Holy Crap, It's a 7-Foot Optimus Prime Balloon Sculpture

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now any clown who says they can't make me the item i requested i shall yell BLASPHEME!!

That's awesome. Great work by the artist.

youtube user is possessed!
youtube user claims balloon workshop!
youtube user begins a mysterious construction!
youtube user creates optimus prime out of baloons!

if you know what game this is from, my hat is off to you.

Cool, but...

It's still no where near as cool as the lifesize Gundam and Gigantor that were up in japan...

Onyx Oblivion:
It's cooler than a Michael Bay transformer.

Like, if the actual balloon Prime was in the movies, it'd still be cooler.

Hehe that made me chuckle.

G1 is the best!

That's just amazing...he should get some kind of award from that. I bet that Optimus has more life then Michael Bays.

I have only one song to lazily sing a few bars in response to this with-

'You got the touch'

'You got the power!'

Holy crap, that guy is wearing suspenders.

THAT'S what you take away from this? Heh.

Holy crap, that guy is wearing suspenders.

That's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the still of the video.

Best ballon sculpture ever.

Unless he makes one of Starscream.

Holy shit... I think an all balloon cast would improve the movies.

By the power of Greyskull!

I don't want to deflate his ego too much, but that's some serious geek stuff there. I think he hit the geek level-cap. Still, best of luck to him. I think him and Balloon Optimus Prime make a nice couple.

Jesus christ, that's freaking awesome! In a kind of nerdy way...

It's not perfect, but it's made out of baloons!

I hope he does Meegatron too...

Ohh, he is a really good balloon... guy?

Forget the transformer. The dude next to it looks a like balloon sculpture himself...

that is so fucking metal

I think it's rubber actually...

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