EA's Release Calendar Sets Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age for 2011

EA's Release Calendar Sets Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age for 2011


EA's upcoming release calendar is out and it has revealed Dead Space 2 and the new Dragon Age will see an early 2011 release.

In addition to old mainstays like Madden and NBA Live, EA's calendar offers a tantalizing glimpse of upcoming titles slated for fourth quarter release. Dead Space 2 tops the list, slated for a PC, console, and mobile platform release. Also scheduled for release are new Spore and Dragon Age games. While the official titles of both games are still "to be announced," Dragon Age is noteworthy as it, like Dead Space 2, will be released on mobile platforms, as well as consoles and PC. Spore remains a PC exclusive.

The list also solidifies some release dates, such as All Points Bulletin, due out sometime between April and June, and Crysis 2, which is looking at a release between October and December. You can find the full release schedule below.

• * Q1 FY2011 - April 1 through June 30, 2010
o Skate 3 (Console)
o Green Day: Rock Band (Console)
o APB / All Points Bulletin (PC)
o 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online (PC)
o Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 (Console, Handheld/Mobile)

• * Q2 FY2011 - July 1 through September 30, 2010
o Need for Speed World (PC)
o NCAA Football 11 (Console)
o Madden NFL 11 (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o FIFA 11 (Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC)
o NHL 11 (Console)
o MySims SkyHeroes (Console, Handheld/Mobile)

• * Q3 FY 2011- October 1 through December 31, 2010
o Medal of Honor (Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC)
o Crysis 2 (Console, PC)
o Criterion's Need For Speed Title TBA (Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC)
o EA Partners Game TBA (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o EA SPORTS MMA (Console, Handheld)
o FIFA Manager 11 (PC)
o NBA Jam (Console)
o NBA Live 11 (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o EA SPORTS Active Title TBA (Console)
o EA SPORTS Active 2.0 (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o Hasbro Family Game Night 3 (Console)
o Littlest Pet Shop 3 Biggest Stars (Handheld/Mobile)
o Monopoly Streets (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o Harry Potter TBA (Console, Handheld, PC)
o EA Play Label TBA (Console, PC)
o The Sims 3 (Console, Handheld/Mobile)

• * Q4 FY 2011- January 1 through March 31, 2011
o Dead Space 2 (Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC)
o Dragon Age Title TBA (Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC)
o Bulletstorm (Console, PC)
o Need For Speed Title TBA (Console, PC)
o EA SPORTS Fighting Title TBA (Console, Handheld/Mobile)
o EA Play Hasbro Title TBA (Console - Downloadable)
o New Sims Title TBA (PC)
o Spore Title TBA (PC)

Source: GamePro


Wish didnt have to wait so long for Dead Space 2! But, glad to see it wont be too long at least!

Seeing as Dragon Age was released mere months before Mass Effect 2, and ME3 was confirmed before it had even been released, I am hoping an announcement for Mass Effect 3 in mid-late 2011 will shortly follow.

Yay, more dragon age!

EDIT: Basically EA's calender says this:

Fuck load of sports and family franchise releases.
Two maybe three quality games.
More sports and family titles.
Two or three quality games + some shit we don't even have actually names for yet.

More dragon age?


It seems a little too soon for a new Dragon Age title, but let's not be nitpicky today, cheers!

Seemed pretty obvious that the next Dragon Age was coming out early 2011 considering the little advert inside the DA:Awakenings box. Big red dragon with the date "02.01.2011" on it.

The only title I am looking out for is Dragon Age

Seriously, Gears of war 3 will be released too that year and I had alot of fun playing both of them for months to come. Refreshing as the Characters in Dragon Age were mature and fun to interact with rather than dealing with MLG-wannabes.

More Dragon age ya!! I hope they put some more work into the consol verison this time : /

Anyway I'm super happy now. *does happy dance*

Awesome. New Dragon Age, I was late to the party on that game but damn do I love it.

I wonder if it'll be Dragon Age 2, or just another expansion. I'm hoping for another expansion myself, in order to find out what happens with Morrigan.


I mean...

Dead Space 2 will be awesome.


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