Former LA Police Chief, Game Designer Daryl Gates Dies

Former LA Police Chief, Game Designer Daryl Gates Dies


Former Los Angeles Chief of Police Daryl F. Gates, better known to gamers for his work on the Police Quest and SWAT games, has passed away.

Gates joined the LAPD in 1949, beginning a long and distinguished career that culminated in his appointment as chief of the department in 1978. Along the way he oversaw the investigations of the Manson Family murders and the Hillside Strangler case, and was also instrumental in the formation of the very first SWAT team, a model which was soon copied by police forces around the world. But he came under fire for his handling of the 1991 beating of Rodney King and the riots that followed the acquittal of the officers involved in 1992; the intense criticism finally led to his resignation in June of that year.

Why is this of interest? Because after leaving the LAPD, Gates signed up with Sierra to work on Police Quest: Open Season, the fourth game in the famed Police Quest series, and then Police Quest: SWAT, which saw the series shift from the traditional adventure genre to a more action-oriented FMV format. The game flopped but the franchise bounced back three years later with SWAT 2, the last game to carry the Police Quest title; Gates served as a consultant on that game as well as the follow-up SWAT 3: Closer Quarters Battle.

The 83-year-old Gates died of cancer at his home in Newport Beach, California.

Source: Reuters


I sincerly enjoyed the Co-Op within the SWAT based games.

Rest in Peace, you done your job to make our world a little bit safer with your efforts.

- Salute. -

A moment of Silence for the man who took a rather strange career path, and engraved his name in history as the toughest game designer ever, and made a game which I enjoyed.

Calumon: *Salute*

*lowers his hat whilst Taps is being played* Farewell Officer gates.


You served the people well. And I'm not talking about games. That's not the important part.

Aww, I loved the Police Quest series!
I remember the first time I typed in:
CD Sierra

Classic. Great games.
R.I.P. Officer Gates.

Awww. RIP dude, I loved the police quest and SWAT games.

Very sad.

Also I'll say that one of the reasons why I've been so critical of the Rodney King thing was because of his involvement, and the things he did other than video games. Even to this day I tend to view this situation as one of literal mob justice of the type the US was *NOT* supposed to enforce with people being effectively tried twice for the same crime because of riots. What's more given that the riots were largely sparked by bad information/partial video footage run by journalists trying to get attention, has also made me a LOT more critical of how the media operates especially when it comes to covering social, and criminal issues.

The point isn't to argue the case, but to point out that I think this guy was wronged, and that the world, and law enforcement, is poorer without him.

Loved the games when they came out, and still hold charm today.

God rest his soul, he did fine work in his time

Never heard of him, but have heard of the games, they where really good.

Always sad when a talented person dies in any profession.

I wasted hours upon hours of my life on both the Police Quest, and SWAT games.

Many thanks to the man who dedicated his life to the safety, and then enjoyment of people everywhere.

Rest in peace.

Rest in Peace.

Rest in Peace, Daryl Gates. And thank you for teaching me everything I know about law enforcement (Police Quest 1 through 4 was one of my favorite games as a child).

That sucks. SWAT wasn't groundbreaking, but I had fun with it.

Also, that man had as strange of a career path as I'm having now.

RIP Mr. Gates. I bet the afterlife is a bit cooler (and likely safer) now, though.

What a weird change of careers. Rest in Peace Officer Gates.


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