Are the Professor Layton Devs Making a 3DS Game?

Are the Professor Layton Devs Making a 3DS Game?


Whatever the next game will be from Professor Layton studio Level 5, there's a high chance it'll be on Nintendo's upcoming 3DS.

In an interview with Japanese game uber-mag Famitsu, Layton series producer Akihiro Hino dropped some hints as to what his studio's next project would be. He revealed that the game would be a collaboration with director Jiro Ishi, called Time Travelers - but that wasn't the interesting part.

What's interesting is the level of secrecy that the duo took pains to maintain around the title. Ishi - who directed critically-acclaimed PS3/PSP/Wii adventure game 428 - refused to even shed some light on what genre of game it was.

Whatever the genre, though, it seems that the title will probably be for Nintendo's recently-announced new handheld platform, the 3DS. That would be the most likely interpretation of Hino's cryptic statement that Time Travelers was being made "for hardware that doesn't exist yet."

Either that, or they'll be making it for, like, the PS4 or something.

Ishi did say that he thought his idea for Time Travelers would be a completely original take on the idea of time travel. "...I have an idea about time travel that has never been done before, even in movies or books."

But has it been done in games before, Ishi-san? Chrono Trigger came out in the early 90s, man!



Ohhhh! Wonder if we will see some stuff soon as to how the 3DS will actually work!

Maybe they will make another Prof. Layton...hopefully, lol

I hope his imagination lives up to my expectations, because I've read a LOT of books on time travel, including physics theory (mostly for the layman, and I particularly recommend Time: A Traveller's Guide if you are interested in a simple, reality-based discussion in the form of a quirky story), but I never turn down the possibility of it being original and new. While I kind of died on the concept of another Professor Layton (the charm hasn't carried it much past the second game for me) I really like the developers and I can't wait to see what they do with this.

Oh I hope they do.

meh probably not the next game but maybe the game after that the layton series has been selling like mw2 here theyve even made a film! so naturaly the next japenese instalment will most likely be before the 3ds is released also WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET THE 3RD JAPAN HAS HAD 5 OF THEM AROUND THE TIME THE 2ND ONE SHOWED ITS FACE IN THE UK *ahem* as i was saying we need more layton beacuse those games eat up all your time for breakfast and then demands more!

You know, Level 5 made more than Professor Layton you know.

Damn editors and their bias against Ps2 classics. :(

Hope so, these games are irritating and addictive. My favourite combination

As if I needed another reason to get a 3DS anyway. I hope this works; Diabolical Box was a bit of a letdown after Curious Village. Except for the epic swordfighting, of course.

PLEASE! 3D logic puzzles would break new ground! Not just for gaming, but the world!


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