Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Lets You Recruit Hideo Kojima

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Onyx Oblivion:
Is there a way to kill him or get him killed? If so, I'd totally get a PSP again just for this. I freaking hate Kojima.

My thoughts exactly. It would be the perfect revenge for long cutscenes, Raiden, his lame angst with Rose and continuing to crowbar more games into the canon.

Isn't that, like, one of the most arrogant things anyone could possibly do? I mean, I can imagine putting yourself in a game as a cameo or a reference just for laughs, but making yourself a PLAYABLE CHARACTER?

That's the equivalent of screaming fangirls writing themselves in to their favorite fanfiction so they can make out with their favorite characters.

Come on, Kojima, what the hell?

He's only having a laugh. Stop taking it so serious, he put it in there for a joke.
It might not have even been his idea

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