Red Dead Redemption's Awesome Launch Trailer Rides Into Town

Red Dead Redemption's Awesome Launch Trailer Rides Into Town

Grab your six-shooter and gather up a posse: It's Red Dead Redemption time.

As hard as it is to believe, Rockstar San Diego's long-awaited open-world Wild West game Red Dead Redemption is just a few short days away - and to celebrate (and get us all pumped), Rockstar has unleashed the launch trailer on the internet.

Frankly speaking, it looks amazing. Obviously, we won't know how good John Marston's journey of redemption and revenge is until we get our hands on it (though Susan Arendt quite enjoyed it, but after this trailer? Consider me pumped way the hell up.

You know, I'm going to indulge my curiosity here for a moment: I know we have a lot of readers based outside of North America in Europe, Australia, and the like. Part of why Red Dead Redemption personally appeals to me is because the whole "Wild West" era has a really iconic place in American pop culture. The idea of an open world game in which you can experience that "Showdown at High Noon"-style life is really intriguing.

Obviously, it isn't part of your own national history if you're outside of North America, but does it still have that same draw? How do you guys see the Wild West from an outsiders' point of view, anyway?

But I digress: Red Dead Redemption looks excellent, and it's out next week on May 18th (NA) and May 21st (PAL). Don't miss it.


That looks incredible. Makes me rest slightly easier considering I pre-ordered it yesterday and have spent today wondering if it was the right thing to do, kudos on the timing!

As for my view of the Wild West, I'm from the UK but cowboys are still awesome, I think they probably are no matter where you hail from.

Wonder if there'll be any Brokeback Mountain style cowboy-ing....maybe a minigame?

You want an outsider view? I believe the Wild West was bottled down to stereotypes here. Hilarious, dramatic at times, loads of gun-slinging and train jacking.

I have a real Japanese girlfriend living in Tokio, willing to buy any game for me. I know what I am getting!


I choose Alan Wake over this. This is totally #2 on my list, though.

Looks awesome, I am very interested in how well/intuitive shooting/ really doing anything on horseback is going to be.

It's funny how a couple of trailers and a bit of text has made me really want this game.

I mean, I remember the game was set to be a failure, and now BOOM, looking epic.

GTAIV was fun and all, but I could never get past a certain car mission, the games focus on vehicles made me bore to death. NOW THIS, this looks fun! Cowboys in an awesome alive world, this is a game I will try to pick up.

Putting aside Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, much of Wild West's most memorable mythology seems to have been generated by Hollywood. Speaking as a Brit, while we don't have ranches and cowboys over here, I have seen enough Westerns for this game to strike a chord with me. Will definitely pick it up.

I got this baby pre-ordered and ready to roll!
I've even booked off the WEEK of May 31st in celebration!
I also had a bunch of vacation days I had to 'use or lose'...but whatever.

Australian here o/

I think the Wild West is somewhat analogous of Australia's 19th century Gold Rush. We had our anti-hero outlaws, our wealthy aristocracy taking up all the good farmland, our ill-enforced laws, and corrupt policemen. Even the iconography is quite similar - just replace cattle with sheep and you get the idea.

Yeah, I have to remember to pre-order tomorrow on my way home from school.

Actually the wild west is probably as relevant to a Europeans past as an Americans.

Personally I hated westerns as a child but as an adult I developed a whole new appreciation of them with their struggles and redemptions and it being the last time a man had real control over his own destiny.

It's the one place I'd choose to live if I had a time machine. Doc Brown had the right idea, dang that Mad Dog Tannen!

I just hope that this game gives someone an idea to make an MMO out of it.

Looks great! Can't wait to finally play it!

As long as they keep that Kick Ass music from "Revolver". That was the ultimate western song.

The Wild West is so unappealing to me...
Crap weapons for one, and it was completely different from what the general publics thinks it knows about it.

This game comes out in europe at the end of my exams! It'll be a nice reward.


I do not have any money!! and I soooo want this game ..makes me drool...

I already got my pre-order. =]

Yes, yes, YES!!! Can't freakin' wait!

Excellent trailer. Can't wait for release.

I'm Dutch, so I don't come from a country with a legacy of outlaws and gunslingers (quite the contrary). However, I did grow up with Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and Ennio Morricone. Once upon a time in the West is still one of my favorite movies. You bet I'm excited about this game! Preordered the limited edition weeks ago.

All I can say is.....DO WANT

It's interesting that so many north american game's journalists ask that question, because I doubt they'd ask something similar about vikings, ninja or pirates. It's a unique setting with an air of legend about it. Of course it's interesting!

Meh, can't say the whole "Wild West" scene did all that much for me, and I never really saw any real western movies. I thought the hats looked pretty stupid too. This game looks pretty cool, I guess, but I'm not going to rush out and buy it. Maybe when the price drops, and I've run out of other things to play.

Yep, the Wild West setting definitely appeals to me too (I live in the UK)

The idea of the Wild West is just a global cultural phenomenon, a bit like manga or football (its not called soccer dammit!) - its originated from one country, but pretty much everyone can "get it", or at least know of it.

We Australian's get this game three days after you guys. And the waits killing me.

John Funk:
The idea of an open world game in which you can experience that "Showdown at High Noon"-style life is really intriguing.

Intriguing, but possibly not what you'll get from Red Dead Redemption.

It's not High Noon, it's The Wild Bunch. It's a tale from the time that the Wild West was over but didn't quite know it yet.

Looking forward to it. loved the first game, loved GUN, and this game looks like the best of both these games.

I just hope they didn't stick too closely to the GTA control mechanics, because I've always found them a mite sticky.

Fuck yeahhhhh!

I will most certainly be buying this. Just need a PS3 to play it on...


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