The Two-Minute Star Wars Trilogy - in LEGO

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The Two-Minute Star Wars Trilogy - in LEGO

Stop what you're doing right now - seriously, just stop - because you really need to see this video: It's the entire Star Wars trilogy, from start to finish, told in two minutes - in LEGO.

You've no doubt heard of LEGO Star Wars and it's apparently pretty cool, but I bet it's not this cool. Because this is the actual Star Wars trilogy rendered in LEGO and compressed into a high-speed two minute video that'll blow you away not just with its obvious awesomeness, but with the surprising amount of detail that's been crammed into it. This is quite possibly the finest Star Wars synopsis I've ever run into.

It's the small touches that really make it work: The hilarious sound effects, the rockin' Star Wars music and the way the narrator refers to characters like "the hairy sidekick" and "the crazy old man" are the icing on the cake. Yesterday may have been Star Wars Day but in this case, "better late than never" definitely applies.

via: Gizmodo


That is one of the best things I have ever seen.

My mind, it has been blown.

That's some nice LEGOing right there!

Thats...pretty accurate

lol, I approve! Good laugh

That is greatest video I have ever seen.

Wow... that was just awesome.

I fell that the creator of this deserve some kind of award. It was that good.

I'm going to play Lego Star Wars. LEGO is the greatest toy ever.

That was so funny. I'll have to watch it again...once my speakers stop being on the fritz so I can actually hear the sound fx. The animations themselves though are pretty good, EPIC WIN!!!

[edit]Ok, my speakers work now so......HA! PERFECT! Is there one that goes over the prequel trilogy or all 6 movies at once?


I need to find this on YouTube and add it to my favorite list, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD!!!

That's just amazing. The level of detail they managed to work in while still keeping it brief is just awesome. And it's a very accurate summary of the movies. I especially liked the transitions from one movie to the next.'s been quite some time since i watched the whole series, but thanks to this clip, it's all coming back to me. Andi seriously did not remember how Han got defrosted. So it was at Jabbas ? Well, now everything makes a lot more sense. And yes, that was quite cool. For a Lego video, that was surprisingly fluid, too. Nicely done!

But seriously, i need to re-watch this.

Wow, that was incredible. I can't believe it was just two minutes.

Awesome is the only word to describe that...

"What'up, son?"
"You kiddin' me!"

That part makes me crack up every single time. Whoever made this deserves an award.


I am impressed. I think not only for the fact that it's so well done, but that it sounds like a young boy did the entire thing. If buddy can really make that stop-motion animations AND play killer guitar licks, he needs to be put on the list for "Man of the Year".

It makes my pupils retelling of The Great Fire of London through the medium of lego look like a big pile of ... bricks!

This almost makes me want to play Lego Star Wars... and I hated that fucking game.

That was nothing short of awesome.

That just reminded me of how much I love Star Wars and how much I love Lego.

Wow..... Just wow.

That... Was... So... AWESOME!

The kid narrating did a damn good job too.

Words cannot describe how AWESOME that was. That has well and truly made my day.

Awesome work. Kids can contribute to the world. I have been taught something today.

That kid has just won the universe. Seriously, bow down to our new master.

That was pretty darn awesome.
Now I want some lego.

was really awesome exept that boba fett didnt die on tatooine O.o

The words 'Made of Win' come to mind.... Really an incredible job!

Excellent, in so many ways. The narration. The music. The actual Lego animation. Goes to show even though the Lego Star Wars games have done this already, doesn't mean it can't still be funny.

So funny and cute.

And they saved the pretty girl "like totally"

Nerds, we are the most awesome people on the planet.

This is definitely the best LEGO video I've ever seen.

I can't decide if my favourite bit is "Whussup son?" or the asteroid space worm thing eating the Falcon. :D

Was it fan made or is it an advert made by the Lego company? Either way it's awesome.

(Me and my friends watched the original theatrical version of A New Hope (or simply Star Wars as it was known in 1977) last night after a curry and a few beers. It was really good fun to watch it in a group, we sat and took the piss out of it all the way through, because we love it so much!)

was really awesome exept that boba fett didnt die on tatooine O.o

Ah, the expanded universe. Gotta love it. I thought the kid had read that when he showed Boba Fett flying around the galaxy.

I need to go play Lego Star Wars again. And then dig all of my lego out of the attic!

BRILLIANT! That's more awesome than elementary school Scarface.

Damn, that was just plain awesome. The people who made that need to get a contract to make more videos like that. They should be making money out of this because they obviously have talent.

I don't even like Star Wars, but that was superb. Well done.

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