Syndicate Remake Gets a "Triple Confirmation"

Syndicate Remake Gets a "Triple Confirmation"


Superannunation has dug up what it calls a "triple confirmation" that Project Redlime, the mysterious title in development at Starbreeze Studios, is in fact a remake of the hit Bullfrog game Syndicate.

It's not quite the same as an official press release, no, but the new information uncovered by Superannuation certainly goes a long way toward eliminating denial as an option. Its "triple confirmation" is actually three filings with the United States Copyright Office involving Starbreeze, EA and other parties, and something called "Syndicate": A license agreement, a copyright mortgage and assignment, and a "sidecar short form assignment and assumption agreement," whatever that is.

Rumors that Starbreeze, best known for developing the Riddick games, is working on a Syndicate remake have been swirling since October 2008 and the evidence has continued to mount: In March 2009, GamesIndustry claimed that unnamed sources had "confirmed" the game, while a piece of script allegedly from the game turned up in November and character sketches by artist Ross Dearsley for something called "Syndicate" bubbled to the surface in February 2010.

Someday, EA and Starbreeze will drop an official word about this and on that day, we'll throw our thumbs up, smile big and say, "Confirmed!" Until then, we'll have to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that if it doesn't happen, it'll mean we've been caught up in the most amazing campaign of misdirection the industry has ever seen, which would indicate that EA has something even more awesome that it's desperate to keep under wraps. More awesome than Syndicate? The mind boggles.


Looking forward to this, the chances seem high that it might be syndicate.

Ahhh... Syndacite.

Boy did that get me nostalgic. It's good to see there could be a remake on the way. So long as they keep the general concept of the gameplay intact I'll be satisfied.

Cool stuff.

May I be the first to say:


I am currently digging on Syndicate Wars and Syndicate on my PSP so I am very excited about this.

I just hope it's an actual Syndicate game and not another FPS "reimagining" or "remake". We have quite enough of those.

Yes! I hope it will rock as much as the original did back in the day...

I just hope it's an actual Syndicate game and not another FPS "reimagining" or "remake". We have quite enough of those.

Script leaks plus the choice of Starbreeze suggest it's a FPS reimagining. Sorry.

About. Fucking. Time.

Now that it's been leaked, maybe we'll get an official announcement sometime soon: and I can only hope that given the rumors have been going on for more than two years now, it won't be another two before we see the damn game.


Hopefully this is the beginning of remakes of all the classics. Anyone for Theme Hospital?

I would be so happy if it was syndicate. Great game and has been begging for remake for ages!

Unlike X-Com, Syndicate will translate well being adapted to an FPS style of game. Especially the grim dark worldscapes that Starbreeze is known for. I honestly couldn't think of someone better to work on this Project other than Bullfrog themselves, but then Peter Molyneux is absolutely batshit insane these days.

when can we get a populous the beggining remake? oh well, syndicate sounds like fun to :)

As long as it's better than Syndicate Wars, it's all good, yknowatamsayin.

I remember Syndicate so fondly. I can't remember if it came out before or after Doom (or, more to the point, if I played it before or after) but I distinctly recall being surprised, maybe even a bit shocked, at how wantonly violent it was. Doom never had that impact; it was violent, but awesome and cool and a shitload of fun and I loved the hell out of it, but I never paused and thought, wow, this is really over the top. With Syndicate, I did. A lot.

please EA don't fuck up Syndicate too

Holy shit YES, this was my favorite game for the longest time

Lets hope EA does not corrupt it.
*crosses fingers*

I just hope it's an actual Syndicate game and not another FPS "reimagining" or "remake". We have quite enough of those.

Those thoughts make me sad... Re imagining... I loved the original.

Hmm interesting. I remember Syndicate fondly. The Persuader or whatever it was called was a personal favourite.

Now that we are on the subject... I hope we will see a remake of is Ufo: Enemy Unknown. I dug it out recently and discovered to my surprise that it was exactly as good as it was in the olden days. For it to be a success it would just need some new graphics, some polish in the UI and a clean up of the code and it would effectively be done. Then you could move on to add some more depth if you wanted even though the game doesn't strictly speaking need it.

I look forward to spam miniguns and then BOOM, self destructing.

And freaking out when one of the other guys comes running for my guys, because then he's the one who'll self destructing.

And using the mind control device to control a small army of citizen and policemen, spamming firing all over everyone trying to protect the target.

Those were the days.

Damn, syndicate was badass.

Sending one guy in with a Cardiac Nuke and then spamming Heal.

Persuadertron, Every civilian on the map, ZERG ZERG ZERG!

If this comes out as a squad-based tactical shooter, I'll be very happy indeed. Can you imagine co-op? Taking your best augmented Agent into the field with your mates to wreak some carnage would be delicious.

Just one word.



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