Street Fighter: Legacy Dragon Punches Every Street Fighter Movie

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Best Street Fighter bit ever! Though the original Street Fighter animated movie is good in my opinion as well.

The original SF2 anime movie? Hell yea. That one is awesome.
In fact, I would say that it's probably the best video game based movie of all time.

Thanks for not making me feel like a loner for remembering that awesome movie! I felt like it captured the true essence of the game and way a kick ass flick!

This was pure win. Amazing stuff.

wow, props to Joey Ansah! so he's been busy since Bourne Ultimatum haha

Wow this is definitely as good as Art of the saber:

I remember seeing this jewel years ago :D

That was epicly good for just a fan movie. Brillian editing, slows, effects and overall quality. I might watch that nicely done movie just for it beign pretty.

this just confirms everything ive thought about film making: its not freakin rocket science!

seriously, when you can stitch together that piece of work without a hollywood budget, it makes me weep thinking about how anyone can even make a bad movie....

wish (almost) all directors would see this, as a real punch in the groin

Everyone is thinking movie, but it could be an awesome miniseries. Just think a different fight between two characters each week/month, however long these take to create. Add a slight back story to each fight and you have gold. The only weak point I could see is choosing a winner and loser. But if this became a miniseries, I would absolutely subscribe.

Holy motherfucker...

3 minutes of fan made video were better than the complete collection of every high budget hollywood title ever made.

Someone give these guys a seven or eight digit budget, for the love of god... I guarantee they'll not only make a better movie than all other Street Fighter movies put together (because they already have... in 3 minutes...) but they'll also make the first Street Fighter movie you can genuinely be proud of.

Quite possibly the best fan film I've ever watched. About halfway through I was grinning like an idiot because of the sheer awesomeness of it all... they even used my favorite theme from the games.
Give this man a decent movie budget, now! I want MOAR!

That has a lot of potential. They had all the stances right and everything. Really hope they do manage to make a full length movie out of it, I would definately watch/possibly buy that.

Did i just see effort put into an actual Street Fighter film there?

I just did.

And to be honest? when i first saw the teaser trailer, i had my doubts.

Very Very awesome I must say.

That was pretty damn awesome. Easily better than the awful 90's Hollywood effort.

Hollywood you suck! Millions of dollars and you couldn't even get these basic details right!!! Its a shame it won't be made into a movie, that would have been the first good one.

Kind of how the Megaman fan film makes up for the crappy Mario film?

The Hadoken disappoints, I'd guess it's because the Hadoken just kinda pushes Ken back a few feet before dissapating. Compared to the explocive effect of the blocked Hadoken from the game's opening cinematic it mostly resembled Dan's Gadoken from the Alpha anime. I guess they didn't have the budget to give the Hadoken more appropreate effects - kickback effects on Ryu's gi, as in Street Fighter 3 (a low stance is nessessary or you get blown back like Dan does when he's performing Hao Gadoken), blowing away the leafs on the ground as it's going through the air, then exploding dramatically on contact. Check out the one minute mark from this video;

Sorry I don't know how to embed.

The SF movies always made things much less flashy and dramatic, this short goes the other way and tries to make it more true to the games, but dramatic moments in the movie may need to be even more dramatic than they are when mimicking gameplay aspects of the game.

Also, Akuma looked kinda weedy.

I'm not sure I agree with everybody above in assuming that, just because a short film is fantastic (which, don't get me wrong, this is), a feature-length one would be as good. An actual feature-length movie needs extensive plot, cinematography, lighting and pacing work, amongst other things.

The problem with Street Fighter in film has always been the bare-bones level of plot development - the game was meant to be played on an arcade machine for five minutes before you walked away in frustration to get more quarters. Making a full-length movie that would be bearable would require fleshing out an entire backstory for every character which doesn't involve "Character A beat up Character B at some point in the past, resulting in Character B wanting vengeance".

Street Fighter The Animated Movie. Hollywood has a lot to learn indeed.

OT: That was amazing, funny how fans can do a lot more than 'high profile directors'

Dem' Eyebrows...

Well Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been pretty entertaining, I don't see why this couldn't replicate that format.

That was a very enjoyable three minutes.

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