserved it.

Thank God! For a second I thought this was going to Atari-Man who stole most of Mr. Baer's technology.

This is great! He really deserved it.

Hope this ain't another stupid April fools...

Anyhow, kinda neat that the father of videogames would get this much recognition. Way to go old guy!

Wow, talk about coincidences... I was literally in the middle of calling someone an idiot for considering Gabe Newell to be the Father of Videogames, and then I saw this. Congrats to Ralph Baer, a true genius with an amazing story.

Ralph Baer we salute you. Definetly deserves it.

Its nice to see credit where credit is due. Good on him =]

I'm happy for Ralph he deserves this recognition and not the guy who pretty much stole the stuff Ralph made.

I'm in high school with his grandson, Alex Baer. From what he says, his grandad's pretty awesome. Congratulations on his award, he's changed how we look at entertainment for good.

He certainly deserves it that is for sure!

They took there time though...better late than never!

skitzo van:
Well in one thousand years, our descendants will be able to look at our remains and say, "Haha, they had to play with stupid motion controls, while we have virtual porn!"

An Virtual Murder Simulators. Don't forget that :3


To think that other people of his (estimated by me) age group are so naive about the industry that they think we're all raving lunatics. And many a lot younger than him too.

Kudos to Ralph Baer. He really deserves to be on that spot.

Finally, about damn time. The man was 70% the reason the video game industry is what it is today. A little late, but the recognition is well deserved. KUDOS!

That man gave us all our favorite medium. He defenitely deserved his place in that Hall of Fame. I'm just wondering why he wasn't put in there earlier.

It's about time that Ralph got the credit he deserved...

i wonder if he's a millionaire ?

This isn't an April Fools joke is it?

'Cause I've already fallen for like 3 or 4 of those after being on this site for a total of 20 minutes.

Congratulations, you have earnt the respect of Corn

Be proud

I can't help but feel snide at the fact that he's Jewish ;O

Congradu-FREAKIN-lations Raphy my boy, you deserve every scrap of metal they give you!

There is only one more thing to do to celebrate Ralph Baer's amount of win. Salute him(facing North because it's the 1337est direction) with the Gamer Salute, but that has yet to be determined. So, I suppose I'll be using the Iron Guard Position.

Great to see someone of his stature within the gaming world not only get the recognition he deserves but to get it not just as an in-industry honour.

To think, we have gone from two glow sticks controlled with knobs to all that we have today in 38 years, and without this man it might never of even happened.

To Ralph, congradulations on the award, and we salute you.

I bought an Odyssey in 1976. 2 weeks later, I was bored with it. Games have come a long way.

You gotta respect the man for what he did.

He gets kudos for being the first...but it was a $100 piece of junk.
Getting it on the market was the important thing. That got others working hard.

I'm happy to see that he's finally getting some well-deserved recognition. Kudos to him for getting this ball rolling.

Congratulations to Mr. Baer, this has been a long time coming for him.


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